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Nostradamus C4 Q32: The legacy of Marie Curie.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse there are anagrams for both pharmacies and pharmaceutist in the first line with the second word being part of a cluster of adjacent anagrams saying pharmaceutist poisons radon use lie . The dominant word is pharmacutical with the other words being far more common.

The anagram for pharmaceutist being adjacent to lettering that yields the word poisons is totally in keeping with that profession since the original Greek root of 'pharma' is specifically applied to poison. In addition pharmacies defines a class for the 'places' referred to in the text. There are two other anagrams that confirm the validity of the pharmaceutical theme and they form the words Ophiacan  and communes. Ophiuccus is the symbolic father of medicine and so these anagrams again hint at a class of medical professions within a country such as Russia where the term commune is used to describe many groups. All of this points to this verse being part of the story of Marie Curie

The anagrams that indicate the message in this verse include:

elusive lives text pharmacies pharmaceutist poisons radon evil lie
Es lieux et temps chair au poiſſon donra lieu

alloy communes fear active afar counteract count air correlational accentuator locally
La loy commune ſera faicte au contraire

wives trained for utopist duets illumed Williem evil use
Vieux tiendra fort puis oſte du millieu

earlier palaeoethnic [earliest humans] planet Ophiacan Philo informs phial formations
Le Panta chiona philon mis fort arriere

C4 Q32

In the places and times of flesh giving way to fish
The communal law will be made in opposition:
It will hold strongly the old ones, then removed from the scene
Loving of Everything in Common put far behind.

Es lieux et temps chair au poiſſon donra lieu
La loy commune ſera faicte au contraire
Vieux tiendra fort puis oſte du millieu
Le Panta chiona philon mis fort arriere

The term pharmaceutist is one not used in Nostradamus' time nor was the word pharmacies. A pharmaceutist is not just one who dispenses medicine nor one who mixes them according to customary practice but a person who transforms a new chemical formulation into a usable medicine. Such people only became known as pharmaceutists in the 19th century.

And the clues tell us Marie Curie is the pioneering pharmaceutist to which this verse alludes. There a is tone to this verse that identifies it with Stalinist Russia where Marie Curie was born in 1867. Her place of birth was Warsaw, Poland and although a naturalised citizen of France she remained loyal to her homeland and notably in 1931 her research and development efforts led to the successful foundation of the Radium Institute of Warsaw, a body specifically formed for transforming the salts of radium and its gaseous offspring (radon) into effective medical products.

In order for Nostradamus to fulfil his claim of 'future clarity' his verses could not always deliver the wording he wanted and so parts of verses had to be dedicated to stating how the other parts should be read. This is true of the second line where Nostradamus spells out how he uses another event in Russia to clarify the time and place. It says some of the unifying rules are in opposition and there is good reason to believe this refers to the relationship of flesh and fish in the pivotal first line.

In 1932 under Stalin's instructions the Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow was demolished in order to build a Palace of the People with a mammoth statue of Stalin to be mounted on its top. Here we have the fish representing Christ replaced by the flesh of Stalin, or the suppression of Christianity in Russia.This then offers a multi-layered allusion that gives sense to the lines that follow since they accord with the Stalinist era of destruction of churches and the repression of all religion.

Marie Curie, radium, pharmacology and Russia form a focus for issues that seem central to Nostradamus' purpose. Not only were they intellectually interesting and professionally relevant to Nostradamus' 16th century activities they define the aspects at the heart of his Great Mutations and Wars of the 21st century. It is a complex web but it achieves the result of definition of what on the surface appears obscure. It is the unambiguous anagrams that provide enlightenment to the current verse and it is this same method that delivers the truth of Nostradamus claim to every verse.

To bring this to a close then, my son, take this gift from your father M. Nostradamus, who hopes to explain to you every one of the prophecies set out in these quatrains.
End of Preface to Cesar 1555

 The anagrams of the second and third line can now be seen as consistent with the story of a remarkable woman who not only discovered the existence of radium and radon but became a radiographer during World War I and successfully advocated for the use of these chemicals in the treatment of disease. She became one of the early victims of these modern minerals whose peril was of an invisible kind.

The anagrams of the last line do not slot into the same mould and there is no reasonable way that they can be seen as part of the story of radiation in the 20th century yet they have their place in rendering clarity to the verse. It would be foolish for any code to fall into the trap of predictability for this enables it to be broken easily. All the indications are that Nostradamus didn't make this mistake and the fourth line illustrates how variation is not a wasted effort. The lettering of the line is such that it is quite capable of delivering a unique message but there are very few anagrams of worth to be found within it. There is however a sequence that says 'Planet rrier formations'.  The anagram for formations only occurs here but there are thirteen others for planet and there is no word based on the lettering rrier. Yet planet formations is evocative of a precise dating mechanism and rrier could then well be the ciphers for the positions of the five main planets during the period of the story. Such a mechanism would then remove ambiguity about the date. If this is the case then this lettering is likely tp refer to the planetary configuration on November 22nd 1931 when three planets Mars, Venus and Mercury were in conjunction in Ophiuchus and Jupiter was in Leo. And with these facts known the anagrams in line four for 'ophiachan lion (a-chiona-ph_ilon)'become relevant.

And there is only one event in history that seems apt for this timing and placement. In 1931 Oleksandra Smyrnova (born on May 31, 1880, in Pereyaslav, Poltava gubernia, Ukraine) was accepted into the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences, taught at the Institute of Clinical Physiology, and became a department head in 1938, a position she filled until 1953. In 1933-1941, Smyrnova also served in the Department of Pathological Anatomy at the Second Kyiv Medical Institute. Of her scholarly works, the most important were studies of the pathological anatomy of radiation sickness, infectious diseases and the origin of tumors.

She died in Kyiv on September 22, 1962

Although it may be disputed that this is the proper explanation of this verse it is indisputable that this process affords a means by which Nostradamus' verses could ultimately be unambiguous.

In the places and times of flesh giving way to fish
The communal law will be made in opposition
It will hold strongly the old ones, then removed from the scene
Loving of Everything in Common put far behind.
Es lieux et temps chair au poiſſon donra lieu
La loy commune ſera faicte au contraire
Vieux tiendra fort puis oſte du millieu
Le Panta chiona philon mis fort arriere
L1: <pharmacies piouS text><pharmaceutist ordinal poiSonS><uxe radon poiSons pharmaceutist usE lie><cash tempt><piouS Son euil radon lieS>

L2: <Loyal communeS fear> <cooly counteract aerial> <i fear accentuator> <africa See acute correLational><aLloy air-counter> <recreationaLly- common-uSe> cafeteriaS

L3: <utopiSts trained for illumed Vieuux><rad-ium doses-it put for ill> <vuilliem pious duetS> uuilliem

L4: <antioch Phial formations repel> <ophiacan Planet> philo art informs> <PaLaeoethnic (earliest men)><rePeal iona chant> Placenta
1: pharmaceutist, correlational, palaeoethnic, accentuator, formations, pharmacies, counteract, Ophiacan, communes, informs,
2: acetonuria, utopists, placentae, UUilliem, placenta, cooly, neumes,
3: illumed, vieuux, aeriall,
4: Antioch, lionism, ordinal, arterial, phial,
5: acanthi, tempts, text,
6: unitex, Philo, octaue, vieuu,
7: cafeterias, tempest, muted,
8: loyaler, Iohn,
9: acanth,
10: Eulerian,
11: Africa,
12: poisons, champs, Roland,
13: count, pious (2x), tempt, exit, coy,
14: planet,
15: aria,
16: -
17: aerial, mill, menu,
18: alloy / loyal, chaps,
19: acute,
20: -
21: ousted, hip,
22: chair, Iona,
23: -

pharmaceutist, correlational, palaeoethnic, accentuator, pharmacies, formations, counteract, Ophiacan, communes, informs, Utopists, Williem, cooly, illumed, placentae, acetonuria, arterial, views, Antioch, phial, tempts, text, unites, Philo, ordinal, view, Africa, cafeterias,poisons, muted, count, tempt, pious, exit, planet, aerial, tempest, mill, loyal, chaps, ousted.


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