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Nostradamus C8 Q61: Research on the genomic sequence understood by the Prophet.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

From this verse emerges a clear indication that Nostradamus had great interest in the evolution of man as seen by science rather than religion or philosophy.

Its anagrams conceal highly related details of genomic properties that are the product of research that only began in this century. This unlocked secret renders all biological change up to this time as glacial and ensures that the mutations to come will impact dramatically on life within the universe.

The anagrams in this current verse show knowledge of the codons that are part of the chromosome spiral holding the genetic patterns of life. In addition Nostradamus' use of upper case lettering for TAG in the fourth line is a useful way of highlighting the importance of the end-code sequencing as TAG and TGA are two of the codons from the closing triplicate that every gene sequence must have.

The first lines anagrams also hold two sets of adjacent pairs stating a spiral code our aim ( our -Iam -a -is par l- e deco) which fits to the DNA within each chromosome,

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

aim is a spiral code men wore our jud[g]ement replaced
Iamais par le decouurement du jour

ape interfere ruined aura a genesic sign guardians respecting prescient fire refine
Ne paruiendra au ſigne ſceptrifere

quote uses genesis seeing yes-no Tennysee sejourn
Que tous ſes ſieges ne ſoyent en ſejour

Freeport profiteer report account Codon undo TAG image foreparent free
Portant au coq don du TAG amifere

Never by the revelation of daylight
will he attain the mark of the scepter bearer.
Until all his sieges are at rest,
bringing to the Cock the gift of the armed legion.

Iamais par le decouurement du jour
Ne paruiendra au ſigne ſceptrifere
Que tous ſes ſieges ne ſoyent en ſejour
Portant au coq don du TAG amifere

L1: <a spiral our aIm><real code><neuucomer leader><a aIm is replaced><declare men-uurote><~a judement our spiral aiM couuered~>

L2: <preScient peN free a ruined aura Sign><guardianS reSpect fire><~a free peN reSpecting aura iS ruined~><fire Sceptre aura Sign ape ruined><unpared aura Sign iNterfere><~refiNe reSpecting ape ruined auraS~><ape ruined geneSicS aura>

L3: <seeing our jntenSe Quote uSes Ss><So tennySee genes><uSes s Quote geneSis><tennySee oSsene><yeS-no genes>

L4: <aim undo foreParent TAG/TAA (DNA sequencing end codes)><undo Port uTA afterimaGe docq><freePort aim undo TAG><Patron aim undo free TAG><if Penetrator>cqodon (Kodon =genomic app maths) rePort Profiteer imPerforate (no perforations)

1: imperforate, respecting, afterimage, foreparent, profiteer, judement, interfere, Tennysee, genesics, yes-no genes, cqodon
2: penetrator, couuered, docq,
3: guardians, unmetred, judo,
4: replaced, Freeport, Guianas, neoteny, using,
5: sejourn,
6: genesis, rift,
7: receipts, quote,
8: prescient, genius, Ossene,
9: Jouers,
10: spiral, 
11: unrepaired, refire,
12: stoney, magi,
13: crouu, Maria, refit,
14: refine, 
15: sauing,
16: unpaired / unrepaid, Joue,
17: -
18: respect / spectre / sceptre, dealer / leader, yesno,
19: daunt, auras,
20: operant,
22: report / porter.
23: -

genesics, yes-no genes, respecting, imperforate, afterimage, foreparent, profiteer, interfere, Tennysee, penetrator, cowered, Freeport, guardians, replaced, using, Guianas, neoteny, genesis, rift, quote, prescient, Ossene, genius, Jouers, unpaired, spiral, refit, refine, operant, auras, spectre, leader, report.  


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