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Verse C8 Q61: Research on genomic sequence understood by Nostradamus
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Jan 2023

The Genetics verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesFrom this verse emerges a clear indication that Nostradamus had great interest in the evolution of man as seen by science rather than religion or philosophy.

Its anagrams conceal highly related details of genomic properties that are the product of research that only began in this century. This secret unlocked by modern scientists renders all biological change up to this time as glacial and ensures that the mutations to come will impact dramatically on life within the universe.

To begin my case I invite you to take a look at Nostradamus lettering at the beginning of the first line  where a code in English is easy to pick out Iamais par le deco = Iam a isparl e deco = aim a spiral code.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q61 Prescient Genesics Aim for Spiral Q Codon TAG for 21st centuryNow look at the second line where ſigne ſce yields genesics and the third line which has ſieges n for genesis. Notably, the mention of a spiral code in the context of a genesic / genetic aim resonates with concepts unknown to the sixteenth century. One such concept is the structure of  DNA in the chromosome and of course that is at the heart of the genesis of all life.

As spectacular as this revelation may seem it takes on an even greater depth of evolutionary understanding when entries in the fourth line are absorbed.

In Nostradamus' Prophecies only a few words are capitalised. This rare presentation style makes TAG  seen near the end of the line stand out. That lettering has a special meaning in molecular biology; it is one of three codons that signals  the end of a protein's DNA sequence.

Now what makes all of this relevant to Nostradamus' work is the anagrams suggest this natural code leads to a genesis that is in keeping with a vast part of his major story lines. It implies the creation is of a prescient species of apes And his interest would arise from his attempts to understand the process by which this advanced knowledge came to him.

QcodonTable DNA WheelBut this messaging has importance to me  since the anagrams in this current verse show knowledge of the codons that are part of the chromosome spiral holding the genetic patterns of life.  It  should not be there by chance nor by any mechanism inspired by Nostradamus unless he already had that genetic sequence for prescience in his genomes.

It might be argued that for all its possibility the above is a stand alone concept, so to address that I publish this series based on ciphers used in genetics and the next which utilizes codons as its focus.

In the last line of the above verse there is a cipher in the form of an anagram that plays a major part in all that unfolds within these two series. That cipher is Q-Codon (coq don). Its importance as a code device related to Nostradamus' work is concealed in the image shown alongside.

Never by the revelation of daylight
will he attain the mark of the scepter bearer.
Until all his sieges are at rest,
bringing to the Cock the gift of the armed legion.

Iamais par le decouurement du jour
Ne paruiendra au ſigne ſceptrifere
Que tous ſes ſieges ne ſoyent en ſejour
Portant au coq don du TAG amifere

L1: <a spiral our aIm><real code><neuucomer leader><a aIm is replaced><declare men-uurote><~a judement our spiral aiM couuered~>

L2: <preScient peN free a ruined aura Sign><guardianS reSpect fire><~a free peN reSpecting aura iS ruined~><fire Sceptre aura Sign ape ruined><unpared aura Sign iNterfere><~refiNe reSpecting ape ruined auraS~><ape ruined geneSicS aura>

L3: <seeing our jntenSe Quote uSes Ss><So tennySee genes><uSes s Quote geneSis><tennySee oSsene><yeS-no genes>

L4: <aim undo foreParent TAG/TAA (DNA sequencing end codes)><undo Port uTA afterimaGe docq><freePort aim undo TAG><Patron aim undo free TAG><if Penetrator>cqodon (Kodon =genomic app maths) rePort Profiteer imPerforate (no perforations)

1: imperforate, respecting, afterimage, foreparent, profiteer, interfere, genesics, yes-no genes, Q_codon
2: penetrator, couuered, docq,
3: guardians, unmetred, judo,
4: replaced, Freeport, Guianas, neoteny, using,
5: sejourn,
6: genesis, rift,
7: receipts, quote,
8: prescient, genius, Ossene,
9: Jouers,
10: spiral, 
11: unrepaired, refire,
12: stoney, magi,
13: crouu, Maria, refit,
14: refine, 
15: sauing,
16: unpaired / unrepaid, Joue,
17: -
18: respect / spectre / sceptre, dealer / leader, yesno,
19: daunt, auras,
20: operant,
22: report / porter.
23: -

genesics, yes-no genes, respecting, imperforate, afterimage, foreparent, profiteer, interfere, Tennysee, penetrator, cowered, Freeport, guardians, replaced, using, Guianas, neoteny, genesis, rift, quote, prescient, Ossene, genius, Jouers, unpaired, spiral, refit, refine, operant, auras, spectre, leader, report.  


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