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Nostradamus C4 Q14: Melting glaciers and celestial signs at the birth of a cloned religious leader
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Calamity verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe tone of this verse suggest the beginning of a new era in which a very young person is accepted as its leader. That person goes on to become a major figure in a world riven by war and vast changes. All this fits to the substance of the tales in the verses based on anagrams for agennos etc. One of the anagrams for agennos appears in the first line where it is adjacent to equally telling anagrams for mortal tributes.

Verses C10 Q65, C8 Q99 and this verse obviously relate to  the same story. In the first line of text in C10 Q65 we have ' O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches' while in the second line of C8 Q99 it says 'the sacred seat put in another place' and critically they agree on what it is that is ruined.  The second line of C10 Q65 says ' not of the walls, of thy blood and substance' and the last two lines of C8 Q99 specify 'substance of body and spirit restored and received as the true seat'. The connection with the current verse C4 Q14 is via its religious anagrams with the reference to Gethsemanic and adjacent anagrams for agennos mortals being the most potent. I chose to pair C10 Q65 and C4 Q14 because in addition the Jesus story line they share in their anagrams relates to its earliest days.

There are eight verses with an anagram of Agennos and this is one of them. These verses form a remarkable set with a strong link to Christs mortal / immortal status and his family connection to God all of which is in keeping with agennos (begotten without a father). All eight of the agennos anagram verses can be accessed through agennos quatrains

Nostradamus' verse C4 Q14 agennos origins in Gethsemane eventsWithin the anagrams of this verse the ones for Gethsemanic (change et mis) sublimator (La mort ſubit), robust (ort ſub), meetings (nge et mis), and misevent (e et mis vn) are either singular with no other occurrences or have a maximum of two. Together with the adjacent anagrams for mortal agennos (La mort - ſonnage) they weave a tale consistent with the story of Jesus and his disciples at the Garden of Gethsemane.

This verses text can then be seen as a precise of the papal line passing from the death of Jesus up to modern times. It can also be considered as further commentary on Nostradamus' acrimonious debates over these issues with Jules Scaliger of Agen (See Jules of Agen for more).


The sudden death of the first personage
Will have caused a change and put another in the soverignty
Soon, late come so high and of low age,
So by land and sea it will be necessary to fear him
La mort ſubite du premier perſonnage
Aura change et mis vn autre au regne
Tost tard venu a ſi haut et bas aage
Que terre et mer faudra que on le craigne
L1: <Subedit Mortal agennoS><agennoS reputed empire SubliMator><robuSt Male agen norSe empire><tributeS agen (where Jules Scaliger lived) Moral perSon pure rime> <~agen perSon debit uS re impure mortal~>

L2: <gethsemanic uuater genre Aura><argue v(5) meetings nature><v(5) times nature gene> <urea gene change times Aura> <a true misevent><Augen anarch uuarantee>

L3: <verdant uSa habituate saga><To start beast age><transudative (has extravascular fluid with low protein content) seagoaT (Capricornus) beast><age abates To unraviShed star>

L4: <re-eQuating clone><clearing Queen><one glacier Queen marqeteer-fraud><lone grecian marqet-fraud><on generical fraud meter quared>
1: transudative, Gethsemanic, marqet-fraud, sublimator, re-equating, habituate, Seagoat,
2: unravished, generical, clearing, meetings,
3: uuarrantee, tributes, misevent, Caroline, unsaved, Grecian /racing,
4: glacier, burst,
5: robust, norns,
6: verdant, impure /umpire, abates, saga,
7: reputed,
8: subedit, agennos, debit, Ruach,
9: mortals,
10: anarch, Verdun,
11: -
12: vaunt / uvant, frame,
13: premieres,
14: morale, uuater, start, bust,
15: vnder, Vrda,
16: algae,
17: -
18: uranate, moral, fraud,
19: reargue,
20: respire, beat / beta,
21: Pierre, Queen, Shia, vans,
22: mortal, beats / beast,
23: -

Gethsemanic, sublimator, frame, marqet-fraud, re-equating, unravished, transudative, meetings, Seagoat, habituate, generical, tributes, clearing, misevent, Norns, warrantee, robust, saga, glacier, water, burst, mortals, debit, reputed, agennos, anarch, start, Urda (Norn), fraud, under, Shia, Queen, Pierre, mortal, beast.



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