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Nostradamus C4 Q21: The good times are ended by religious war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has an important link to the first two lines of C4 Q30 which say Eleven more times the Moon the Sun will not want, All raised and lowered by degree.  Through these two verses we have the basis of a substitution cipher where the first eleven elements in rising order are paired with the next eleven in descending order.

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

seafront dirt fortread if Cecile challenge segment
Le changement ſera fort difficile

fearing procreative project novice
[l]aunch ageing interface refinage
Cite prouince au change gain fera

Yules cohabile wreath put rudiments upturned Sachs Aeschylus imprudent chiasms
Coeur haut prudent mis chaſſe luy habile

German manager unpeoples state attaches agreements
Mer terre peuple ſon eſtat changera
# Aescyhlus: ancient Greek playwright who is considered 'the father of tragedy' and whose prominent works include play on Persian life and Greek wars with Persia.
# Ossenes: a name used in ancient times to refer to a part of the Essene cult.
# chiasm: a poetic style used throughout the Bible for emphasises - it is a repetition in each that sets out a component followed by a paraphrase of each component in reverse order.
The change will be very difficult
City and province will gain by the change
Heart high, prudent established, chased out one custom
Sea, land, people will change their state.
Le changement ſera fort difficile
Cite prouince au change gain fera
Coeur haut prudent mis chaſſe luy habile
Mer terre peuple ſon eſtat changera
L1: <Leech Segment for an era><agreementS for><Seafront triffid leech agen><if ci (101) chaLlenge fortid (Danish: past) fears>

L2: <~auch prouince ageing interfaCe~><fearing operatiC change><~auch agen ci (101) eruption age in fear><prouince Cite fear in egg>proCreatiue

L3: <aeSchyluS put rudiments><Sachs imprudent uureath / uurath><yuleS chiaSms turned><disruptment claSheS>mindset upturned uptrend chaSSis minted

L4: <State unpeopleS><peer attacheS engraM on pulSe><peer notateS arm pulSe change><peer attacheS anger Meter on pulSe>
1: Aeschylus, challenge, procreatiue, rudiments, refinage, segment, uurath, 
2: unpeoples, imprudent, upturned, chiasms, chassis, project, fearing, uureath,
3: operatic, attach,
4: attaches, eruption, mindset, prudent / uptrend, minted,
5: agreements, fortread,
6: notates, manager, hassle,
7: interface, clashes,
8: ageing, Ossene, egg,
9: fenestra,
10: -
11: seafront, ecoli,
12: -
13: enstream, onsets / stones,
14: dirt,
15: faster, farce,
16: Bal / Albi,
17: turned,
18: -
19: peratic, Yules, infer / finer,
20: engram / German,
21: mange.
22: -
23: -

 Aeschylus, challenge, procreative, rudiments, wrath, segment, refinage, upturned, chiasms, project, unpeoples, imprudent, fearing, uureath, attach, operatic, mindset, eruption, manager, agreements, fortread, interface, hassle, notates, clashes, ageing, Ossene, egg, ecoli, seafront, enstream, stones, turned, dirt, infer, German, Yules, farce.



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