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Nostradamus C10 Q99: The inhumanity of Earthmen revealed as leaders order chemical attacks on their citizens.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of the last two of Nostradamus Prophecies remain enigmatic with little sense that can be made of their content, The text of this one, the penultimate verse is made only a little cleares  clear by the known anagrams. The text sounds like a decription of the demise of many animal species and the privations causing others to react in an abnormal manner. One of the anagram sequences says  identism Nostradame (ns Timide -dama ſeront) which introduces a modernistic philosophical basis to his own understanding of identity in a future world, a theme that gives this verse's text its peculiar feel. It is then explicable as the relation between different survival-types when their minds are able to be read by other creatures. And this is also the probable outcome if that same region of the verse says semantic / neumatics misedit Nostradame (ec maſtin -s Timide -dama ſeront)

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Boleyn final lonely pulley on ebony flute finale
La fin le loup le lyon beuf et l'asne

Nostradame misedit neumaticist semantic neumatics
Timide dama ſeront auec maſtins

Lunes carrhae (losing battle) area uses lax manucode (bird name) pen-name ensepulchre
Plus ne cherra a eux la douce manne

USA misplants unsplit genetical vigils evangelistic clan scouted
Plus vigilance et cuſtode aux maſtins
The end of wolf, lion, ox and ass,
Timid deer they will be with mastiffs:
No longer will the sweet manna fall upon them,
More vigilance and watch for the mastiffs.
La fin le loup le lyon beuf et l'asne
Timide dama ſeront auec maſtins
Plus ne cherra a eux la douce manne
Plus vigilance et cuſtode aux maſtins.
  1. <~bone flute Lanes leo final pulley~><ebony flute><sulfate be finaL lonely><boleyn flute><felt sane>
  2. <noStradame misedit neumaticS><~at dim reaSon neumaTiciSts made~><dead inTimist [materialises the intimate]> Semantic idenTism [Scheeling's equality of matter and mind]
  3. <carrhae [battle]><ensePulchre neman [German river goddess] area><lax manucode [ Bird of Paradise] ><anne ensePulchre>
  4. <evangelistic Scout>.<xmaS unsPlit / unsPilt>genetical angelic misPlants
1: evangelistic, neumaticists, codemanual, misplants, genetical, intimist, identism, unsplit, unspilt, sulfate, xmas,
2: vigilance, neumatics, semantics, diadem, ebony,
3: ensepulchre, manucode, semantic, misedit, angelic, boleyn, sadam,
4: benu,
5: nostradame, ptisans, pulley, timid,
6: bolyn, nobly, nemean, cetus,
7: flute, scam,
8: lonely,
9: -
10: -
11: carrhae, lax,
12: -
13: neman,
14: load,
15: -
16: menastor, nearmost, matrones, finale, scout,
17: align, amuxe, meaux, adam, amas,
18: leanest, final,
19: acute, felt, left,
20: mast, mast, spin, died,
21: ousted, elfin,
22: -
23: hence,

timid, AnneBoleyn, ebony, flute, neumaticist, neumatics, Nostradame, misedits, evangelistic, carrhae, intimist, misplants, align, genetical, identism, semantic, sulfate, acute, scam, ensepulchre, lonely, angelic, pulley, final, load.


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