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Nostradamus C3 Q60: A Turkish wife is slain by her husband when she questions his fidelity.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q60 Throughout Asia's great lands the peoples seek absolution for every felonyThe tale of this Prophecy draws on the Greek myth of Procris ( roſcrip) and Cephalus with the latter being the young black one filled with felony mentioned in the last line while the blood shed in the third line is that of Procris as she seeks to prove his innocence. The future story therefore involves a question of fidelity felt by a wife before being slain by her husband while seeking for the answer to his behaviour. Throughout the Prophecies there are a great number of references in the text and anagrams to Greek mythology and there are also a disproportionate number of medical terms for conditions, symptoms, medications and treatments. Given Nostradamus' known interest in these fields the frequency of these terms give another reason to believe the anagrams are not the product of chance alone. The Greek myths are used by him to transfer a story in compact form from a known tale to one that a future event will mirror while he uses medical markers to clearly identify the people in his stories.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

1. East readings danger Procris appoint patron isotropic route
2. Lymphemia seem enemy epistyle map lies
3. Engravers labours reap Arab nations solutions
4. June reunion implorer ply feed Leonine Undine

# lymphemia: presence of an unusually large number of the small white cells called lymphocytes in the blood.
Procris: in Greek mythology wife of Cephalus who kills her in a hunting accident when she follows him to see if he is unfaithful.
Aegis: ancient Greek protective shield often made of hide on which there is a Gorgons head.
epistyle: in classical architecture the frame over a door which is often engraved.
Throughout all Asia great proscription,
Even in Mysia, Lycia and Pamphilia.
Blood will be shed because of the absolution
Of a young black one filled with felony.
Par toute Aſie grande proſcription
Meſme en Myſie Lyſie et Pamphylie
Sang verſera par abſolution
D'vn jeune noir remply de felonnie.
L1: <cropS regained out eAst> <Spore readingS eAt our><Script ponder ion Part><iSotropic (all directions) reSpreading><rip into Part corpSe drAinageS><aPpoint procriS tour eASt danger><Patron Script out io SeA reading>

L2: <yeMen / eneMy LieS><ePiStyLe map><men haPpily-Meet memeS><lymphemia SeeM Men ePiStyLe>

L3: <~arab rap nervegaS / avengerS SolutionS~><nationS labourS vergeS><engraverS Son parabolaS<Sang verSe into arab Soul> <~So rap vergeS arab lunationS~>

L4: <leonine implorer defy><june vnDine (water spirit) floe> <june reunion felon Dine>
1: proscription, lymphemia, isotropic, solution(s), Procris,
2: respreading, proscript, lunations, implorer, epistyle, appoint, labours,
3: avengers / engraves / nervegas, vergers,
4: labors, verges, enemy, Yemen,
5: engravers, defy, ply,
6: script, felon, Arabs,
7: regained, Leonine,
8: drainages, crisp, lobs,
9: reunion, ponder,
10: ponders / respond, anions,
11: graven,
12: nations,
13: -
14: online, rimer,
15: -
16: -
17: aegis,
18: fleed,
19: -
20: -
21: June,
22: -
23: crops, apron, floe.

isotropic, proscription, lymphemia, solutions, Procris, implorer, appoint, vergers, respreading, epistyle, lunations, Yemen, engravers, labours, defy, script, Arabs, felon, fleed, Leonine, reunion, nations, regained, aegis, ponders, June, crops, drainages.



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