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Nostradamus C5 Q43: German Courts excuse ethnical cleansing in Europe.
Copyright - A. Webber 2015

Nostradamus C5 Q34 Great ruin to Holy things is close for Provence Sicily Sees Pons Germany at Rhine and Cologne vexed to death by MagonceThis verse carries many sinister tones that resonate with the Hitlerian era thinking arising out of Germany.

The text notes the destruction of holy things throughout southern Europe up to Germany and around the mediterranean sea.

 In the anagrams  these allusions include references to ganglanders, ethnological genes and apeliness renounced.



Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Ganglander enlarged ruin denies legions lessen crazes
2. Poets see apeliness penance once renounce special ill prouen
3. German Hitleran locate Armenia local Lutheranic ethnological gene
4. Courts excused Roma part once coven among a convex maze
Great ruin of  holy things not far off,
Provence Naples Sicily Sees and Pons
In Germany at the Rhine and Cologne
Vexed to death by all of Magonce.
La grande ruine des ſacrez ne s'eſloigne
Prouence Naples Sicille Seez et Ponce
En Germanie au Rhin et la Cologne
Vexez a mort par tous ceux de Magonce.
L1: <~ganglander rue oil crazes sense denies~><legion denies arranged lessen scarez> scars senze edessan legions

L2: <europe><slices ill penance once proue> poet zees apeliness lapses isil

L3: <urea ethnological gene remain><armenia locate.long gene><renaming urea gene logo><armenia lutheranic gene logo> local cool huri hitleran

L4: <excused part out among roma><~maze once a courts mage(magi) vex a port~> atropus
1: ETHNOLOGICAL, pronouncee,
2: unarraigned, LUTHERANIC, ethnical, lancelot, decreases, PENANCE,
5: LOCAL henri,
7: COURTS,  slices, craze, clil, senze,
8: ARMENIA, procne, scars, ztep, maze, zens,
9: -
10: COOL,
12: ATROPUS, cenan, mage,
13: -
14: cases, mag,
15: -
16: coutures, caesers, scout, sensed,
17: zete,
18: excused, ounce,
19: lancet, edessa, poet, zeen,
20: grandeur, arranged, engram, german, uanei, zees,
21: -
22: recoup, lineag, europe, lessen,
23: legion, ginole, caress, scares,

Key Ideas:

Hitleran, ethnological, pronouncee, unarraigned, Lutheranic,  penance, decreases, Cologne, collate, ethnical, apeliness, paleness, locate, renaming, ganglander, logo, local, courts, cases, renounce, crazes, among,  Armenia, lancet, slices, cool, scars, Edessan, mage, sensed, scout, excused, poet, arranged, Caesers, zees, lessen, Europe, German, caress.

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