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Nostradamus C10 Q90: Inhumanity of Earthmen revealed as leaders order chemical attacks on their citizens.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

It is at this point as the last of his Prophecies were written that Nostradamus reflects on the change from humans to a more enlightened species. This change appears in the text while in the anagrams there is an account of what causes Nostradamus to refer to mankind as the the inhuman tyrant. This verse is the only one to carry anagrams for Earthmen, mutational and misery and such a pointed selection seems a fair assessment of what Nostradamus' Prophecies present.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 1. Ancient rumour Cain  foist rumour real inhumanitary nhumanic tyranny 
2. Bonne evil emissary cause my Mayoress aunt attend bone remain 3. Mutational outlets arsenates toluenes subdoses mania seen as eastern  seclusion misery
4. Each era reshape Parma Latin theme then fairer Earthmen chase fire farce

C10 Q90

A hundred times will the inhuman tyrant die,
In his place put one learned and mild,
The entire Senate will be under his hand,
He will be vexed by a rash scoundrel.
Cent foys mourra le tyran inhumain
Mys a ſon lieu ſcauant et debonnaire
Tout le ſenat ſera deſſoubz ſa main
Fache ſera par malin themeraire
  1. <armour let inhuman ray in><mousy often inhumaniC><of anCient mousy inhuman try><yet rural iran inhuman>Canine inhumanitary
  2. <a bonne eMiSsary><SecluSion a Misery><as My Son lie cauSe a iran debutante><MayoreSs anion line unabetted> <attuned bonne cauSe><no debt remain> seminarY
  3. <redSeaS leaneSt muTation><redSeaS muTational SenateS><zambianS tout So redSeas leaneSt><arSenate ouTletS mania><adulterateneSS To zambianS> tolueneS aSSerted
  4. <~earthmen aFire reacheS parma~><preacheS Fear alarm theme in air><~reacheS palmarian [Carmelites] Fairer theme~>Farce aSchera


  1. inhumanitary, misery, emissary, seminary, debutante / unabetted, Zambians, mutational, adulterateness, Palmarian, Earthmen
  2. inhumanic (C6 Q81), mousy (C1 Q23), seclusion (C6 Q11)
  3. mutation, arsenates
  4. ancient, inhuman, asserted
  5. preaches
  6. Mayoress, Senates / Sensate, outlets, theme
  7. canine, toluenes
  8. -
  9. rural, reaches, fairer
  10. attuned
  11. -
  12. Aschera
  13. -
  14. Bonne
  15. farce
  16. -
  17. Parma
  18. leanest
  19. mania
  20. debt

inhumanity, misery, tyranny, Earthmen, emissary, mutational, outlets, Senates, Mayoress, adulterateness, ancient, reshape, armour, inhumanic, theme, arsenates, toluenes, attunes, rural, canines, attuned, Aschera, Bonne, Parma, mania, farce, leanest debt.


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