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Nostradamus C3 Q39: An Islamic tempest in Italy corrupts the means of reproduction.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q39 After 3 months seven in agreement to subjugate the Apennine Alps and destroy the LiguriansThe anagrams of this verse tells us that the melody / melismata (Mais la tem) in verses about the life of Christ provide templates for a Islam tempest (Mais l - a - tempeſt) that will strike mankind in this century. As in verse C3 Q33 there are indicators that the war begins through the use of uglier / gluier (Ligure) metals aimed (de Mai - s la tem) so as to affect the meiosis (is mois e) stage of breeding.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Less steps monitors meiosis emission once portent concern coder
2. Prouuess beuuig pleasured apes nine opens pension
3. Ecuador Islam templates uglier metals Etampes maladies
4.Tiberius unresistible subentries for gentile tribes urines profiles

# Tiberius: Roman Emperor 14AD to 47AD- one of Rome's greatest generals.
# Meiosis: a special type of cell division (into four parts) that reduces the number of chromosmes by half in the end cells but retains the original chromosome content  in the total of the parts.
The seven in three months in agreement
To subjugate the Apennine Alps
But the tempest and cowardly Ligurian,
Destroys them in sudden ruins.
Les ſept en trois mois en concorde
Pour subiuguer des Alpes Apennines
Mais la tempeſte et Ligure couarde
Les profligent en ſubites ruines.
L1: <oLder portent Sees emission><monitors eLder peStes conines (a volatile, highly poisonous alkaloid in hemlock)><rotten emission><coder prtent Sleeps>

L2: <nine Appeals oPens reused Prouuess><pleAsured Apes / Apse><oPens peneplAins><Pennines AppeAls reused brouus uuig><Apeps leAders><Prouuess urged bi nine lApses>

L3: <eLite templateS adMires urge><ecuador Maladies guiLt met peSte><peSte metal ecuador ugLier aiMs><ecuador tame islaM peSte><islam urge eLite tempeSt>

L4: <tuneS unresistibLe profiles> <tiberius (Rom Emp 14-37CE) Lessen gentile Sun><buSiest insure for sLeeps tingle><profiles ur buSiest Lines><Sun profiles unresistibLe><sunrise bite entuneS><unSent tribes><ten Subentries><fleeting Sun bites ur Lines>
1: unresistible, peneplains, melismata, templates, Tiberius, guilt,
2: subentries, monitors, emission, maladies, pension, misread / admires,
3: mislead, meiosis, gilt,
4: profiles, gentile,
5: prouuess, Ecuador, colder,
6: reunites, appeals,
7: septimal, amplest, portent, tempest, elapsed / pleased, sunrise, apples,
8: presealed,
9: conines,
10: busiest,
11: tribes, ruins,
12: uglier, metals, Apeps,
13: aimed / Midea,
14: pleasured, monies, simeon, admire, settle, rouus,
15: bites, foil,
16: -
17: elapses / pleases,
18: -
19: elapse, please,
20: Islam,
21: alias, greuu,
22: lessen,
23: -.

Tiberius, guilt, unresistible, melismata, templates, subentries, monitors, meiosis, maladies, Manzil, admires, gentile, pension, profiles, Ecuador, prowess, colder, emission, reunites, portent, appeals, sunrise, tempest, elapsed, ruins, busiest, tribes, uglier, metals, aimed, pleasured, monies, settle, rows, lessen, foil, Islam, grew.



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