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Nostradamus C6 Q74: Essene path from Enoch to Jesus' line in modern times.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C6 Q74 This verse highlights that Nostradamus parental story and Jesus line attempts to discount their prophetismNostradamus uses a small number of anagrams with powerful interconnections to generate the detail of this verse. This is highlighted through two distinct themes one being the Essenian connections to Enoch and the other to a commentary by Nostradamus as to how his prophecies might be perceived by his father Jaques. The Essenian links rely not only on the names and places but on the Essenian-type concepts in the anagrams and the numbers mentioned in the text (See my paper on the Essenes for more detail).


The Chinese calendat of 365 days used to comrise 5 seasons of 73 days in each.


Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

1. Chaldea's entourage learn Seas tongue near neutron era
2. Essene men wrote seeds insure innermost codes sense injures cousin suitor
2. Pauls Jaques aims is masonism nepotisms hamper sons prophetism
4. Verse  assure Metatron stories patternise seaports
She chased out will return to the realm,
Her enemies found to be conspirators:
More than ever her time will triumph,
Three and seventy to death very sure.
La deſchaſſee au regne tournera
Ses ennemis trouues des coniures
Plus que jamais ſon temps triomphera
Trois et ſeptante a mort trop aſſeures.
L1: <~chaLdeaS entourage SeeS near ur~> <argue neutron era LeadS chaSeS> <SeeS tongue chaSe urea deaL> <~ur Learn urea gene chaSed to SeaS~>

L2: <eSsenes codes uuorse in ur times> <innermost codes insure uue See><~Sunrise is sense men codes uurote~><~second uuorse ruin eSsenes times~> <men Sense suitor used sure icons> <Seers cousin uuorst seed> UUEEDS

L3: <jaque's son [Nostradamus] met Pauls prophetism aims><jaques not amiSS imposter hamPer> <nepotiSms thermopairs ajam> <hera imports> maSonist

L4: <~ur SeaportS tape Stories metatron set~> <patent rerouTes SiteS paSS> <aeSopS ruse
1: thermopairs, Chaldeas, Jaques, Essenes, prophetism,
2: nepotisms, permits, morphea, hamper, senses, entourage, 
3: moisture, seconds,
4: reissues, Censorius, imports, Metator,
5: innermost, masonist, imposter, import, tempts, suitor, Aaesops,
6: neutron,
7: Metatron, seaports, minster, sunrise,
8: patents, Raphel, pauses,
9: ajam,
10: tongue, patent, jam,
11: cousin, uueeds,
12: chasses, pastor, rerun,
13: onsets, stones,
14: unrare,
15: uuorst, scaled, strip,
16: reroutes, amiss, 
17: rioters, oasis,
18: chased, enroute, Reuters, Timor,
19: -
20: uuoes,
21: -
22: sites.
23: -

 Chaldea, Metatron, Essenes, sunrise, innermost, seaports, permits, import, neutron, hamper, senses, Jaques (N's father), prophetism, entourage, nepotisms, masonism, imposter, Raphel, tongue, cousin, suitor, patents, worst, ideas, rioters, stones, scaled, oasis, strip.



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