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Nostradamus C7 Q41: The rituals of death that unify those who are bearers of disease.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse's anagram list is full of place names ranging across Belarus, the Congo, the Mid-East and Mongolia. The cluster of bluer, pigments, untreated, cocagnes (pastel dye-leaf rolls), shipment and Patroness can be drawn together as part of the pastel-dye industry around Toulouse and Carcassonne in the 16th century. The text and the story-lines in the anagrams are linked viarituals that different cultures use to bury their dead. Such practices usually reflect the manner in which people of a region view the soul and its need for respect at the time of death. One of the important features has been the death shroud and as such it usually was a high quality, status garment treated with the sort of dye with which Nostradamus was familiar. The inclusion of a named bacterial disease (entamoebiasis) suggests there is a world-wide pandemic and this fits to the scenario that other verses paint for the end of this century.

The anagrams giving the frame for this verse include:

sole zed despized dezpite Essenian Mid-East maidens serener sense
Les oz des piedz et des mains enſerres

repeat Maoist sanitorium bury simulation Mongolians elongations pantheism pignments shipment bit it banish
Par bruit maiſon long temps inhabitee

Norse patron transposes saprogen congress personators reattuned cocagnes deterrents
Seront par ſonges concauant deterres

Salons aims Bellorussion Belarus Senates bury eastern entamoebiasis bath habit
Maiſon ſalubre et ſans bruyt habitee.
The bones of the feet and the hands locked up,
because of the noise the house is uninhabited for a long time
Digging in dreams they will be unearthed,
the house healthy is inhabited without noise.

Les oz des piedz et des mains enſerres
Par bruit maiſon long temps inhabitee
Seront par ſonges concauant deterres
Maiſon ſalubre et ſans bruyt habitee.
  1. <dementias err dezpised Lozes Sense><maidens Sense errs dezpite Less dozes><~mideast ezpied Lesser Sense dozes~> insane
  2. <mongolianS pantheism><bathin [demon duke of hell] pigments><it aimS rub on long shipment> elongations simulation Taoism maoiSt Sanitorium
  3. <~patroneSS err on untreated cocagnes [pastel rolls])~><congreSs tranSpose><patron arson deterrentS><congoes partS uncatenated [unlinked]><attend organS concause linked causes]><Seers perSonator(s) [imitators] reattuned>
  4. <~beloruSSian habit bury meet [those met with]~><eaSt belaruS Aim burn thy Son> <eaSt burns a bluer entamoebiaSis [bacterial disease]>
  1. dezpised, Mongolians, pantheism, sanitorium, simulation, shipment, elongations, Congoes, personators, uncatenated, untreated, cocagnes, Congress, entamoebiaSis,
  2. reattuned / untreated, Urbans, Belorussian
  3. dozes, dezpite, pigments, Taoism / Maoist, concause, deterrents, personator, Timor, bath, thy, banish,
  4. ezpied , saprogen, Belarus, lossez, genoss,
  5. inhabit, Essenian, subtree,
  6. Senates, bury
  7. Mideast, dementias, Bathin, deserter, Binah,
  8. burns,
  9. Patroness / transpose, Salons,
  10. attuned / taunted, berates / rebates, espied, Solon, lozes,
  11. burn, barns,
  12. uacant, Pastor,
  13. patrons, organs, bluer
  14. -
  15. serener,
  16. maidens,
  17. bluer,
  18. insane, bans,
  19. daunt,
  20. operant, habit, spied, spin,
  21. hiba,
  22. song,
  23. -.

entamoebiasis, elongations, Mongolians, simulation, uncatenated, personators, sanitorium, pantheism, shipment, cocagnes, dezpised, congress, congoes, Belorussian, reattuned, untreated, urbans,  personator, pigments, deterrents, concause, deterrent, dezpite, banish, Maoist, Taoism, Timur, dozes, bath, thy, saprogen, Belarus, ezpied, lossez, genoss, inhabit, Essenian, subtree, Senates, bury, dementias, Mideast, Bathin, deserter, Binah, burns, patroness / transpose, Salons, attuned, berates, espied, Solon, lozes, barns, uacant, pastor, patrons, organs, serener, maidens, bluer, insane, bans,
daunt, operant, habit, spied, spin, hiba, song.


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