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 Nostradamus' verses on fiery, celestial objects.

Allan Webber October 2017, September 2020.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C5 Q40 1: uranologist, expositio, quartered, 2: incinerator, organelles, toluic, meteorites, equate, 3: frontpiece / perfection, Poitiers, tiresome, shield, layers, 4: Valoix, pierce, container, realists, notate,

C9 Q85 1: implodent, planetoids, unreeling, ditrochee, sonorants, endearments, 2: gunneries, elongated, 3: endouus, 4: descration, uuordier / uuorried, genuine, uuord, amused, Languedoc, asteroid, passenger

C1 Q46 1: instructions, bacteriums, determinators, Mediterrane, barrage, funded, 2: meteorites, umbrates, 3: Iudaeus, 4:, Bernardin, radiance, remotest, nitrous, donate, 6: superape,

C8 Q02 1: Lords-names, inuocations, brutedom, bedamns, 2: germules, layout, Coronis, Mismar, 3: connoted, tumoured, bandages, daemons, married, pylon, 4, ordinance, reunion, donate, 5: fouled, models, agendas, 7: ordnance, condone,

C2 Q52 1: Cithaeron, uuisest, neutralist, re-implant, arrogance, 2: Sephirothene, literatures, Laplanders, upstream, exuvial, pediments, uuinters, carnages, 3: insulted, suitors, hereunto, 4: imputees, therein, 5: uplands, insulated, unsure, 6: offers, hint,

C5 Q81 1: mercurial, chrondite, allusory, modesty, 2: exports, 3: unsteady, miracles, curtail, ethnic, 4: rumored, societal, Centaur,  5: article, 6: Royals, murder, doctrine, aerolites, charter, 8: guru, isolate,

C2 Q18 1: sub-normalities, sublimates, bauudiest, executrix, antiserum, tetrameter, urbanism, Insubria, efflux, cemeteries, impute, 2: breadthuuise, newest, 3:suitable, protested, 5: preaches, bestial, morals,

C5 Q98 1: authentic, cuticulae, financed, 2: decreasing, Norsemen, 3: increased,  defiance, 4: fancied, claim, seed-line stressed, 5: Tehran, reassigned, climate, miracle 6: cancers, decline,

C10 Q75 1: resuscitator, standardise, ostracizer, herdsmen, enslaved, traitoress, Jamadar, trust, European, 3: uueaponries, attendant, radiators, ajar, 4: attains, allied, asteroid, star-route, 5: stamina, desertion, 6: raceriots, appraise, truest, 7: Yesus, reneuus, 8: Europeans, stature.

C6 Q44 1: Russians, annexes, apressorial, landscapes, 2: Arabia, scrutisnises, armz, supra-ordinate, 3: scandals, profaned, axes, radiators, 4: tolerant, countries, outcries, venom, 5: contrite, realists, asteroid, ornateness, tortures, truest, Tzar,

In earlier chapters I have shown examples where the creation of a Sephirot based on a cipher found in Nostradamus' text leads to clusters of anagrams related to the ciphers theme. I also have mentioned that in gathering these together it brings out story lines that are identifiable from Nostradamus known interests. The preceding chapter on nuclear events gives examples of this literary behaviour.  This cohesion is not what one would expect to find by chance and as my research into anagrams in other sources shows although unexpected anagrams can be found they don't normally show the distinctions and associations found throughout Nostradamus' Prophecies and the papers that accompanied their first publication.

This attribute of adhesion to a set number of story lines goes deeper in that stories from the same era on a different aspect produce clusters that don't blur into the other threads unless it bears relevance to both. The Sephirot that is presented in this chapter illustrates this confinement to relevance aspect.

The verses in the cluster shown in the Sephirot are based primarily on the cipher of fire in the sky which is used in a number of Nostradamus' Prophecies. Additional ciphers used to place them in the order shown are also from the text and involve events such as falling walls and the repeated names of towns in southern France.

Using this methodology there is one dominant theme that emerges from the anagrams and it is highly relevant to the concept of fire in and from the sky. This cluster involves terms with which many may not be familiar but they relate to objects known in modern times but not in the 16th century.

They are identifiers of fiery celestial objects and their study. They  include:

aerolites: remains of stony meteorites consisting of silicate minerals that reach the earth's surface.
asteroids: minor planets, especially those of the inner Solar System. The larger ones have also been called planetoids.
chondrites: the most common type of stony meteorites containing small mineral granules (chondrules).
meteors: bright streaks of light in the sky (a "shooting star" or a "falling star") produced by the entry of a small rocky or metallic body from outer space.
meteorites: solid pieces of debris from an object, such as a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid, that originates in outer space and survives impact with a larger body.
planetoids: larger asteroids.
uranologists: persons who study celestial objects and the universe as a whole.
fiery celestial stones: reference used by Nostradamus in C2 Q18 line 2.
fire from the sky: reference used by Nostradamus in several verses.

C5 Q81
The royal bird over the city of the Sun,
L'oiseau royal Sur la cite Solaire
aeroliteS (stony metorite remains) allusory articles isolate Royals societal role

7 months in advance it delivers a nocturnal omen
Sept moys deuant fera nocturne augure
unsteady after Centaur guru

The Eastern wall will fall lightning thunder,
Mur d'Orient cherra tonnerre eSclaire
Mercurial chrondite (stony meteorite) murder doctrine ethnic MiracleS

Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.
Sept jours aux portes les ennemis a l'heure

Frequencies: mercurial, chrondite, allusory, modesty, 2: exports, 3: unsteady, miracles, curtail, ethnic, 4: rumored, societal, Centaur,  5: article, 6: murder, doctrine, aerolites, charter, 8: guru, isolate,

People including scientists of the 16th century knew little about the nature of the universe with the main aspects gaining their attention being the sun, moon, planets, fixed stars and comets. This lack of depth underpinned the esoteric beliefs given to events in the sky and provided the temperament in which astrologers thrived. But the 16th century was the watershed for the scientific revolution that changed the way humankind viewed the universe. It was the century that began with the revolutionary ideas of Copernicus as to the roles of the earth and sun as the object around which the planets revolved. And by the end of that century the motions of objects in space were seen by the well informed to be elliptical rather rather than perfect circles. But the biggest change began in the next century when the newly invented telescope enabled previously unseen objects in the the sky, details on the moon's surface and features surrounding the planets to be observed. New discoveries and new understanding brought new language most of which was absent in the 1550s when Nostradamus wrote his Prophecies.

Despite that background the fire in the sky theme is an important part of Nostradamus' dating method and particularly so for his prophesied events in the late 21stC and beyond where he sees the fiery stones having a direct impact on mankind's future. This type of phenomena not only provides a dating mechanism but gives the unique environment settings that bring about mutations of species. And amongst this turmoil Nostradamus sees modern technology giving various interested groups the ability to resurrect creatures from ancient DNA. Amongst these creations from genetic experiments Nostradamus seems to have foreseen those who attempt to resurrect Jesus via cloning as having a major role in the 21st century and beyond. His writings suggest dreadful wars result from each of the factors so far mentioned.

Also, both before and after these floods, the rains in many countries shall be so slight, and there will be so much fire and white-hot rock shall fall from the sky that nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in a brief period before the final conflagration.  Nostradamus' 1555 Preface [PCE8]

But Nostradamus did need to be responsive to the world view prevalent in his time. He would have experienced pressure from his admirers to record astronomic events in his text since it was the omen defining preference of his time. His major story lines were also driven by motivations of import in his day. Of all the diverse pressures in the 16th century the most profound related to religion, religious institutions, religious wars and the predicted return of Christ that dominates the final chapters of the Bible. Nostradamus wrote his work for two audiences. The nearest was that of the 16th century group who enabled his success and the other lay in the future where the great changes he foresaw would make it possible for people to better understand the realities of time.

Besides the fire in the sky and other ciphers already mentioned there are several others in the anagrams that relate to the peripheral stories displayed in the Prophecies. These include anagrams for peripherals, authentic, miracles, cemeteries, ordinates, locate, direction, sub-normalities and tumors all of which relate to plausible effects derived from extra-terrestrial DNA.

Absent from the anagrams found in this cluster are those related to nuclear events and climate change. Their absence illustrates the differentiation that surrounds the theme defining anagrams. This factor adds further depth to the concept that these anagrams relating to well defined themes in Nostradamus text are deliberate intrusions designed to remove the obscurities in the wording of his surface messages.

One of the intrusive themes applicable to all Nostradamus' story lines is that of his date coding method since it is essential to the understanding of each. In this cluster Nostradamus indicates the poetic means for dating fire in the sky events is based on sonorant word pairs contained in ditrochee (double trochee) meter. The sonorant aspect implies the sound qualities of l, m, n, r,  i / j, w, and h are employed to give details of fire in the sky objects. Such conclusions are only made possible because of confidence generated by the distinctive natures of association and differentiation of anagrams to the the story lines found in the prophecies and accompanying papers.

Comet of 1538Not all the verses in this cluster refer to our time as illustrated by verse C5 Q40 at the head of the Sephirot. Anagrams for Poitiers, Valois and exposito (child born out of wedlock) place it in the period  that Henry II of France had his long-running affair with Diane de Poitier (1534-1559).

This period overlapped the time in which Nostradamus prepared and published his work. Henry II was the son on of Francis I of France and Marguerite d'Angouleme was thereJules Scaliger, physician to Nerac court.fore Henry's aunt. Marguerite was a very close neighbour of Nostradamus in the 1530s since her court was in Nerac, one of the closest towns to Agen where Nostradamus was an associate of the physician Jules Scaliger. According to a plaque under the portrait shown alongside Jules he was  physician to the Nerac court in about 1541. Marguerite died in 1549 at the time that Nostradamus began his writing his Prophecies.

As far as known Diane de Poitiers did not have any children by Henry in 1538.

In 1553 two years before the first set of the Prophecies were published Henry IV of France, grand child of Marguerite, was born. It is probable that the group that influenced Nostradamus in his choice of themes had strong connections with this Valois, Bourbon line. It is further likely that he was engaged by them to produce a guide to the future of that line but as he performed that task he became aware of the drama that awaited the future.

Because of these possibilities based on historical proximity and knowledge of the regional legendary influence on the destiny of the French royal line it is  not surprising to find a reference to Diane de Poitier and a possible illegitimate child that had a relationship to the Bourbon line. The connection of this verse with its 16th century lineage to the other verses lies in the story of a child born in the current era whose DNA history destines him to be the king and a Christ resurrected. It is indicated that the sound qualities allow us to date events for the modern royal lineage based on the links between fire in the sky objects and descriptions of events in verses where the previously stated sound qualities are evident.

More about the fiery celestial objects and their impact can be found in my paper titled Fire in the Sky.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below

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