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Nostradamus C9 Q11: Jules of Agen's and son in a debate on mortal matters.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C9 Q11 Julesof Agens letter to Juste Scaliger rotates on mortal mtmatter of Christ bu no retraction givenThe following verse contains strong anagrammatic references to Jules of Agen and its narrative seems to be based on Nostradamus' critique of calendar treatments published by his mentor, Jules Cesar Scaliger and his son Joseph Juste Scaliger. My paper titled Jules of Agen covers their relationship and the quatrains which Nostradamus used to show the influence the Scalier family had on his code.

The anagrams  giving the frame to this verse include:

1. Jules letter to Juste rotate on mortal  driven matter
2. Duet illume Williem patients unsuitable-equipment
3. Divine-rule predesignate re-asserting_deepest Arian readings
4. Contrast Jules of Agens nonretractions  to your sequential quatrein sequel
Wrongly will they put the just one to death
Publicly and in the middle extinguished:
So great a pestilence arises in this place
That the judges will be forced to flee.
Le juſte a tort a mort l'on viendra mettre
Publiquement et due millieu eſtaint

Si grande peſte en ce lieu viendra naiſtre
Que les jugeans fouyr ſeront conſtraint

The last line of this verse contains the word jugeans which doesn't exist as a real word in French. Nostradamus only uses it in this single place but it is this word that delivers up a remarkably salient anagrammatic sequence which is Jules of Agens (lesju geans of). What makes it even more unusual is that of the four occurrences of the anagram for Jules two of them occur in this verse. The second occurrence is at the start of the first line and is formed from part of the word juste which is the middle name of Jules famous son Joseph. So in the line Jules name is connected to the middle name of his last son. This then removes the lack of meaning in the second line since its reference and in the middle aptly applies to his son's middle name. It could also be claimed Joseph as the last of Jules' sons was the completion of Jules public duties of fatherhood. Joseph Juste Scaliger would go on to fill much of the other tones of the verse including those of the first line. And again this verse is rich in sequential anagrams of a type that suggest they are intentional.

  1. <juSt rotate on mortal driven matter> <rotate atom juLeS terminated><juSte ventromedian [center top] letter><juLeS rotate ventromedian retardment><juSte rotate non-varied mortal letter>
  2. <unSuitable- equiPment><Suitable-inPut><Patient uSe><illumed tenet queme [comes to please]>
  3. <unvaried Step retainS readingS><preaSsigned retainS unvaried lie> <re-spreading iuvenile radiants><SiSter /reSiSt predeSignate an unvaried lie> <deepeSt aSian arreSting unliveried (non-uniformed servant)>
  4.  <jules of agens Quatrein><your norSe seQuel conStraint><contraSt norSe><seQuential> <you Strain conSorter fans>
1: Jules_of_Agens, retains_unvaried_readings, suitable-equipment, ventromedian, retardment, contrast, steepened,
2: predesignate(s), reterminated, preassigned, respreading, sequential, violent,
3: patients, illumed, Surrey,
4: nonretractions, iuvenile, illume,
5: constraint, terminated, spreading, consorter, Tarquin, Miquel, rotate, astute, Jules (2x),
6: divine-rule, unliveried, nonevil, Luciene, rinput, putin, Arians,
7: arresting, unvaried, rosetta / rotates, muted, Juste, queme, jug,
8: cratons, tarot,
9: consentor, Tristan / transit, yours, just, neume,
10: quatrein,
11: deepest,
12: nonvaried, radiants, remained, pub,
13: -
14: quantile, dreamt, paint, erato / orate,
15: -
16: radian,
17: instate, mill,
18: -
19: renamed, Jeus / Jesu (2x),
20: sepdet, you,
21: taints,
22: croton, mortal, atom.
23: -

suitable-equipment, ventromedian, retardment, contrast, steepened,  predesignate(s), reterminated, preassigned, respreading, sequential, violent, patients, illumed, Surrey, nonretractions, iuvenile, illume, constraint, terminated, spreading, consorter, Tarquin, Miquel, rotate, astute, Jules , divine-rule, unliveried, nonevil, Luciene, rinput, putin, Arians, arresting, unvaried, rotates, muted, Juste, queme, jug, cratons, tarot, consentor, transit, yours, just, neume, quatrein, deepest, nonvaried, radiants, remained, pub, quantile, dreamt, paint, orate, radian, instate, mill, renamed, Jesu, Sepdet, you, taints, croton, mortal, atom.


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