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Nostradamus C10 Q46: Features highlighted by Wagner's music affect breeding rights in later centuries.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 10 Quatrain 46 Music and Drama in Brunswick burns our signThe text of this verse carries tones that resonate with the life story of both Richard Wagner and Adolf Hitler. However the most powerful reference points for this linkage lie in the anagrams.

The term music drama has been closely linked to Wagner and anagrams for these terms as well as a singularly occurring sequence for 'music and drama' are found in the third line of this verse. The story that emerges from the text and anagrams implies that the works of this famous musician will influence the behavior of others after his death while his harsh views on genetic purity will influence acts of genetic manipulation.


In the era during which Hitler influenced the acts of the German people this influence was apparent as the Fuehrer and those under his command relied on Wagner as one of the pillars for their cruelest behaviors.

The anagrams underpinning this verses meaning include:

1. erosive storm retold lover rival alien sovereign ending
2. reassured readers axes Xenon own wave elect cruelest creatures treasure
3. music and and drama our sign ignoramus underbeings breeding burned
4. UUafer unrelaxed learned aunt pew seclude furcate
In life fate & death sordid unworthy man of gold
He will not be a new Elector of Saxony:
From Brunswick he will send for a sign of love,
The false seducer delivering it to the people.
Vie ſort mort de L'OR vilaine indigne
Sera de Saxe non nouueau electeur
De Brunſuic mandra d'amour ſigne
Faux le rendant au peuple ſeducteur.

L1: <Rival retOLd in indigene motorS><Rival retOLd motoriSe Vending><in OLdeR indigene vial><OLiveR alien dining><giVen motoriSe>< SoVereign eVerSion LOveR eroSiVe

L2: <none ouun treaSured axeS><aS redSea oxen true noun><axSeed creatureS><reaSSured a xenon elect>crueleSt / lectureS treaSure / auSterer

L3: <muSic and Drama BurneD our Sign><~and our muSic and drama unDerBeingS~><muSic drama run DeneB (star) and Sigur><BurDen muSic and drama Singer><DeSigner Burn muSic><BreeD ignoramuS / origanumS><reuSing andromada> BreeDing Scandium adam ormuS (Society)

L4:<Future-axle Seduce> <unrelaxed Futaerc uSed><pulSe educt (draws out) Flexura (a bend)><aunt learned> peleUs

1: music and drama, Odama, underbeings, ignoramus, origanums, Andromada, scandium, sovereign, indigene, Xenon, oxen,
2: unrelaxed, breeding, aniline, ax-seed / sexade, motorise,
3: futauerc, reassured, furcate, axes,
4: creatures, eversion, motors, erosive, burned / burden,
5: flexura, music, lover, Deneb,
6: treasured, designer, indigen, reusing, seclude, ending, drama, dining
7: cruelest / lectures, motor, rival / viral, Sigur, 
8: burns, grins,
9: design, uuafer,
10: Oliver, given,
11: austerer / treasure, burn,
12: readers,
13: lecture, breed,
14: noun,
15: -
16: Ormus / Romus,
17: resign / reigns / singer, Adam,
18: Reuters, seduce,
19: aflare / Rafael,
20: -
21: educt, lender,
22: -
23: -

music and drama, underbeings, ignoramus, Andromada, Scandium, sovereign, indigene, Xenon, oxen, unrelaxed, breeding, aniline, ax-seed, motorise, futauerc, reassured, furcate, axes, creatures, eversion, motors, erosive, burned / burden, flexura, music, lover, Deneb, treasured, designer, indigen, reusing, seclude, ending, drama, dining, cruelest, motor, rival, Sigur, burns, grins, design, wafer, Oliver, given, treasure, readers, breed, noun, Ormus, singer, Rafael, ancestor,  educt, lender.

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