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Nostradamus C4 Q09: Jesus clone flees his homeland while his offspring take refuge in Switzerland.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 09  the d'Estree bloodline is dicovered to bear Iesus DNA and the family members have to flee to safey in Switzerland Inevitably there will come a time when those driven by ideology will use modern science to fulfill long-held aspirations of the return of Christ. This verse provides the details of the setting, the lineage and events relevant to the time when the cloned Jesus comes of age. The lineage is based on the line of Henry IV through his mistress Gabrielle d' Estrees. Their descendents form gene-queues which show up in family names such as Anjou, Beaufort and Hautpul which can be found as anagrams in other verses on this theme. At the time of the new Jesus releasement from arrest  the overhead sun shows unusual zonal signs of a triple sun in a manner called parhelia and his children rebase their camp in Chessel at the end of Lake Leman, Switzerland.

The anagrams that provide the framework for undertsanding this verse include:

1. Camp UUilliaem preseals fleeched feud  deal pleasured Chessel
2. Fleeched Aschere era (Dog Star)  bless vncodes Iesus cauxes
3. d'Estrees role Demeters releasement new-gene-queue
4. You reassess Parhelia (Dog Suns) polarize Yesus zonal arrests
# d'Estrees: favourite mistress of Henry IV whose first son by him founded the House of Bourbon-Vendome and held the titles Of Duc d'Vendome and Duc d' Beaufort.
Chessel: municipality at the eastern end of Lake Leman in Switzerland.
# parhelia: also called Dog Suns: phenomena giving the appearance of false suns in the form of two bright regions on either side of the sun's atmospheric corona.
fleeches: act of cajoling or coaxing.
Demeter: Goddess of the harvest presiding over the grain and fertility of the earth.
Aschere: Alternate name for Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the sky.

All eight of the agennos anagram verses can be accessed through agennos quatrains

The chief of the army in the middle of the crowd
Will be wounded by an arrow shot in the thighs,
When Geneva in tears and distress
Will be betrayed by Lausanne and the Swiss.
Le chef du cam pau milieu de la preſſe
D'vn coup de fleche ſera bleſſe aux cuiſſes
Lors que Geneue en l'armes et detreſſe
Sera trahie par Lozan et Souyſſes.
L1: <uuiliem plead duc fLeech a LeSSer SeerS map><uuiliem preSS a camp feud deal><cheerLeSS camp feud leap due lie><fLeeched deuil relapSeS><pleaSured fLeecheS>

L2: <barleSS fleecheS pounced><iSSues cauxe leSS breacheS fleed><dupe vncoDes barleSS fleeches cauxe><cauxe bleSS aSchere>< aSchere bleSS cauxe ieSuS / iSSue feel>

L3: <~Gene-queues roLeS deterS releasement~>< learn deStreeS meets Gene-queues role><demeters roLeS Gen-queues reSt><or Lesser realm tested Gene-queues><euGene meets leaner roleS deSert><treeS mastered Gene-queues roLes>deSSert

L4: < yeSus atoneS parhelia(false sun) arreSt><you reaSSeSs zonal aphrite (cloudy form of calcite) Set> poLarize raSSertS
1: named-letters, gene-queues, aphrite, polarize, cheerless, reasserts, 
2: breaches, pounced, vncodes, zonal,
3: releasement, parhelia,
4: retested, peerless, Demeters, issues,
5: harelip, reassess, auxeses, cauxes, Eugene,
6: fleeches, Chessel, leeches,
7: UUiliaem, d'Estrees (2x), Yesus,
8: arrests, clef,
9: UUiliem, Aschere,
10: deserts,
11: - 
12: parole, detest,
13: fleeched, cheers,
14: pleasured, paled,
15: reassert, rebase,
16: -
17: camp, Iesus, issue, fled,
18: losers, vends, fleed,
19: -
20: cauxe, you,
21: -
22: bless,
23: -
aphrite, polarize, zonal, parhelia, reasserts, breaches, Aschere, pounced, uncodes, releasement, retested, peerless, Demeters, issues, harelip, clef, reassess, auxeses, causes, Eugene, fleeches, Wiliaem, d'Estrees, Chessel, arrests, Yesus, reaches, dessert, Arieh, parole, detest, pleasured, cheers, reassert, rebase, camp, Iesus, issue, fled, losers, fleed, Chesel, cauxe, you, bless, gene-queues.



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