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Nostradamus C3 Q73: Europe's religious leaders initiate a quarantine to prevent genetic cloning.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q73 A cripple gains the realm before a near bastard rival and during the period that follows his recoverery is halted by an ill ness that almost destroys the realm.There are two verses that carry anagrams for quarantined and neither arises out of an obvious French phrasing nor do they use the same ordering of letters in the original text. The verse below has some highly complex anagrams that sit alongside that of quarantined and they make sequences that deliver meaning to both the text and each other.

Quains qu'il gueriſſe ſon faict ſera b ien tard.

The story in both C3 Q73 and C6 Q26 is one of fabricating the need for a quarantine in order to avoid making moral decisions at a time of war and pending flood.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Quixote DNA uuaqes Englanders generals ape gene ruined deliberation 
2. It compared poem true uuar echo reproach beast broadcast
3. Yet Yule let gentler environed sift for rorting region religiousness
4. Quins quarantined guile Son rises scatterbrained faction fabricates session
When the cripple will attain to the realm,
For his competitor he has a near bastard:
He and the realm become so very mangy
That before he recovers, it will be too late.
Quand dans le regne paruiendra le boiteux
Competiteur aura proche baſtard
Luy et le regne viendront ſi fort roigneux
Quains qu'il gueriſſe ſon faict ſera bien tard.
  1. <englanders / greenlands ruined ape> <panurge deliberation><and Quietux ruined boreal lands><englanders ebola driuen rape> <pre-enlarges ruined>unrepaired ireland generals / enlarges Quixote bandoleer bandolier
  2.  <broadcaSt uuar reproach><it Compared true beAst aura><it Compared true batcheS uproar> uuater uuaiter abateS broacheS
  3. <yet reel iS nondivergent Lux><fort revenge region / ignore renditionS> vigenere environed evening veering
  4. <fabricates Quarantined religiouSneS><~SeSSion fabricateS uglier quins Quarantined~> < Quinqua's (50 yr old's) Scatterbrained Son guile riSes><Serbia Quarantined factions riSeS><uglier quins Quadrant Session fabricateS >


  1. 1: Quixote, bandoleer, fabricates, deliberation, religiousness, compared, batches, broadcast, broaches, non-divergent, scatterbrained , quinqua's
  2. 2: bandolier, renditions, quadrant, quarantined
  3. 3: Vigenere, factions
  4. 4: pre-enlarges, evening, revenge, veering, session
  5. 5: Englanders / Greenlands
  6. 6: reproach, abates
  7. 7: panurge
  8. 8: boreal
  9. 9: environed, quins
  10. -
  11. unrepaired
  12. uglier
  13. -
  14. uuater (uu=w)
  15. -
  16. -
  17. Serbia
  18. -
  19. enlarges, guile
  20. -

scattebrained, Quixotic, bandolier, deliberation, fabricates, religiousness, broadcast, reproach, quarantined, quinqua, factions, compared, Englanders, Greenlands, environed, session, revenge, boreal, quadrant, Serbia, guile, enlarges, unrepaired, water.


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