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Nostradamus C4 Q23: Americans in a Middle East war struck by mental and biological illness.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 23  Poetries prognosed Ccalcerin sulphones meancing seaport consumers, Polestar era legalise American Genoss enigmaThis verse is one of several about a disaster involving American / Carmanie (dans l - a marine c) lands. The anagrams of this verse identify the place where the action occurs as a fuel seaport (era PortS), thereby helping to confirm the location is in the Persian Gulf and there are also anagrams for fuel consumes era petrols enrich (feu l -es conSum - era - Port Sel - yn Herc). But this information is also mixed with some coding clues that point to the name of the person who is the protagonist. His first name is Henry and his surname is to be found interwoven into the four lines. Further verses and fuller detail relevant to this verse can be found in my paper on the American Disaster in Iran.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

1. American lands allege sensical alarm in scale Galilee legalises ion sales
2. Calcarine menacing malignance blurs poetriex enigma
3. Longer deals prognosed assure replace deposer
4. Henry counsel Polestar era consumers enrych petrols fuel
Port Selyn Hercle feu les conSumera
The legion in the marine class,
Calcine magnesia Sulfur & pitch will burn :
The long rest in the secure place:
Port Selyn Hercules, fire will consume them.
La legion dans la marine claSSe
Calcine magre et poix bruSlera
Le long repos de l'asseuree place
Port Selyn Hercle feu les conSumera.

The anagram for both Amaerica and Carmanie is the same but they have not coexisted under those names at any time. However the south of Iran was part of an ancient land called Carmanie at the time of Alexander the Great and it is this duality that allows Nostradamus to identify the two parties involved in these verses and the nature of their interaction.

The use of the term legion in the text and the unusual words Calcarine (ra Calcine) and Sulphones (nes Soulph) that are found as anagrams in this verse lead to the conclusion that the fire that consumes the American marines is both a mental illness and a deterioration of the flesh such as found in the case of radiation sickness. ' My name is Legion' is an allegory for possession by demons that is found in the Bible (Luke 8:3) while Calcarine is a spar like growth and it is a term used to describe the part of the brain responsible for vision and Sulphones are chemicals used for treating skin diseases.

L1: <american lands aLlege ion Sales><alarm in Scale LegaliSes><claSS on gaLilee armenia lands><~and gaLilee ion SenSical alarms~><ion lanceS Seal Maria lands>

L2: <eSso malignance ruleS Car><Sulphones (chemical for treating leprosy and tuberculosis) menacing SeCular><Calcarine (Spur-like) Souls blurS poetriex meaning><agens Soul prophetixe><sulphoneS poetriex enigma> three / there

L3: <prognosed Seal replace eLl use><longer eL depose><prognose deal replace eLl uses><as long use deplores>

L4: <fuel SeaPort conSumers /reconSumes><era conSumes PetrolS fuel><Henry PoleStar conSume><Surname clues><Sumer seaPort clones><Her oPera Sternly conSumes fuel>
1: poetriex, prognosed, calcarine, sulphones, malignance, menacing,  consumers, legalises,
2: reconsumes, consumes, meaning,
3: prognose, Galilees, Polestar, legalise, asecular, sternly, style,
4: American, prophete, alarms, genoss,
5: deplores, counsel, 
6: enrych, surname, depose,
7: Galilee, allege, Henry,
8: Nemours, secular, Armenia,
9: sensical, enigma,
10: deposer,
11: seaport,
12: replace, pastor, Marian, blurs, souls, three / there, 
13: petrols, surreal, Maria, clap, opera,
14: longer,
15: posed, legal,
16: -
17: grope,
18: rulers,
19: poet,
20: -
21: aleles, mange,
22: place,
23: doing, cleans / lances, here,

poetriex, prognosed, sulphones, calcarine, menacing, malignance, legalises, consumers, asecular, style, meaning, American, counsel, alarms, Galilee, Henry, sternly, deplores, surname, allege, replace, seaport, petrols, Polestar, posed, sensical, enigma, blurs, Maria, souls, rulers, grope, longer, poet, place, surreal, lances, here.



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