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Nostradamus C4 Q67: Heretical lair where the man of the richest tongue is cloned.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 67  Sefirot used for regulating heretics of St Ferriool frictional tongueThe current verse has strong connections to C5 Q39 which connects to Nostradamus thoughts about the d'Angouleme- Bourbon lineage but its main connection comes from its anagrams for richest (rt ſeich) tongue (ongue t) which lead to C5 Q2 and its anagrammatic talk of a person destined for elocutive greatness. All of which unites this verse with the theme of resurrection of the Jesus line by cloning DNA from religious relics. The verses on this theme point to a date at the end of the century when events of the type described in the text of this verse will take place. There is also an anagram for Saint Ferriol ( n L'air fort ſei), a town in the Pyrenees that is close to Alet les Bains, where Nostradamus ancestors lived and where he resided in his early adult years. This town is also close to Chateau les Rennes, an epicenter for the legends of the direct descendents of Christ in France.

The most significant anagrams in this verse include:

1. Qlan use nature stream gases as USA ages combustx
2. Saint-Ferriol heretics frictional tongue regulation for Sefirot recitation
3. Updrafts excurse secret dates dreadest urge Judaeus grandeur lie waste
4. Unperspicuously Yule event unlatch urge get re-risen runic curios
Year Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air very dry parched long trajectory
By secret fires great place blazing from burning heat
Little rain, warm wind, wars, incursions.
L'an que Saturne et Mars eſgaux combuſt
L'air fort ſeiche longue traiection
Par feux ſecrets d'ardeur grand lieu aduſt
Peu pluye vent chault guerres incurſions.

Extra Info:

This verse provides the mystic basis underpinning horrendous events later in this century. It alludes to the stream of thoughts that the philosopher Philo Jadaeus felt most important and which became linked with the essential nature of Jesus. It does this through an anagram for Judaeus ( ieu aduſ) in the third line and with the anagrams around it which state Judaeus part fuses secrets dread grandeur (ieu aduſ - t Par - feux - ſecrets - d'ard e -eur grand). The following is an extract on Philo which sets out the basis of his mystic scheme:

The Jewish philosopher, and contemporary of Jesus, Philo Judaeus, says:
...for when he most Knew Himself, then did he most despair of himself, in order that he might attain to an exact knowledge of Him Who in reality Is.
Philo, in another work, writes;
But explore yourselves only..., you will gain forthwith a sure Knowledge of God and His work.
Philo was an Alexandrian Jew of wide learning who wished to take the best of Greek philosophy and marry it to Hebrew thought. His work was to influence the early Christians as they sought for a metaphysical basis for their own faith.

The following is a record about the owners of Saint-Ferriol Chateau.

From notarial records we know something about the barons of St-Ferriol, the family that buil[t]the Chateau. Their name was de Plaigne and their ancestors had been key participants in some of the major events of the Cathar Crusades. Extract from History of Saint-Ferriol

The Cathar Crusades involving Ferriol occurred about 854 years before 2066 which is the period over which the Sun, Saturn and Mars complete a perfect cycle and are located almost exactly in the same position against the stars. The original chateau was destroyed in 1210CE which is 856 years before 2066. The degree of interweaving suggests stories of these two dates are also likely to be interwoven to a large degree, especially in terms of religious positioning and nature of war. So it is possible that the events to come mirror many aspects of that earlier time and place.

In this verse there are also a series of personal names generated within the anagrams which are likely to be identifiers for the clan members. Relevant anagrams suggest the clan uses natures streams ( L'an q - ue S - aturne -et Mars) and that Saint-Ferriol Chelon Gautier ( n L'air fort ſei - che lon -gue trai) is a group of names responsible for the lair of heretics regulation ( L'air - fo - rt ſeiche - longue trai).

Anagram sequences in French text.

  1. <comb natureS streaM uxageS><Last equantS nuMerate> <gaSes Meet uuaterS buSt uxa qLan> <qLan enstreaM uuaterS uxageS>
  2. <for Saint-ferrioL long true ethicS><regulation of hereticS Lair><Saint-ferrioL chelon gautier> <theoricS recitation Flair><for richeSt>< tongue frictionaL air><urgent hole eroticS flair><helicon Softer air><frictionaL theoricS outgeneral> Sefirot / fortieS
  3. <iudaeuS Part / traP urged land dreadest curSex> <excuSe uPdrafts rest dread> <sadder urge uuailed PartS Secret fuxe><excurSe dates a evil dust underdrag far><dreadest uPdraftS excurSe><creSted rearguard refuxeS lined> <fuxe dread Secrets Parts> <deuil retards / traders cursex grandeur >
  4. <event unPerspicuously (unclearly) urge risen> <unlatch urge ions reincurs> <Perniciousness regulatur><PercuSsion re-urge sin >
1: unperspicuously, perniciousness, Saint-Ferriol, frictional, recitation, updrafts, rearguard, helicon, excurse,
2: percussion, Sefirot, unicorns, unlatch, helices,
3: theorics, dreadest, uuasted, Iudaeus / Iuadeus, streams, usagex,
4: latonic, heretics, assuager, sultan, flair,
5: outgeneral, quantels, Piersson, darling, numerate, Gautier, crested, secrets, Chelon,
6: regulation / urogenital, Reginald, ethics, urgent,
7: equants, curios, excuse, Chile, 
8: peplus, qlan,
9: uuaste, incur, runic, puts,
10: underdrag, richest, tongue,
11: uuaters, reurges, usages,
12: unrailed, forties / sefirot, lust,
13: enstream, chole,
14: daniel, denial, bust,
15: eloh, hole,
16: retards / traders, Lepuy,
17: queans, lined,
18: dreads / sadder, dust,
19: -
20: grandeur, gases / sages,
21: ruder,
22: forest, softer, master, stream,
23: -

Saint-Ferriol, unperspicuously, frictional, rearguard, Sefirot, perniciousness, updrafts, excurse, unlatch, dreadest, theorics, Iudaeus, streams, wasted, heretics, assuager, flair, urgent, secrets, ethics, regulation, excuse, richest, runic, tongue, recitation, sadder, grandeur, gases, dust, denial, forest, waters, stream.


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