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Sephirot for C5 Q91

Nostradamus on his code.

Surface hints lead to hidden Heracles.

Heracles, Gold and Olympic links

Sephirot C4 Q84 Lady in Chains.

Gold anomaly in April 2013

Tennessee Clan

Sephirot C4 Q97 dynastic clans.

Nostradamus Dating code and the timing of the Gold, Silver, Paper Money fraud.
© Allan Webber July 2013.

My aims for this Paper.

In this paper I show the mechanism behind Nostradamus' Code and I will show how Nostradamus uses the Hebraic device of the Sephirot to fill every claim he made about his coding method.

I will demonstrate how it works by giving the precise dates for the fraud occurring in this decade (see Nostradamus on gold) and show the solid raft of evidence that justifies all these claims.

The series of analyses in this paper show examples of my most advanced methods of dating verses. They are based on those about the coming financial crisis with gold, silver and paper its focus. From their settings three clear dates are defined. The three dates are the spring and summer of 2012, the 30th of March 2013 and the northern summer of 2017.

The stories inevitably involve astronomic date codes and links to other stories already outlined.

See my Feb 2016 paper called The role of gold in the great mutations of mankind for my latest findings.

Nostradamus Sefirot based on Centuries 5 Quatrain 91

Nostradamus Coding Mechanism
The mechanism I use allows me to give details that are unambiguous, based on astronomy and that utilize the word-power locked into both what you read (in the text) and what lies in the anagrams. The secret mechanism is the Sephirot, its basic use is illustrated alongside for verse C5 Q91

Nostradamus did make it clear that his work was coded, the manner of that coding and how it would be decoded. These are some of the things that Nostradamus stated about his methods:

1.The dates are based on astronomic settings.
(Preface PCE6."I have made long calculation and during the time of night's sweet odors I have composed books of prophecies each containing a hundred quatrains of astronomic prophecies, which I have intentionally arranged a little obscurely. They contain perpetual predictions for (the period) from now until the year 3797.")
(See also PCE1, PCE5, in the  Preface  and HEE19a in the Epistle

2.The answers are hidden within his treatment of each verse.
Epistle HEE2; "So I have dedicated my nocturnal and prophetic calculations, which are composed out of a natural instinct, accompanied by a poetic furor rather than in accord with the strict rules of poetry. ")

3.They relate past and present to reveal the future.
(Preface PCE5: "And giving celestial figures, places, and the time the property held by a hidden virtue lies in this power and divine understanding. In the presence of these the three times comprise eternity because the revolution that causes them is the past, present and future")

4.Places and other defining details are contained within his coded scheme.
( Preface PCE12: "I have set out more fully in writing in my other prophecies which are written out at length in soluta oratione [Latin: 'in plain prose'], limiting the places, times and the pre-ordained period. All this is as future human beings shall see it, knowing that these adventures have happened infallibly,")

5.The events are principally those of consequence to France and its surrounding countries.
Epistle HEE2: "And in the most part they have been composed and are in accord with astronomical calculations corresponding to the years, months and weeks of the regions, countries and most of the towns and cities of all Europe, including Africa and part of Asia. ")

6.The code involves several hidden layers.
(Preface PCE10: "This means that the prophecies are illuminated in layers starting with the emotions at the front of his phantasies.(verses). By various nocturnal visions it is prophesied and made certain by conjoint astronomical calculations administered in the day. Thereby this is a sanctified prediction of the future with no consideration from elsewhere that is based on free will. ")

7.The code when broken leads to unambiguous story lines.

( Epistle HEE6a: "
But the danger of the times, O Most Serene King, requires that such secrets are of events that should not be manifested except in enigmatic sentences having, however, only one direction and a unique meaning, and nothing shall be put [into it] that is ambiguous nor anything of ambiguous calculation. ")

In addition Nostradamus clearly states that his work is decodable but it would be 500 years before it happens.

C3 Q94
For five hundred years more, one will keecount of the one,
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly great light will he give,
He who for this century will render them very satisfied.

The conviction of his above statements have the ring of foreknowledge, truth and planning that don't sit well with the idea of a charlatan looking for a quick advantage.

I will argue in this presentation that the only mechanism that can fulfill Nostradamus claims is one that takes the visible message of the verse and uses the lettering of it in coded forms to remove ambiguity. It cannot be a physical code such as a shaved letter code or anything like that since such a method can only hold true for a limited time (in a limited publication).

Any code has to be in the arrangement of the lettering with sufficient clues given to remove any corruptive influences. The Sephirot method with its spheres, pillars and interconnected multiple channels is perfect for that purpose and it was a device which Nostradamus knew well. I am not only convinced this has to be true but I believe I know how it works.

But now I need to show a small part of the evidence on which I rely.

I will use three lines of verse that unequivocally identify themselves as keys to Nostradamus' dating process and which I will show are part of a story of fraud in the trading of precious metal futures in our time especially in this decade (2010 to 2020). The consequences of these events underpin the chaos that will spawn the terrors of our century.

(Note: I wrote the basis of this story in February-March 2013 from material I had in hand and it predated the dramatic events in the Gold Future's market that commenced in early April 2013.

  • C4 Q84 line 1: In the year that Mars, Venus and Sun are in conjunction
    C4 Q97 line 1: The year that Mercury, Mars, Venus in retrogression
    C5 Q91 line 4: By those of Alba when Mars is in Leo and Saturn in regression.

There can be no doub t these are meant to set dates not horoscopes but they don't appear to achieve this since they lack the precision needed. It is my aim to now give certainty to these lines and the story to which they relate.

Unraveling the Sephirot of Centuries 5 quatrain 91.

To understand his meaning the hidden part is essential since Nostradamus uses the same-style lock that makes the chromosome such a powerful generator of life's structures, one part is meaningless without its interlocking code. And to break the code of the DNA you need an overview of a sequence not an isolated part.

Was Nostradamus a charlatan? Many people argue that he was but such an argument ignores the context of his creativity. What charlatan gains attention, acclaim, fame or power by talking of things so far in the future that he will never enjoy material benefits from his work? What charlatan goes to the trouble of building so many verses that are totally meaningless to the people of his or any day? What end does such secrecy serve to a charlatan?

These questions have to be answered and this is achieved by what lies underneath the visible text. It is my awareness of these conundrums that has led to my being particularly interested in verses that are so vague and seemingly lacking in relevance that no other analysts take much interest in them The following fall into this category as you can see below.

C4 Q84
A great one of Auxerre will die very miserable,
Driven out by those who had been under him:
Put in chains, behind a strong cable
In the year that Mars, Venus and Sun are in conjunction
C4 Q97
The year that Mercury, Mars, Venus in retrogression
The line of the great Monarch will not fail: 
Elected by the Portuguese people near Cadiz, 
One who will come to grow very old in peace and reign.
C5 Q91
At the market that they call that of liars,
Of the entire Torrent and
field of Athens: 
They will be surprised by the light horses
By those of Alba when Mars in Leo and Saturn in regression.

I have highlighted what turn out be the most powerful astronomic clues of each verse

Why I chose to start this analysis with verse C5 Q91.

The content of this verse certainly defies any attempt to give it unambiguous meaning through its visible wording. And even that which seems helpful such as the astronomic settings of Mars in Leo with Saturn in regression is far too general to directly give a precise dating. Yet keein mind Nostradamus claims each verse's tale can be read with this degree of clarity.

C5 Q91 (click here for full analysis)
At the market that they call that of liars, 
Of the entire Torrent and field of Athens : 
They will be surprised by the light horses,
By those of Alba when Mars in Leo and Saturn in regression.
Au grand marche qu'on dict des menſongiers,
De tout Torrent et chamAthenien:
Seront ſurprins par les cheuaux legiers
Par Albanois Mars Leo Sat vn verſien.

When archeologists look down upon an ancient landscape they see patterns in the green of grass, the type of plants, the geometric shaped plots in which feral plants thrive or die. And in these patterns they see the potential for the discovery of past habitations that have left their mark buried beneath the soil. And the same is true whenever I now read a verse of the Prophecies for I see clues based on my experiences and threads already discovered.

Previously I had assessed this verse as highly significant because its last line carries a great number of markers in the form of anagrams holding a capital letter. And there is a marker in the third line that only occurs in this verse.

The word Nostradamus uses in the fourth line to signify regression is verſien which is partly interesting as it is a composite anagram of in-verse. It is not my main interest but rather the fact that in the line above it there is an anagram for regression in the form of ' giers Seron'. This is the only anagram of this word anywhere in the Prophecies and being placed so close to a line talking of regression in French terms it is surely noteworthy (but not conclusive). And there is even a tenuous reason in my thinking the verse is linked to the story of fraud in the gold market because its first line relates to 'a market of liars'.

Now the anagram for regression in the third line is accompanied by two names for one constellation. There is Hercules in the form of 'r les cheu'  and Heracles as ' ar les che'. It is true that neither contains a capital but it remains consistent with my rules for exceptions which allow a highly important name of a person or place to be lower case. Although there are eleven occurrences in total for Heracles and three hidden anagrams for Hercules this is the only one where both occur in the same verse or line.

And it is possible (but not essential) to see that these form a sequence saying ' Hercules/Heracles usual regreSsion' where ' uaux l' provides the imperfect anagram for 'usual'. If these verses are indeed unambiguous then they must hide the name of a constellation in which Saturn is retrograde in its motion so that the hidden facts can deliver certainty to the visible vagueness. To this end the second line begins to take on meaning for it alludes to Athenien fields thereby adding a Greek setting for the name and particularly one where contests are held.

So, as I have claimed throughout my papers, the visible clue hints at an aspect useful for confirming the hidden name. Such a device is essential if the hidden and the visible are to be uniquely united. And it appears that this is what Nostradamus is doing here, building a chromosome-like code.

The relevance of the foregoing begins to blossom into richer detail when we take into account the story of Heracles and in particular his role in the foundation of an event with which we are all familiar, the Olympic games. Now the myths relate that Heracles laid the foundations for regular contests between sporting heroes along the lines of an earlier figure called Pelops. 

'Pelops was  the winner of a chariot race for which the prize was the hand in marriage of Princess Hippodameia. After his victory, Pelops organized chariot races as thanksgiving to the gods and as funeral games in honor of King Oinomaos, in order to be purified of his death. It was from this funeral race held at Olympia that the beginnings of the Games were inspired. Pelops became a great king, a local hero, and gave his name to the Peloponnese.

Eventually Pelops became part of the local mythology. According to legend, Hercules founded the Games at the place where Pelops' tomb was located at Olympia. '

It is apparent that the reference to light horse found in the third line of the text has relevance to this tale for Pelops relationshiwith winged horses and chariot racing were a gift from the Gods.

Now in outlining my tale on the gold crisis I identified its unique linkages to the modern Olympics and in particular the equestrian sports found through anagrams in C10 Q34. The current verse holds a further reference that ties it to the Olympic theme, not just by the name of Heracles and action in Athenian fields but to the allusion in the third line to 'light horses." This represents a great example of the link mechanisms used by Nostradamus.

Through understanding the allusion of a classical story (past) via the imagery in the verse (present) unique links have been made to another verse. C5 Q91 is therefore linkable to C10 Q34 as shown in the left hand spheres of my Sephirot code diagram (above) and this link takes the reader directly into the story of gold in this decade (see my paper on Nostradamus on Gold). Thereby ' the great market of liars' mentioned in the first line of the current verse moves beyond the tenuous link which led me to examine it to one bearing on silver-gold fraud.

The Gaul who will hold the empire through war,
He will be betrayed by his minor brother-in-law
Via a rough performing horse
The brother will be hated for the deed for a long time

Gauloys qu'empire par guerre occupera
Par Son beau frere mineur Sera trahy
Par cheval rude voltigeant
Du fait le frere long temps Sera hay.

So there is a very strong base for believing verse C5 Q91 is about events in this decade and it will be reinforced as the path of the Sephirot is mapped out more fully.

In this regard there is a lightweight but interesting sequence of anagrams that emerges from the second line and its Athenien fields. The visible French text is " De tout Torrent et chamAthenien" and its adjacent anagrams provide a sequence that almost mirrors the purpose that this process must do if it is to give a unique resolution to the message. It says " I then neeD A maTorrent etch out" (etch amA then i enDe tou tTorren t) but it is at best circumstantial and requires more definitive resolution to be accepted as being outside the bounds of chance.

This is sufficient for the time being and although there are many reinforcing storylines to be found in this verse I can achieve my end of showing the strength of the process by presenting to you the other linked verses. That is what the remainder of this presentation does.

But, with my own increased degree of confidence in the viability and the uniqueness of what this process yields I can and should show the implications of the astronomic reference knowing it will sharpen uthe detail in an increasingly well-defined story.

Fortunately this particular astronomic setting is not difficult to locate. Saturn is slow moving (about 30 degrees a year) so there are only a few blocks of years (about 3 to 4) in a century where it is aligned or near to the constellation of Hercules.

In most of these instances Mars will be in Leo at least once during the Saturn-Hercules alignment. But there is only one of them that occurs when Hercules is in regression. The structure of the code directs us therefore to one and only one period that starts on 17/8/2017 and ends three weeks later on 5/9/2017. These are the dates when the crisis cumulates but it has its beginnings five years earlier. As I progress with the unveiling of these dates the unique significance of the greatest financial disaster in the history of the world will also emerge. It is the financial turmoil of this decade that spawns the wars and tragedies that follow.

By using these highly disciplined processes of the Sephirot I am fulfilling all of Nostradamus' claims for his work and it isn't just a fluke, a one-off, but a reliable guide throughout his work.

The Sephirot of C4 Q84 and the person in chains.

Juky 31 2013 Sun, Mars, Venus conjunctionIn the previous section I have shown how it becomes easy to read an obscure verse by applying simple but elegant decoding procedures. In essence what you look for is the things that 'seem to define something' but which are too general to be useful. At this point you know very little but suspect there may be a sub stitution of the attributes of one thing, one place or one name for another.

You may also sense connections between different verses but there is nothing conclusive that can be deduced. That is the cleverness of the code.

But when you look at the anagrams hidden in the verse there will be by chance or deliberate choice by Nostradamus, a limited number of anagrams which are ratable as having high improbability of being there by chance alone. When highly complex anagrams and their sequences offer meaning to the enigma in the visible verse it becomes of special interest, but chance and deviation may still mean it's wrong.

However if other anagrams and sequences exist within the line or verse that fall into the same class then the possibility of its being Nostradamus' choice is higher.

It is only when supported by many links within the verse, across the visible and the hidden and by the interlocking of the rarest words in other verses that a solution is accepted and this is the power of Nostradamus device.

It is the network that delivers the strength, not the word, not the wish or bias of the reader; it is something constant and logical that every reader that takes the trouble to look can see and understand.

My process has been discovered by hard work, by chipping away at the hardy core that protects the code. Bit by bit I have seen threads, observed unity and cohesion and observed patterns that seemed to have no logical explanation either as a creation of chance or design.

However my analytic technique isn't the easiest way to read the code and it is far better to know how to use the Sephirot as Nostradamus intended and to rely on his instructions more than mine.

The lines of verse on astronomy quoted earlier were not at all easy for men of his time to use as accurate dating tools. This especially applies to the line of verse on three planets in regression since the Copernican theory of the sun as the location around which planets move was not then universally accepted. And even today using planetary locations as dating devices, for a multi-body problem of regression is still amongst the hardest of tasks. Yet in his text and hidden lettering Nostradamus confidently strongly asserts that it is the basis for his planetary configuration statements.

By contrast the verse in this part of the analysis is however amongst the easiest of tasks for it involves the conjunction of two planets with the Sun. It would be easier if they were the slowest moving ones but all the same it is not a highly complex operation well within the capability of a scientist of the sixteenth century.

But it seems Nostradamus was not just a scientist and could foresee the fabric and fundaments of the universe that lay ahead. It is this I wish to examine next since it broadens the scope of much that I have presented and prepares the ground for what is to come.

conjunction Mars, Venus, Sun Marc 31st 2013But it seems Nostradamus was not just a scientist and could foresee the fabric and fundaments of the universe that lay ahead. It is this I wish to examine next since it broadens the scope of much that I have presented and prepares the ground for what is to come.

I will use the same process in the same order as for C5 Q91 to maintain unity with that which has already been set out.

Firstly using programs such as Redshift 2 by Maris it is easy for anyone today to find the limited number of tight conjunctions of Mars, Venus and Sun (shown as gold ring and central dot) throughout this century but only one fits to this verse. That occurred on 31st March 2013. How this verse leads so precisely to this date is discussed below.

C4 Q84.  (click here for full analysis)

A great one of Auxerre will die very miserable,
Driven out by those who had been under him/her:
Put in chains, behind a strong cable,

In the year that Mars, Venus and Sun are in conjunction.

Vn grand d'Auxerre mourra bien miſerable,
Chaſſe de ceux qui ſoub s luy on teſte;
Serre de chaines apres d'vn rude cable ,
En l'an que Mars Venus et Sol mis en eſte.

In the 21st century there are only five days on which the conjunction in the text can occur but even this low number leaves us with ambiguity so we know there must be an answer hidden in its lettering. We need more and a named constellation would provide it and there is a phrasing in the verse that suggests which one it is. Below is a small part of the  tale of Andromeda as presented in Wikipedia.

Andromeda is known as "the Chained Lady" or "the Chained Woman" in English.... It has also been called Persea ( "Perseus's wife") or Cepheis ("Cepheus's daughter") all names that refer to Andromeda's role in the Greco-Roman myth of Perseus, in which Cassiopeia, the queen of Ethiopia, bragged that her daughter was more beautiful than the Nereids, sea nymphs blessed with incredible beauty. Offended at her remark, the nymphs petitioned Poseidon to punish Cassiopeia for her insolence, which he did by commanding the sea monster Cetus to attack Ethiopia. Andromeda's panicked father, Cepheus, was told by the Oracle of Ammon that the only way to save his kingdom was to sacrifice his daughter to Cetus.

She was chained to a rock by the sea but was saved by the hero Perseus , who used the head of Medusa to turn the monster into stone; Algol (β Persei), the "Demon Star", marks the head of Medusa. Perseus and Andromeda then married; the myth recounts that the couple had nine children together – seven sons and two daughter – and founded Mycenae and its Persideae dynasty. After Andromeda's death Athena placed her in the sky as a constellation, to honor her.

There is an important connection provided by Nostradamus' astronomic choice since Heracles, the sub ject of the previous verse, was a descendent from the marriage of Perseus and Andromeda.

In the instance of this verse the constellational name doesn't receive its greatest strength within the verse but it does have clues that guide us and it is the strength provided by these leads as feedback that confirms the correctness of the story-line. In the same line as she is put in chains there is a sequence that says Persea chained, i.e. Perseus' wife chained as shown in the article above. Although anagrams for chained only occur six times in Nostradamus' Prophecies those for Persea occur in ninety-four lines of verse. Given the visible text holds the word ' chaines' chance could easily account for this sequence being here.

But the visble line also talks of the person being bound behind a strong cable and this secondary clue renders the whole a singular meaning. Now Pisces is the constellation in which any conjunction would occur with Andromeda as the background to the event and part of Pisces was in ancient times known as the fish cord or ribbon.

So it is the full line stating a person is bound in chains behind a rude cable that gives us the main confidence for using Andromeda as the extra setting needed for dating of the named astronomic events. And this conjunction took place on March 31, 2013 at the time when the Gold and precious metal markets began a sharp, almost inexplicable, paper-driven plunge in price in early April.

Gold Futures trading mid 2013Alongside is a chart produced by Zeal LLC, a USA based publisher of a weekly report on Gold Investment and Speculation. It was part of a 20th July 2013 report speculating on the aftermath of what they call 'Anomalous Futures Forced Liquidations'.(see right hand side top of chart).

Now it is apparent that after March 31st 2013 something unusual happened and yet I wrote my gold fraud report well before that date. And I did so on the basis of what I found in Nostradamus.

It seems unusually fortuitous if such events took place and that a company experienced in analysis would use terms that reinforce the messages arising from my date analysis of Nostradamus' Prophecies on gold, silver and paper.

Interesting as this is it stands outside my body of evidence for the Sephirot mechanism. Of greater relevance is showing that finding the date in the Prophecies came out of the Sephiritic process.

There were hints in the verse that interested me enough to use it and there was more since I have been aware for many years of the strange tale it contains. It is related by strong links to the story of gold and so I will show its content but I, like Nostradamus, have some reticence in doing so for the clarity of this tale may lead the mischievous to dangerous and inflammatory conclusions. However it is essential that this detail be disclosed if my evidence is to be complete, so it will be done using only that which is relevant to my immediate purpose.

  • ( Preface PCE1-2 "And other favorable and sinister adventures promptly accelerated are events I could have pronounced. But because of the climate of the world which wanted to silence [me] and [cause] neglect due to their insults, not only in the present time, but also the greater part of the future I put them in writing. This is because kingdoms, sects, and regions will change to the diametric opposite of that seen in the present day. If I had drawn uevents as they will happen the people of that realm, sect, religion and faith, would find it so bad that they would listen to fantasies and come to damn that which future centuries will know through seeing and perceiving."

The story Nostradamus' hidden wording exposes is a prime example of Nostradamus use of 'kennings', the Nordic word for sub stitution via attributes to hide a name or place. I have discussed this usage over many years as can be seen by looking at my 2008 paper on Nostradamus' coding methods.

The kenning in this verse concerns the place name Auxerre found in the first line ' A great one of Auxerre will die very miserable, Driven out by those who had been under him/her: ' Nostradamus applies the 'gazetteer; method (see paper on Gold etc) in the anagrams to show the focus on attributes of a place not its name. The second line has anagrams for ' Stoney Sub soil' ( i ſoub s l u y on teſ).

Each of these contains a capitalized letter acting like the staves in Nordic verse to stress their importance. There is only one other place where there is an anagram for sub soil but eleven others that contain anagrams for stoney. There is another anagram in the fourth line and it too is focused on the nature of the soil. In the lettering of ' ol mis en eſt' we have ' limeStones', again set out as a marker. There is no other anagram but this one in the Prophecies (but there are two for limestone) so chance occurrence is not high. And any gazetteer for the wines of the town of Auxerre is likely to include observation like the one below:

Regional notes - Côtes d'Auxerre

  • From just outside the AOC of Chablis and south of the city of Auxerre. Here we return to Chardonnay for the whites and Pinot Noir for the reds. Again, with the whites from Goisot, it is easy to close your eyes and imagine you are drinking the finest Chablis, however here there is perhaps more flesh and more complexity (especially in riper years like 2006). Goisot has a number of parcels including the vineyards; Peillotte, Belle Croix, Chaussan, Biaumont, Gondonne, and Gueules de Loup, the last three of which are bottled separately in the better years. The soils here are again typically very rich in limestone and chalk (down to some 80 meters in depth).

But the information Nostradamus gives about the terroire isn't meant to tell us the obvious about this French town. Auxerre is a pointer to another place relevant to the modern storyline. There are anagrams for two places in this verse, one is Verdun in the third line. This anagram is not marked by Nostradamus with a capital and it occurs in nine other verses so its significance can be discounted below one that only occurs in this verse and contains a capital marker. In the fourth line there is an anagram for 'tenneSsEe' ( s en eſte. En) and in the eastern parts of Tennessee where wines are grown the following entries can be found online

  • The modern Tennessee wine industry focuses on French hybrid grapes, which are more resistant to the fungal grapevine diseases that thrive in Tennessee's humid climate.
  • Most of the wineries in the state are located in the eastern half of Tennessee.
  • Soils of the Tennessee and Coosa river valleys were weathered from pure limestone's and are mainly red clayey soils with silt loam surface textures.
  • Most of the soils of the uplands are derived from cherty limestones. Bodine and Fullerton soils are extensive in many of these landscapes. They typically have a gravelly loam and gravelly clay sub soil and a gravelly silt loam surface layer.

So it is possible to transfer the name of Auxerre in an unambiguous way to this place in the USA. This is the way a kenning is supposed to work and is in full accord with all of Nostradamus' statements about his code. Without such an internal device it would be impossible for many of his statements about the hidden content of his verses to be true and certainly all that would be left is ill-guided guesswork and biased interpretation from the surface message.

The only place that ambiguity can be resolved is from the content of the verse and this Nostradamus achieved by his poetic structure rules. It takes little effort to now see that the anagrams adjacent to this keyword in the fourth line of C4 Q84 have a peculiar resonance especially when the lettering 'qlan' is read as 'clan' or 'Klan' but nothing can be accepted as fact in isolation from the whole.

There are many anagrams marked as keys in this verse and over time most will be explored and bound into the fabric of independent story-lines. But at this point I want to show its connections to the theme of gold, silver and a paper-money fraud. The last line can be seen to be saying 'Tennessee limestone qlan maneuvres' in an almost perfect sequence and it raises the possibility that these are people who expose their leader who is put in chains in the modern era but my interest here is in the anagram for 'maneuvres' ( e Mars Venus).

There is only one other verse where this anagram can be found and it is the third of the verses which I claimed I would use to build the dates for gold-fraud events. However the linking line gains this connection because it is very similar in wording to that in the above verse. So it is not surprising to find that it too holds an anagram for Klan (as Qlan). For the connection to be established I therefore need to proceed to this the third of the dating verses, the one containing the regression of three planets in the same year.

  The Sephirot of C4 Q97 and the King whose line will not fail.

Perseus, dipper as time of retrograde Mars, Venus, Mercury.This verse is one of only three that holds an anagram for GOLD and the sequence it forms confirms Nostradamus' process in the clearest terms.

I began each of these analyses by referencing the patterns that you see in the verse. I talked of its equivalence to ancient patterns used in science to indicate where potential sites of minerals, stars or civilisations might be found. And I said this is what Nostradamus had done by leaving visual clues that we should look beneath the verse into its poetic structures.

 C4 Q97

In the year that Mercury, Mars, Venus retrograde,
The line of the great Monarch will not fail:
Elected by the people visiting nearby Gagdole
One will come to grow very old in peace and reign.

L'an que Mercure Mars Venus retrograde.
Du grand Monarque la ligne ne faillit
Eſleu du peuple l'vſitant pres de Gagdole
Qu'en paix et regne viendra fort enuielli.

note: there is no such word as vsitant nor a place called Gagdole. My translation uses visitant for vsitant but others translate it not as l'vsitant but as Lusitant meaning Lusitania (Portugal) and Gagdole is taken to be Spain.

There is almost no chance that accidental processes such as misspelling or publisher errors would be of accidental benefit to my search.  So what is there is more likely the result of Nostradamus requirement for code compelling him to use those particular words.

 The anagrams I am referring to say ' aGed gold patterns (tant pres, - de Ga - gdol)' and ' evilS taint presaGed gold (e l'vſi - itant - pres de Ga - gdol)'. Alongside these there are also anagrams for 'perSistant' 'evilS' all of which again stretch chance's influence beyond credible limits. And in the next line is 'ill' ,'fortune' 'exerting paniQue'.

These bizarre yet complex sequences made ufrom singular and rare anagrams containing Nostradamus-style markers hold a message so closely related to the tone of the verses talking directly of gold that they are highly unlikely to be anything but the product of Nostradamus' own hand.

So with this in place much of the discussion used in establishing the previous two verses is not needed here as this verse clearly is part of the gold fraud storyline. There is already the link to the astronomy suggested by the consistent tone of the lines of each and there is the unity provided by the anagrams of klan maneuvres.

Bbut there is an even more fundamental link that arises from looking at the faint patterns set up y Nostradamus when he writes 'One who in peace and reign will come to grow very old'. This is evocative of one constellation and that is Perseus, he who was the husband of Andromeda and from both of whom the lineage of Heracles sprang.

There is therefore a royal lineage acting as a link between these verses. This does strengthen the idea that they are about an interconnected set of events but what it also implies is that the story itself is referring to a family lineage that sees itself as descendents of god-like royal line. This is one of Nostradamus ' strongest themes that I show in other analyses exist throughout other verses and all of them direct into the religious wars that Nostradamus' visions saw for later in this century. The three verses are bound by powerful connections throughout all the anagrams, allusions and visual stories.

Together they form a group, a chain and together they create the structural mechanism on which the Prophecies are built. Perseus is our link to Andromeda and Heracles. He also links directly to the same story of Gold through unusual anagram entries hidden in the lettering of the Verse. And his ancient story is dominated by the tale of dynasty, peaceful, prosperous reign and lineage.

Perseus ( Greek : Περσεύς ), the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty of Danaans there, was the first of the heroes of Greek mythology whose exploits in defeating various archaic monsters provided the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians .
Perseus and Andromeda had seven sons: Perses , Alcaeus , Heleus , Mestor , Sthenelus , Electryon , and Cynurus , and two daughters, Gorgophone , and Autochthe . Perses was left in Aethiopia and became an ancestor of the Persians . The other descendants ruled Mycenae from Electryon down to Eurystheus , after whom Atreus got the kingdom. However, the Perseids included the great hero, Heracles , stepson of Amphitryon , son of Alcaeus .

So what does this Perseus inspired verse do to resolve the enigma of the regressing planets? Earlier I indicated regression in a single year of three planets on different sides of the Earth's orbit around the sun is the most difficult of astronomic projections Nostradamus could have chosen.

In order to resolve it he needed not one but at least two constellations set apart by approximately 180 degrees. We have now one and as can be expected from Nostradamus' claims the resolution of the other lies in the anagrams  In the first line there is a sequence that says E-quadrangLe recur store Western arms (grade L'an qu - e - rcure - Mars - Venus ret> while the second line says engine fail lit Guard roMan N equal (igne ne - fail - lit - Du gra- n - Monar - que la - l) or alternately equalling randoM n-guarD. And most of these words such as quadrangle, equalling and Western arise from very rarely occurring anagrams.

These messages make consistent sense when you use the Eastern part of the quadrangle of the Big Bear (the Dipper) and when you know that this figuration was often called the Northern Guard to the Polestar. The Western arm is then that of Perseus. When either one of these two constellations is visible the other is, as suggested by the second anagram sequence, ill lit, it being on the other side of the Earth's heavenly view.

And the message about the Klan's activities in 2017 is this ' Klan Emu recur ManeuVres recur resort / store grade' (L'an q - eu M - ercur -e Mars Venu - s retro - grade), a message totally consistent with a fraud involving precious metals.

With these settings for the planets in the constellations named there is only one relevant year where this takes place in the 21st century, it is in late spring in the year 2012.


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