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Nostradamus C04 Q01: Ability to raise the dead emerges from modern cloning practices
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Calamity verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThis verse contains anagrams for the recurring theme of begotten/ not begotten and shows the personal interest Nostradamus had in this topic. It alludes to its importance in the lead up to a war which is inspired by gene experiments of our time. The extent of Nostradamus interest is expressed in a series of anagrams in the second line which state our secret rests, on even enquiries , Viennes' stored source requites.

This verse is another cornerstone for the tales surrounding the status of Christ as begotten or not via God or a mortal father.

Nostradamus Prophecies' verse C4 Q01 raising the deadIt begins a trail that evolves from anarchy to orthodoxy versus heresy during the 4th century in the Christian era. From there it follows a path through the vision of those who continued to believe Christ left a bloodline. It peaks in the near future as zealots mask their anti-science views and adopt modern genetic technology to resurrect a being conceived using DNA they  believe embodies the mortal attributes of Christ.

The cipher that guides the major story line from this point on is the Greek term agennos (unbegotten).

The cornerstone nature of two verses each of which contains an anagram of agennos is the main reason I pair C4 Q01 with C3 Q59.

All eight of the agennos anagram verses can be accessed through agennos quatrains

DATA section

That from the remainder of unshed blood:
Venice demands that relief be given:
After having waited a very long time,
City delivered up at first sound of the horn.
Cela du reſte de ſang non eſpandu
Veniſe quiert secours eſtre donne
Apres auoir bien long teps attedu
Cite liuree au premier cornet sone.
L1: <and agennoS / gennoS penS Steered dual Cue><adure (burn up) nag oneS SteedS unplaCed)><deterS unSpaCed dual agennoS>

L2: <eVen our enquirieS reSets sect><Vienne querieS Sets our secret><~eVen requiSite sources reSted on~><source reSted on queriSt enVieS><VienneS Stored source requites><Surest redo esoteric equineS><VienneSe sureSt coquetries (flirtations)><deterS requiSite sources><none deterS / deSerts requiSite course>

L3: <~i arouse lone gent updAte past rib~><a long step><~duet reAp past saiour bi lone gent~><berlin get on past duet>persuAde state

L4: <preuuar crime eleCtions / seleCtion><seCtion / notiCes><prime cornerstone><~Cite a cornerstone relieue impure / umpire~>
1: our secret rests, on even enquiries, Viennes stored source requites,
2: cornerstone, requisite, unplaced, enquiries, spanned, Berlin, 
3: coquetries, unclasped, unspaced, crauuled, update, stated,
4: Viennese, crime,
5: elections / selection, consorter, adulters, esoteric,
6: querist, impure /umpire,
7: tierceron, election, corner, equines, brine,
8: requites, agennos, elicit,
9: consentor, oiseau,
10: quieter / requite, dessert / deserts,
11: gennos, steeds,
12: Claude,
13: notices / section, Eastend, surest,
14: online, Vienne,
15: queries, entones, sauior,
16: -,
17: -,
18: Delarue, steered, ,
19: -,
20: sources, sector,
21: -,
22: -,
23: reuile, reliue.
our secret rests, on even enquiries, Viennes stored source requites, requisite, cornerstone, spanned, Berlin, crime, online, update, stated, Viennese, esoteric, adulters, coquetries, unplaced, impure, consorter, steeds, selection, requites, equines, agennos, Claude, notices, surest, sources, saviour, relive.


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