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Nostradamus C6 Q37: Jean Bernuy's interest in the prophet's medical foreknowledge.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 6 Quatrain 37 Bernuy accent Nicene charters and atomic anticancerous insuranceI believe this verse tells a tale of the death of one of Nostradamus' patrons in 1556. Its text can be read as stating Nostradamus worked on ancient writings on behalf of a patron.


Its tale of that person's death suggests there was a deliberate cover-up protecting the real killer. The anagrams contain the name 'Bernuy'whose background paralleled that of Nostradamus' family became famous and died in a curious way in the year after the first edition of Nostradamus' Prophecies were published.


This verse suggests Nostradamus had some insight into that event. In the anagrams a tale can be constructed that says one of Bernuy's servants in the great tower above the bull-ring in Bernuy's home was shot from outside the house but the arrow ricocheted downwards and accidently struck the pastel merchant.

 Many of Nostradamus verses use events such as the above to mirror actions that will affect the future and the anagrams of the third line imply that such a parallel is to happen in an atomic age when a death will be falsely claimed as being due to cancer.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Lower niceaen era reueal canine seen reach apes
2. Chartres rules underlay danger mad deny ricochet out
3. Atomic anticancerous accounts are facient insuranc
4. Bernuy unreasonably accent a ethical alias none connect
The ancient work will be finished,
Evil ruin will fall upon the great one from the roof
Dead they will accuse an innocent one of the deed,
The guilty one hidden in the copse in the drizzle.
L'oeuure ancienne ſe paracheuera
Du toict cherra ſur le grand mal ruyne
Innocent faict mort on accusera
Nocent caiche taillis a la bruyne
Jean de Bernuy was a wealthy, 16th-century woad merchant, whose fortune was large enough to put up bail for Francois Ist when he was held prisoner by Charles Quint, and to build one of the most beautiful mansions in Toulouse. He came to a sad end in 1556, when he organized a fight between dogs and a bull, and was gored to death. Following his death, his home was turned into a Jesuit College, and today is home to the Lycee Pierre de Fermat . A visit to the two inner courtyards, with their elegant mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles is a must. Don't miss the hexagonal tower, which Bernuy wanted to be "as tall as the Prosecutor's tower". 

from an article on Hotel Bernuy

L1: <nicean Louuer era Seen><canine urea reach Louuer apeS><Sienne ape arch><each Spear nine>

L2:<launDrymen regular charterS><regular archerS><~larger urSa tuneD damn ruly ricochet~>Surreal danger

L3: <once antIcancerous faint><mortIci-an accounts are><atomic carton Insurance><motor coinsurance can><confIne-action accuser><once Iran concause (united cause) faint>

L4: <~uNreasonably i accent a ill ethic~><alas i coNnect bernuy cheat / teach ill><urbanly i enact onc(e) ethical ails><oNce bernuy alias teach acetonic (fermentation product) ill><~i teach None bury alias accent ill>

1: anticancerous, unreasonably, coinsurance, laundrymen, accounts, insurance, urbanly, ethical, accent,
2: anagrams-ruled, cancerous, ricochet, curacies, atomic, accuser,
3: acetonic, innocent, concause, underlay, connect, unearly,
4: archers, lunary / uranyl, Bernuy, accuse, root,
5: -
6: Chartres / charters, rurals, bury,
7: charter, canine / Nicean, motor,
8: eduction, ethic, Nicene, mural,
9: Sumers,
10: Parcae, basal, ruly,
11: anion,
12: deny,
13: surreal, hate / heat / Thea,
14: -,
15: Horace, banal, cursa,
16: inaner,
17: grandma,
18: Ranni,
19: ruyn, ruyn,
20: China /chain,
21: louuer, alias,
22: Armand, faint, cheat / teach, outed, ills,
23: floe,

anticancerous, unreasonably, coinsurance, laundrymen, accounts, insurance, accent,ethical, anagrams-ruled, atomic, cancerous, accuser, underlay, archers, ricochet, bury, Bernuy, accuse, Nicean, charters, deny, hate, surreal, Parcae, banal, ills.



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