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Nostradamus C8 Q29: Caesar and Caepio as reference guides to modern gold crisis.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 29  Pillaged gold found in a buildings pillar when the marble's chemistry reveals the zone where the treasure lies The intent of this verse is to provide a suitable metaphor for the gold based financial crisis of the 21st century.


By comparison to events surrounding two ancient figures Nostradamus delivers a picture of the events that will identify the coming crisis.


Both these ancients had adventures in the parts of Southern Europe with which Nostradamus was well acquainted so their referencing is quite apt.


The following extract in Wikipedia provides detail of the gold carried off by Quintus Servilius Caepio in 105 BCE an event which is directly referred to in the last line of this verse.

While marching to Arausio (modern-day Orange) Caepio plundered the temples of the town of Tolosa, ancient Tolouse, finding over 50,000 fifteen-pound bars of gold and 10,000 fifteen-pound bars of silver. Strabo reports a story told in his time of this semi-legendary treasure, the aurum Tolosanum, supposed to have been the "cursed gold" looted during the sack of Delphi during the Gallic invasion of the Balkans in 279 BC. The riches of Tolosa were shipped back to Rome, but only the silver made it; the gold was stolen by a band of marauders, who were believed to have been hired by Caepio himself. The Gold of Tolosa was never found, and was said to have been passed all the way down to the last heir of the Servilii Caepiones, Marcus Junius Brutus.


The text holds the name Caepio while the anagrams contain ' Caesar's talent'. Caesar followed Caepio by about two generations and one of the common recognitions by later generations was that he was a man of many talents. The following is a concluding statement in a brief online article on Caesar's life:


As a general and a statesman, Caesar has clearly earned his place in world history. With the exception of Cicero, he was the greatest orator of his time. As a historian, he has rarely been surpassed in simplicity, directness and dignity. A man of many talents, Caesar was a mathematician, philologist, jurist and architect. The main outcome of his illustrious career was the transformation of Rome from a Republic to an Empire.

At the fourth pillar dedicated to Saturn
split by earthquake and by flood;
under Saturn's building an urn is found
gold carried off by Caepio and then restored.
Au quart pillier l'on ſacre a ſaturne
Par tremblant terre et deluge fendu
Soubz l'edifice Saturnin trouuee vrne
D'or Capion rauy et puis rendu.
  1. <SaracenS ill role Auuaqen(awaken) part><aS nature Scare> <caeSar turn Salon orleanS>
  2. <enraPtured><engulfed><tablement (chapter comprised of pillars) err><blame><entreater><marble Part><bertram talent uPend>
  3. <natureS Sulfobenzide in ic (99)><turn aS ever in icefield Subzone><interuuoven norSe><never uurote in etruScan><So ninurta (Sumerian war and inundation god) never uurote>
  4. <preCautionary><insured au (gold) Cap iron roD type><yet iron au (gold) Cap uprise / epirus> <is roundedD up>
1: precautionary, sulfobenzide, interuuoven, subzone, entreater, auuaqen,
2: Saracens, engulfed, Veronese, reuuoven, rounded, copia,
3: enraptured, tablement, icefield, fieldz, Caesars,
4: edifice, unrobes, Bertram, sevener,
5: Etruscan, Ninurta,
6: tremblant, insured,
7: Saracen, anury, delete,
8: uprisen, nerves, unfed, type,
9: Saturnin,
10: outrun, field,
11: -
12: rleonis, rapture, deluge, cordu, Aratus, Asatru, Draco, Caesar,
13: zub,
14: uuaqen,
15: quatr, lamb,
16: rinsed,
17: uranites,
18: uranate, latent / talent, rvnes, never,
19: blame,
20: -
21: marble,
22: -
23: dud.

Key Ideas:

precautionary, sulfobenzide, interwoven, subzone, entreater, awaken, uncorded, engulfed, rewoven, rounded, Saracens, Veronese, copia,  enraptured, tablement, icefield, fieldz, Caesars, edifice, unrobes, Bertram, sevener, Etruscan, Ninurta, tremblant, insured, anury, delete, uprisen, nerves, unfed, type, Saturnin, outrun, field,  rleonis, rapture, deluge, cordu, Aratus, Asatru, Draco, Caesar, zub,  waken,  quatr, lamb, rinsed, uranites, uranate, latent, rvnes, never, blame, marble, dud.


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