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Nostradamus C8 Q02: Tumors affect people exposed to meteorite fallout
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015,  Feb 2023

Nostradamus on Fire In Sky in 1555 PrefaceThe Codon verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe text of this verse clearly links into Nostradamus series on Fire from the Sky but the anagrams tell us about its medical impact on people and inadequate attempts to deal with scleromas  and tumors that leave their abdomen organs fouled. But those treatment attempts are linked to modernity via anagrams relating to codons and genetic science.

There are also two anagrams that give us astronomic information related to the fire and they comprise Coronis and Mismar. Both occur in the third line which holds information of a conjunction between the Sun and Mars.

List of verses in Nostradamus Fire in Sky seriesNow Mismar is an ancient name from Babylonian times and is another name for the Polestar. This name was used by Islamic astronomers in the Middle ages. Coronis is also a name used by ancient astronomers but in recent times it has been reassigned to Koronis, a 35 meter wide stony meteorite of the main-belt asteroids. With this information and the solar bodies mentioned in the text it is possible to more closely define the time of the occurrence as the period when conjunction of the Sun and Mars takes place in alignment with the Polestar.

Nostradamus C8 Q02 Fire in Sky Lightning falling wall germulesNostradamus claimed his Prophecies involved past, present and future. The reason he did this is that he could use known ideas as an allusion for what is to come. However his definition of the present is not confined to his own time but to that period in which his writings remain un-coded. And in this verse he does this by using anagrams that reveal the story that is told in obscure form in the text.

Through anagrams such as scleromas (e Sol Mars co) umoredtumored (utour de M) and remained_Codon (e Mirande _Condo)  a picture  is painted of a modern time where the biological understanding of DNA based illness exists. This picture is enhanced by the anagrams of the last line which states germules rot bedamns organ fouled (greſle mu_r to_mbe dans Garon_e Fould)

This verse is paired with C5 Q97 because they each emphasize the aspect of mutations arising within genes.

The text also states a falling wall does so in the region of the Garonne. This region and event is mentioned in other verses where there is the same mention of fire falling from the sky in the form of meteorites. And that fire from the sky is a central part of the  DNA story as made more apparent via other series based on the principal components in this verse.

Condom and Auch and around Mirande,
I see fire from the sky which encompasses them.
Sun and Mars conjoined in Leo, then at Marmande,
lightning, great hail, a wall falls into the Garonne
Condon et Aux et autour de Mirande
Le voy du ciel feu qui les enuironne
Sol Mars conioint au Lyon puis Marmande
Fouldre grand greſle mur tombe dans Garone
L1: <~adMirer / Married Condone tuuo uuaxte~><Connoted (extra meaning) reMained touuard uxA (USA)><donAte tumoured ordinanCe uxe>

L2: <none insure Love><equi-lunes life reunion>reunions

L3: <sAmarium pyLon><aiMs upon lordSnaMe Mar-y inosculation (conjoined)><inoscuLation amend / named Pony Marius MoralS><Layout conioins named MoralS><upon Mismar (Polestar)><coronis daMoSel arMs man><daMoSel (archaic damsel) scorn ioin man arMs> ScleroMas

L4: <brutedom ruled an orGans Foe><tumor bedamns orGan><gerard / regard abdomen orGans Fouled><germuleS danger orGans Flounder><one oF bandaGers ruled><mob aGendas><tomb aGendas> louder
1: inuocations, Lords-Names, scleromas, equilunes, brutedom, bedamns, damosel,
2: flounder, germules, clamors, Coronis, layout, Mismar,
3: connoted, tumoured, bandages, abdomen, daemons, married / admirer, ledgers, pylon, 
4: ordinance, bandagers, reunions, bedamn, donate,
5: agendas, fouled, models, morals,
6: -
7: ordnance, condone,
8: Lords-Name,
9: touuard, reunion, marcs, scorn,
10: salome, ioin,
11: sciron,
12: remained, dregs,
13: organs, gerard, regard,
14: admire, tumor, foul,
15: remands,
16: love, yov,
17: euclid,
18: moral,
19: elven, upon, reaon,
20: amends,
21: tuuo,
22: seliuq, armand, tudor, argo,
23: -

scleromas, invocations, Lords-Names, bedamns, brutedom, damosel, equilunes, flounder, germules, layout, Coronis, Mismar, daemons, clamors, connoted, tumoured, abdomen, bandages, two, married, reunions, morals, fouled, love, agendas, foul, organs, tumor, remained.


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