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Nostradamus C2 Q99: The dreaming method that links past to future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies C2 Q99 Roman lands become like those of the omens and register the fear of their gallic and Celtic neighbours. Relates to war around Italies easterm neighbours and a satanic gangster called GoeringThe story-line in the anagrams is essential for understanding this verse. These tell us that Nostradamus dream state brought him medical knowledge when he concentrated on the basic things that a Sumerian notices ( re Mais na -tion Ce) especially that for the goddess of astral light, Anaitis ( ais nati). 

At the same time he gained knowledge of the future events affecting that region, especially the critical pollution of petrols ( ſe trop l) by actinon ( nation C) at its oil seaports ( aſſe trop - loi) . There is also a confirmation that the looping ( op loing) or turning of the Polestars ( aſſe trop l) is the period when the greatest change begins. This mesage of the turning Polestars is also contained in the last two lines of text where the fleet is the Polestars and the hour the Celts will come to fear is the time when each star reaches its most northerly point. Polaris, the current star will reach this point in the year 2105CE.

The second line of this verse contains a composite anagram for Gargantua and Pantagruel (Par agent Gaul) the name of a novel by Rabelais that has relevance in the previous verse (C2 Q98) as a symbol for those who follow blindly. This together with the the word augur appearing in both gives good reason for believing two verses are part of the same thread.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Moira inquirent report inquinate rioter augur
2. Pole-stars pageanteer repays oil seaports percentage
3. Anticeremonialist quiet animations acquire Sumerian Anaitis  octennial herald
4.  Oracles espouse pooling petrols aerobe scales

# Anaitis: Chaldean goddess whose worship was widespread over large portions of the Near East- 'mother of astral light'.
aconitine: a poisonous alkaloid from aconite once used as a cardiac sedative.
# aminoquin: an antimalarial medicinal compound.
actinon: a radioactive isotope of radon formed from actinium decay.
Roman land as the omen interpreted
Vexed too much by the Gallic people
But the Celtic nation will fear the hour,
The fleet pushed too far by the north wind
Terroir Romain qu'interpretoit augure
Par agent Gauloyse par trop ſera vexee
Mais nation Celtique craindra l'heure
Boreas claſſe trop loing auoir pouſſee.
L1: <patrioteer greuu roTe quintain (5 lne vrs)><it augur inquinate (obscene) report><Roma quin printer / interpret><main quin>moira inquirent aminoquin uuager

L2: <PaGaenteer vex era rapportS><reportS aver lousy ape ex-parentage> <~proSe averx yes part language-operate~><averSe port repays>

L3: <antiCereMonialist acquire><let arMies acquire aCtinon (radioactive isotope of radon)><acquire suMerian herald in aCtion><ur herald race quit in Clone><anaitis herald Clone quit in race><iran rue herald aniMations><~hardline Celt rue acquire nations aiM~><quite oCtennial aims>onCe cirque sanCtion / Contains Marines staMina asian radian

L4: <oracles SeaportS /poleStars uSeS Be><eSpouSe oil port ScaleS roB sea><oil port clears SeaS><clears petrolS as oBeSe><oil port uSeS aeroBes (O2.using bacteria) Scales>coarse looping
1: anticeremonialist, language-operate, Pantagruel-age, preterition, animations, aminoquin, patrioteer, inquirent, albacores, pageanteer, rapports, Anaitis, aerobe,
2: aconitines, octennial, Polestars, looping, parentage, hardline, Quentin, herald,
3: -
4: actinon, obese, espy,
5: contains / sanction, Quintin, Sumerian, stamina, 
6: interpret, rapport, 
7: seaports, classes, lousy, 
8: aconite, acquire, repays, guru,
9: inquinate, quintain, loop / pool,
10: gaunt,
11: action, cirque,
12: nations,
13: petrols, oracles, augur,
14: reports, petrol,
15: printer / reprint, anoint, nation,
16: client, radian, averse, bees,
17: -
18: -
19: marines / remains, espouse,
20: rioter,
21: quilt, greuu,
22: porter / report, uuager,
23: spouse, armor.

patrioteer, pageanteer, rapports, anticeremonialist, language-operate, animations, aminoquin, aerobe, aconite, acquire, aconitines, repays, inquirent, guru, Sumerian, Anaitis, octennial, Polestars, looping, cirque, herald, nations, parentage, seaports, sanction, oracles, inquinate, report, interpret, petrols, pool, contains, actinon, client, lousy, stamina, rioter, grew, averse.


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