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Nostradamus C6 Q75: Rosemary Magdalene Hautpuls chemical links.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q41 Bernadin of Baux  has links to the Magdalene Rosemary hautpul lineNostradamus lived near Chateau les Rennes in the Pyrennees in the early 16th century and it is here that the legend of the Magdlene has some of its strongest roots. The Hautpuls were a prominent family at the time that Nostradamus was honing his al/chemical knowledge in nearby Alet les Bains. It was at this time that Bernadin who was called the Great Corsair was called by the king to govern Les Baux, a town close to where Nostradamus was born that also was a hot-bed for the Magdalene myth. All these themes are well represented by the names, ideas and concepts found in the text and the anagrams of this verse.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Englander plot portrays years Rosemary Magdalene legend named
2. Hautpuls aliases recall evil espousals purpose attain sulphur nitrate 3. Peasant aptness spans seers ancestors carbonate needs
Arab envied arsenic verdancies since Iran barred re-arm
The great Pilot commissioned by the King,
To leave the fleet to fill a higher post:
Seven years after he will be in rebellion,
Venice will come to fear the Barbarian army.

Le grand pilot par Roy ſera mande
Laiſſer la claſſe pour plus haut lieu attaindre
Sept ans apres ſera contrebande
Barbare armee viendra Veniſe craindre.
L1: <RoSemary Legend a part><yearS named><poRtrayS named era><RoSary plot> <armand enLarged>MagdaLene engLander PATROL DAMN PORTAL SORRY

L2: <red SaiLs recall aS purpoSe attain><i unretaliated iSraeLs hautpuls>nitrated sulphur propulSes aeSopS eSpouSal RECALLS REALISES CLASSIER PROPULSU LAPSES

L3: <pre-satan anceStors bear><an arborescent seed aptness><~an adeptneSs repreSs carbonate~><narcoSes bantered> ANAPESTS NONDEBATERS PEASANTS BARONET

L4: <VerdancieS drain Bare barer vine arm><arab inbred arsenic><arSenic a mere vine inVader Barred><Bernadin arab inVader Scare rearm> eVinceS SINCE
1: arborescent, sulphur, propulses, inbred, Magdalene,
2: Rosemary, Bernardi, nondebaters, recalls, carbonate, verdancies,  adeptness, evinces, bantered,
3: Hautpuls, espousal, portray, unretaliated, prouuls, barred,
4: Hautpulls, classier, narcoses, Bernard, peasant, rosary, sorry,
5: Aesops,.purpose, attain, banter,
6: ancestors, increase, uuash,
7: nitrated, Baronet, pilot, recall, sincere, ledger,
8: carless, plush,
9: -
10: patrol / portal,
11: Irelands, salaries, legend, repress, caries, plot,
12: presatan, arsenic, ravine / vainer, call,
13: Englander / Greenland, realises, hauls,
14: -
15: aptness, nieces, 
16: respans, caesers,
17: Israels, raven, atop,
18: repasses,
19: bread / bared,
20: ancestor, years,
21: -
22: Armand, Bearn,
23: spouse, caress / scares.

arborescent, sulphur, nitrate, arsenic, carbonate, Magdalene, Rosemary, Hautpuls, Aesops, Bernadin, legend, recalls, nondebaters, unretaliated, verdancies,purpose, portrays, espousal. ancestors, barred, peasants, sincere, pilot, recalls, Irelands, salaries, Englander, realises, nieces, aptness, Israels, raven, atop, spouses, years.

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