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Nostradamus C6 Q3: Impact of spermicide on the French royal line.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about the impact of contraception and contrived conception on the French Royal family line in the early sixteenth century. The text can be read as part of such a story while the anagrams deliver possibilities that Leonardo da Vinci on one of his stays at the court of Marquerite d'Alencon, Sister of Francis I, played some part in a sect that influenced her fertility with her first husband.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

quiet fuel queues powers evolve now Nowell awe latency wane
Fleuue qu'eſprouue le nouueau nay Celtique

renegades enlarged needle imperiled coders spermicide crossed arrange endangered
Sera en grande de l'Empire diſcorde

reagent percentage Ceciles equalities June unripe
Le jeune prince par gent eccleſiaſtique

coder restored coroner receptacles Leonardo d'Alencon coroneal
Ostera le ſceptre coronal de concorde.
The river that tries the new Celtic heir
Will be in great discord with the Empire:
The young Prince through the ecclesiastical people
Will remove the scepter of the crown of concord.

Fleuue qu'eſprouue le nouueau nay Celtique
Sera en grande de l'Empire diſcorde
Le jeune prince par gent eccleſiaſtique
Ostera le ſceptre coronal de concorde.
  1. <lone uuaue pouuerS Fuel queue latenCy><Fuel queueS nouel pouuer quiet><one uuaue louuer><any uuaue>

  2. <~coderS endangered impEriled eraS> <spermicide led danger><croSSed end arrange impEriled die><~coderS Serenade danger impEriled~><deranged coderS near>

  3. <june equaLitieS percentage ripen><prune percentage in ciclEs><As in regent cicleS quiet pace prune>CecileS

  4. <leonardo receptacleS stOre coder><coder preselect d'alencon corona><reSpect real code coroneal consOrted><coder nodal receptor stOred Scale><coder cloned Spectre corona><So peter once cleareSt coder>replaceS
1: receptacles, spermicide, equalities, percentage, endangered, imperiled, 
2: coroneal, latency, coroner, corona,
3: consorted, Leonardo, restored, queues,
4: ecclesiast, d'Alencon, renegades, crossed, serenade, Cecils / cicles, receptor,
5: elastics / scaliest, Ceciles,
6: preselect, discord, serenader,
7: aneuu, uuane, cey,
8: clearest, repage,
9: Perimele, candle / calend,
10: recodes, queue / uueeq, yuan,
11: replaces, ended, nodal, disc,
12: Roland, arrange, unripe, quits, readers,
13: deranged,
14: prune,
15: -
16: epiderm, pouuers, primed,
17: -
18: endanger, respect / sceptre / spectre,
19: reagent,
20: -
21: d'Orlean / Leonard (2x), coders / decors / scored, quilt, louuer, June,
22: pride,
23: deaden, impel.

spermicide, receptacles, imperiled, percentage, equalities, endangered, coroneal, latency, coroner, consorted, Leonardo, ecclesiast, renegades, crossed, restored, d'Alencon, queues, serenade, discord, Ceciles, nodal, receptor, preselect, clearest, Key, repage, calend, disc, Roland, arrange, yuan, replaces, powers, ended, June, unripe, reagent, lower, d'Orlean, pride, deaden, readers, deranged, spectre.



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