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Nostradamus C2 Q77: The child born using black magic arts escapes pursuers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q77 Europes powers are exposes pox like scacars from Uranic elementsThis verse continues the scene from the previous verse (C2 Q76) but here the Cyprianus clue ( ys Par cuni - cule) and the last line of text imply black magic practitioners flee the city with their new-born child. The city is not only besieged by its opponents but is also hit by a lava flow. The time setting for these events is in the era when mutation via exposures ( x repouſſe) to the powers ( ux repou) of uranic ( ar cunic) nuclei ( nicule) causes sickness such as pox ( x po) amongst the populace. This is the only verse to carry an anagram for futures ( teurs fu) and this being adjacent to that for 'Cyrianus clue' helps identify this event as part of the story of a newly evolved species. This theme can be found in expanded forms in many of the nearby verses.


The anagrams supporting these concepts include:

1. Europes pouuers espouses exposures superposes surface pox scar pexpiator refuse
2. Churlis rule altruisms elements you in crisis unit
3. Parca's implanters caresses deadness sonants imparts  reprisals
4. Cyprianus uranic nuclei clues prays less trades in futures
# Parca: One of the three Roman goddesses of fate whose responsibility was for the oversight of birth as the baby separated from its mother.
Cyprianus: a name given in Danish tradition to any collection of black magic spells used in folklore.
Hurled back through bows, fires, pitch and by fire
Cries and shouts heard in the middle of the night
Within they are placed on the broken ramparts,
The traitors fled by the underground passages.
Par arcs feux poix et par feux repouſſes
Cris hurlements ſur la minuit ouys
Dedans ſont mis parles rampars caſſez
Par cunicules les traditeurs fuys
L1: <pouuerx fear PaSSes><pox Spares surface><sPar surface expoSureS><SuPpoSes expiator (one who atones) refuxe uxe><suPerpoSe part fuxe>eSpouses exit

L2: <alumni Curiosity hurls unreSts><altruiSms rule men><Surmisal unit you aim><Slurs minutia>Cyrus Sunset

L3: <saDdenS ptomains><reprisals map arcs aS zeDs><Sons caSeS Dazed ramps paler mints><~Sons Dazedness imparts arles map scar~><Sons slipstream><Sportmanliness arms Dead><parma arcs DazedneSS> realms

L4: <~triad sPy futures a less runic clue~> <Puys (volcanic domes in France) surfeit trades><~cyPrianus triad less futures clue><tide alters cu (copper) nucleis><tirades Prays sell futures>
1: Cyprianus, sportmanliness, superposes, altruisms, expiator, dazedness, reprisals, surmisal, supposes, futures, Cyrus,
2: slipstream, ptomains, surface, stuns,
3: implanters, exposures, attired, surfeit, nuclei, Caspar /Parca's,
4: imparts, unrests, refuxe, hurl,
5: pouuerx,
6: uranic, dazed,
7: espouses,
8: sunset, prays, mural, scars,
9: incur / runic,
10: spiral,
11: sampler, alumni, Puys,
12: scry,
13: exit,
14: cases,
15: pays, furs,
16: -
17: saddens, triads, Parma,
18: diuerts, ramps, triad, pox,
19: espouse, tirade,
20: astride / tirades, you,
21: -
22: passes, 
23: spouse.

Cyprianus, expiator, superposes, altruisms, reprisals, surmisal, supposes, futures, slipstream, ptomains, surface, stuns, implanters, nuclei, exposures, Parca's, imparts, unrests, refuse, hurl, uranic, powers, dazed, triads, espouses, prays, sunset, runic, spiral, Puys, alumni, exit, cases, saddens, Parma, pox, espouse, you, incur, surfeit, scars.


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