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Nostradamus C9 Q05: Turkish cult invades Europe causing havoc that destroys ancient tombs.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 05  The anagrams in this verse hold an intriguing tale of a Middle Eastern cult that resembles those we see appearing in our current era. There is also a distinctive cluster that relate to a tomb of the French Albret familywhere there is an image of an asteroid curved into one of its prominent arches. The text suggests it is located near a river in Pisa, Italy and its wording implies that events to take place parallel those in 1511AD when a meeting of three Cardinals met in Paris. This meeting was a significant watershed in the religious ructions emerging throughout Europe and the Levant.

The anagrams that frame this story include:

1. Asteroid liberates Albret marble tiers impure empire immerse
2.  oman Qoran / Quran has a Vultan uuave based vault
3. Parque espy Turkeys estuary Iraqu cult quest use notary procurance
4. Encaptured creed accented rigor fateful ledger fleed
The third toe will seem first
To a new monarch from low high,
A self proclaimed tyrant & occupier of Pisa
To correct the fault of his predecessor.
Tiers doit du pied au premier ſemblera
A vn nouueau monarque de bas hault
Qui Pyſe et Lucques Tyran occupera
Du precedant corriger le deffault.
L1: <putid (Lat: putidus= foul) asTeroid reSemble impure idea><pure idea immerSe putid rods><meriTable rimes pure idea><arTeries impure Sembler><alberT / alBret rise immerSe pure idea><marble Tiers>

L2: <roman vultAn on harquebusade (bombardment) uuaue~><quran beheads a vultAn nouu><vultAn has ouun bed><a roman uuaue has no vultAn bed><debase quran><qoran base due>

L3: <See Turqeys cult eQuiP procurance><cult quesT see iraQu Spy procurance >

L4: <elder aDult accented pure rigor><elder accented fateful rigor><fateful ledger>hgb <encaptured aDult><fed ledger fault> <ePiStyle (architrave) parQue> creed coenacted
1: procurance, immerse, accented, corrigent, decanter / recanted,
2: encaptured, coenacted, meritable, epistyle, Turqeys, steeply, beheads, surety,
3: estuary, bashed, abash,
4: liberate, fateful, espy,
5: asteroid, Albret, vault, fault, debase,
6: resemble, impure, Sheba, reeled,
7: Vultan, enacted, ledger, rigor, eyes,
8: retailers,
9: quest,
10: based, cult, idea,
11: atremble, Alberti, arteries, direst,
12: notary,
13: premieres, reblame, hauls,
14: noun,
15: storied,
16: -
17: adult,
18: fleed, creed,
19: -
20: astride / tirades,
21: marble,
22: Quoran, Qoran, Iraqu, creep,
23: -

harquebusade, procurance, accented, steeply, immerse, Albret, vault, epistyle, marble, resemble, asteroid, meritable, Turkeys, cult, co-enacted, direst, creed, liberate, fateful, idea, Qoran, quest, debase, surety, beheads, impure, adult, encaptured, recanted, Vultan, arteries, atremble, fleed, estuary, notary, ledger, based, rigor, retailers, eyes, espy. 


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