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Nostradamus C8 Q46: El Sufi's star chains as guide to N's date code for Polar Axis Shift
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Axis shift verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThis verse is one of those that in 2004 destroyed my innate skepticism as it yields crucial evidence that Nostradamus did build astronomic code as his way of dating the Prophecies. The tone of its text  mirrors that used by an Arabian astronomer Al Sufi whose mid 10th century Book of the Constellations of the Fixed Stars has been an essential guide for those interested in astronomy since the tenth century CE. That book refers to star chains and provided the list of names which astronomers and the public relied on and still use.

TheThree Brother verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe anagrams in this verse give two prominent names that allow any polar axis shift that did occur to be accurately recorded. In this set of verses on the axis shift you will see many of the terms used by this ancient astronomer appear in  either the text or anagrams of the verses. It is because of this mirroring of Al Sufi's work  that I choose to pair C8 Q46 with C3 Q79 but in the three brother series I pair the current verse with C1 Q31 due to them both associating the Eagle and Cock with the brothers. In so doing the three brothers events are linked to the time of the axis shift at the end of this century.

The anagrams of the second line in the current verse C8 Q46 reflects a form of the name of Al Sufi. It also contains star names from Sufi's book that appear in order of the chain of their rising above the Earth’s horizon.

Nostradamus C8 Q46 Fire in Sky meteoritesThere is an anagram for Sharatain(hains tara) which refers to a star in the head of the sheep (Aries). And Aries is a star that defines the start of the ancient star chains as well as being the first sign of the ancient zodiac. These anagrams yield facts with little importance unless they distinguish the point in history where this certainty of order changes.

The fourth line of this same verse contains the second of these named stars namely Algedi and sit appears in the context of a set of anagrams conform to the threat this axis shift represents. It says  code quot[e]d Algedi feared stories refer terrorises France (De coq et d'aigle de France freres trois).

There are other aspects in the text that are brought into perspective by their union with those verses giving details of an axis shift for it makes Nostradamus' tales of the three warring brothers, the Cock , France and the Eagle part of our near future.

Pol the celibate will die three leagues from Rome
the two nearest flee the encroaching three.
When Mars will take up his horrible throne,
the Cock and the Eagle, France and the three brothers.
Pol menſolee mourra trois lieues du Rosne
Fuis les deux prochains taraſc deſtrois
Car Mars fera le plus horrible troſne
De coq et d'aigle de France freres trois.
  1. <Solemn PeRson used><sPlenDorous omenS><loneSome> <PondeRous> <Pole omenS Resounds><norSe used>
  2. ~aS el suFi diSsector produxes Star chain~> anarchiSt <Fusile Stories)<anthropics [human views] less uxed><Sacred Star><~--producex Sharatain [Aries duality] ---~><suFi expulsed> thracianS /anarchiSt / Star chain
  3. <farMers anCeStor><farMers CelebrationS><farMers toleranCeS><CornMaSter(s) / aStroManCer[astral divination] fears><feral pulse> oCeans Strobile [cone] <briStleCone safer arM>hours /horus
  4. <France stories refer algedi [star name in Cap]><Fledge [bird raising] coDe terrorise France>< Dissector q'oted refer algedi Fear><date Fledgier [feathery] coq [Coqab]>
1: celebrations, splendorous, astromancer, anarchist / Thracians, Sharatain, producex, fledgier, lonesome, fledge, qoted,
2: anthropics, ponderous, proudness, terrorises, strobile, farmers,
3: sacristan, enloops, frames,
4: dissector (2x), duplexes / expulsed, resounds, El-Sufi / fusile, cards, 
5: horriblest, Antiochs, terrorise, federal,
6: sefirots, Horus / hours,
7: Tsarinas, chains, Gledi,
8: Algedi, Gediel, plush, sacred / scared,
9: falser,
10: tolerances,
11: uueeds, ratio,
12: -
13: d'France, Alferes,
14: sounder, slides,
15: storied (2x), oceans, Sufi,
16: -
17: rioters, restore,
18: fleed,
19: britle, 
20: ancestor, chain / China, defer / freed,
22: horrible.

Key Ideas:

El Sufi, star chains, Sharatain, Algedi, Kocab, splendorous omens, sacred star, farmers, Cornmaster, produces, horriblest, celebrations, ponderous, terrorises, loneliest, tolerances, Tsarinas, quoted, farmers ancestor, d'France, frames, electrons.


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