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Nostradamus C9 Q47: Events precedent to American Disaster in Iran.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is part of Nostradamus' theme on the terrestrial human soul but its setting is not that of the 16th century but of our nuclear-age. It fits into the story of war in Iran which faces the United States in the near future. The anagrams allow us to clearly identify its locations since Gameron and Qamerun are both older names for Bandar Abbas, the Iranian city on the coast of the Gulf of Hormuz. Hengam Island is also just off the Iranian coast and is near Bandar Abbas. My paper titled American disaster in Iran suggests there is a massive disaster awaiting the United States and the World and it starts in the locations of Iran named in this verse . This verse's theme is linked closely to that of the following one (see C9 Q48).

The anagrams most useful in solving this verse include:

soulless designs ending guidelines uranic nuclear enclosures idle
Les ſoulz ſignez d'indigne deliurance

unsteadier date a contour Saudi adviser emulated
Et de la multe auront contre aduis

Hengam Gamerom Qamerun nemesis peril each
Change monarque mis en perille pence

overstriven agencies waits on visas a
Serrez en caige ſe verront vis a vis.
The undersigned to an infamous deliverance,
And having contrary advice from the multitude:
Monarch changes put in danger over thought,
Shut up in a cage they will see each other face to face.
Les ſoulz ſignez d'indigne deliurance
Et de la multe auront contre aduis
Change monarque mis en perille pence
Serrez en caige ſe verront vis a vis.
  1. <legend deSignz nucleLeariSes zoul><~SouLlesz indigen [native] led uranic dezign~><nuclear ending Sign idle zoul dies><zed Sign Souls cLeaner guideline> encLoSes
  2. <~amulet dEalt unsteadier contour~>Emulated dutiEs
  3. <marquise [noble widow] Change omen><gameron [Bandar Abbas- Iran]/ megaron Chance><pen Cache iller pen requiems>qamerun [Bandar Abbas- Iran] qoran quran peril
  4. <zeer overstriven agencieS Sires / riSes><even Siege not><overstriven agencieS><v [5] reverSe on agenciez vista>
1: overstriven, guideline, soullesz, agenciez, emulated,
2: nuclearises, ramequins, clearness, designz, deigned,
3: traversion, requiems, agnomen,
4: nucleaire, ramequin, contour, agenesic / agencies, Qamerun, dezign, chance, mulla, vista, Serrez,
5: unsteadier / unreadiest, Marquise,
6: encloses, indigen, Gameron / Megaron, ceasing, nuclear, ending, uranic, Iadeus, Saudi,
7: amulet,
8: UUalter, severe, 
9: Hengam, reserve / reveres / reverse, pence,
10: soulz, errz,
11: legend, zoul,
12: unrailed, souls, emona, zeer,
13: deliuer, cleaner, marque, luz,
14: visa,
15: duties, suited, uaried,
16: -
17: Aegis,
18: aduiser, elated, Pelle, alum,
19: eldest, repine, zeen,
20: Revers,
21: mange.
22: -
23: -

overstriven, guideline, soullesz, agenciez, emulated,  nuclearises, ramequins, clearness, deigned, traversion, requiems, agnomen, nucleaire, contour, agenesic, agencies, Qamerun, design, chance, Mulla, vista, Serrez, unsteadier, Marquise, encloses, indigen, Gameron, ceasing, nuclear, ending, uranic, Iadeus, Saudi, amulet,  Walter, severe, Hengam (Island Iran), reserve, pence, legend, unrailed, souls, Emona, cleaner, marque, visa, duties, Aegis, elated, Pelle, alum, eldest, repine, Revers, mange.

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