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Nostradamus C04 Q20: The adverse impact of a corporations hype on its Persian consumers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about the actions of a corporate body that alters the destiny of men by over developing variants of its genetic seed lines and over-hyping their benefits without checking their side-effects.

The second line holds an anagram that refers to false worship. The word is pseudolatry which means devotion to false gods and it is found as 'r de lys Par tou' at the end and start of the second line. This is a term that many modern people of religious persuasion use to describe the decadence they see around them.

But we can also see this idea in Nostradamus'Epistle to Henry where he says:

'Events that in due time will fall upon the principal worshippers, firstly upon the temples of God; secondly, upon those who, sustained by the earth, approach such a decadence.'

I have shown in my papers on the Epistle to Henry that it is meant to serve like a key-word search-engine pointing to verses where new key-words can be found and it is doing precisely this in verse C.4 Q.20 where pseudolatry appears. Importantly there is another word which occurs in the third line of C.4 Q.20 which is almost as rare (two occurrences) and it creates detail about the practical modern-day form of the false gods leading to decadence. It too wraps around the end of the line with the lettering 'ortera Corp' which produces the word Corporate. There is more to this verse but the key-words are now in place allowing me to show the links to other verses.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

Europa vibrates longe[s]t impulse lower
Paix vberte long temps lieu louera

engenders falter rule pastor pseudolatry players fall rudely
Par tout ſon regne deſert la fleur de lys

patronal macrospore treasured adulterers outsmarted corporate procreators
Corps morts d'eau terre la lon aportera

alertness super-essential Persians superlativeness vanish savant variants - unravished servant relates eternal lies unease ensue
Sperants vain heur d'eſtre la enſeuelis
Peace and plenty for a long time the place will prosper
Throughout his realm the fleur-de-lis deserted:
Bodies dead by water, land that the wave will bring there,
Vainly awaiting the good fortune to be buried there.
Paix vberte long temps lieu louera
Par tout ſon regne deſert la fleur de lys
Corps morts d'eau terre la lon aportera
Sperants vain heur d'eſtre la enſeuelis.
L1: <~EuroPa impulse treble a long ixv (fourteen)~><louuer impels /simple>

L2: <~Pulsatory roentgenS ruled Seed falter~><engender Pseudolatry rule So falterS><Pastor rudely unSort gene><engender So fuel alterS> <Psaltery ruled needS nego falter><ruled out Parts Son gender reflateS><sPlayed rule gene seed falter>deflaterS reneged

L3: <all on a Corporate superstardom><proCreators stormed><truer dates all on a maCrospore report><Procreator treasured storm><Procreators outsmarted><real traderouts><patron Care> Creator /reaCtor storms

L4: <parentS /Serpant vain lies uShered eternal uSe><later enSue perSians uShered in vast> <Spies variants><in alertneSS he rued savant><Superlativeness leanS><via Superessential thundererS><adulterS enSue><uneaSe lies><perSias><unravished> <vanish>

1: superlativeness, super-essential, super-stardom, pseudolatry, procreators, macrospore, pulsatory, thunderers, vanish, reactor /creator,
2: unravished, corporate, comparers, psaltery, variants, ushered, savant, plays,
3: outsmarted, traderoutes, deflaters, Rontgens, engenders, impulse, reflates, players, falters,
4: adulterers, splayed, rudely, vista,
5: Roentgens, stormed,
6: treasured, Alterf / falter,
7: engender, deleters, roasted,
8: servant, storms, Lenaeus, treble, prays, unease, spies, xvi,
9: alertness, crater / tracer,
10: -,
11: fall, flat,
12: Atropus / pastor, vast, verb,
13: louu, unsort,
14: resented, impels / simple, ill-use, Aperto, visa,
15: Persians, Europa, pays,
16: -,
17: eternal,
18: steered,
19: Persias / praises / Serapis,
20: operant, stout,
21: reneged, louuer,
22: porter / report, 
23: crops, apron.

pseudolatry, procreators, macrospore, super-essential, creator, superlativeness, vanish, corporate, savant, outsmarted, players, engenders, super-stardom, impulse, variants, unravished, adulterers, rudely, treasured, servant, alertness, pastor, spies, ushered, unease, Persians, stormed, vast, ill-use, resented, Europa, pays, Persias, eternal, crops, report. 



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