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Nostradamus C6 Q9: Asexual versus sexual ascetisms sets base for chemical warfare.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse is part of the series where Nostradamus discusses the issues affecting his choice of coding. Nostradamus had not only his own concerns but those of his sect from where his patrons came. As in other verses of this type he mixes these ideas with details of the future and in this verse it is the story of financial crisis that precedes the mutations of later centuries.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

asexual craze tempers Zete lesser faction sects ascetic seafront land deals
Aux ſacrez temples ſeront faicts eſcandales

Zetes zeroes rezones Parthenon runes result lowest-range patron competes
Comptez ſeront par honneurs et louanges

woken wagoneer guaranteed older damsel alludes
D'vn que on graue d'argent d'or les medalles

final eras sermon resonate nontribesmen greatness  grant angels brimstone seafront fragileness
La fin ſera en tormens bien eſtranges
In the sacred temples scandals will be perpetrated
They will be reckoned as honors and commendations:
Of one of whom they engrave medals of silver and gold
The end will be in very strange torments.
Aux ſacrez temples ſeront faicts eſcandales
Comptez ſeront par honneurs et louanges
D'vn que on graue d'argent d'or les medalles
La fin ſera en tormens bien eſtranges

L1: <uxA aScetics Sees land seA front crazeS><and a leSser Sects faction seAl> <~fornicateS a Asexual crezt temples aScends~><fraction deals uXa aScents><citeS Seafronts Scandal>

L2: <angou Competes norSe parthenon result><Seerz patron><rezoneS part><nurse orphan>alentours Consulage outgenerals resolute zeroeS

L3: <older damsel / medals guaranteed><argued on granted roles> <older damsel granted uuagoneer><lord granted uuagoneer><noted emeralds grade><trod underage organ>

L4: <agens non-tribesmen eraSe finaL rest~><~Serena enters agens finaL brimStone~><mens ornate fragiLeness>.<mens ornate reagent fraiLness><mentor grants faLse ariSen><bromines enterS neareSt /eaStern> <eaStern sermon> <angeLs arSenite><brimstone LeafinesS generantS><finaL greatneSs reSonate><inferS sang-reaL / san-grael>

1: nontribesmen, outgenerals, brimstone, parthenon, frailness, tunnelers, asexual,
2: fragileness, Alentours, uuagoneer, competes, templez, temperz,
3: guaranteed, Argentines, fraction, bromines, leafiness, orphan,
4: consulage, fornicate, acruxes, acruxs, acruxs,
5: ascends, presetz, sexual,
6: seafronts, generants, crazes, scarez, infers, Metz,
7: fornicates, ascents, damsel / medals, ensnare, Angou, Rohan, craze,
8: Aroph, resetz, sects, horn, rezet, ztep,
9: sang-real / san-grael, emeralds, neurons,
10: Stemples, scandal, resonate, fails,
11: outrules, seafront, resolute, rezones,
12: zeroes, comes,
13: faction, morsel,
14: afront, cases, lord, zest,
15: underage, zeros,
16: ascend, dances / decans, sermon, false, fleas,
17: greatness, argued, Zete,
18: forsent, final, agreed, vends, seerz,
19: gales,
20: strangle, pelmets, Stempe / temples, arsenite, operant, harp, zees,
21: neuron, rezt,
22: solute, faint,
23: result.

nontribesmen, brimstone, outgenerals, parthenon, asexual, fragileness, wagoneer, competes, guaranteed, Argentines, seafront, fraction, bromines, ascends, sexual, crazes, ensnare, damsel, fornicates, seafronts, sects, Stempels, scandal, resonate, zeroes, greatness, fails, false, sermon, argued, arsenite, forsent, strangle, neuron, result.


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