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Nostradamus C2 Q75: The manner in which historical religious division rises to disturb our present times.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q45 Valois royaline connected to Jesus Essenian events via d'Alencon lineThis is a strangely religious verse whose text is full of the sound of disaster. It occupies three time periods which are those of Christ, those of his own day and a distant future which is known as the nuclear age. It is a story relevant today because these disasters of religious faith hang over all of us.

The anagrams hold a series of names that relate to this story. There is Jeshua (eau Si h), a name for the Essenic Jesus, Essaoi (oiſſea), a name used by ancient historians for the Essenes that lived in the era of Christ. There is also Shia (Si ha), Mohommed (omme d'hom), Valois (La voix) and d'Alencon (e canon d). The last two names of this set offer the link to the days of Nostradamus for they can be applied to Marguerite d'Navarre, a queen supportive of those with heretical views. Within the anagram sequences several strong threads can be found one of which leads to the conclusion that the vault of Jesus was drained by four men. There is a hint of fraudery linked to the tale but it had some support in the Pyrenees mountains where Nostradamus' family line had its roots.

The anagrams underpinning the understanding of this verse include:

1. You eyed Valois line so isolates seas_value
2. d'Alencon purse regulates Israel reprisal lest nuclear_ages undo Persia ocean_rules
3. Four Essaoi men from  Ieschua's ostensible forum drained his vault
4. Mahommedan-free memo narrate hole area topograph
The call of the unwelcome bird is heard,
On the pipe of the air-vent floor:
So high will the bushel of wheat rise,
That man will be eating his fellow man.
La voix ouye de l'inſolite oſseau
Sur le canon du reſpiral eſtage
Si hault viendra du froment le boiſſeau
Quel homme d'homme fera Antropophage

L1:<you ed vaLoix lineS><So isolateS><ooliteS Seas vaLue> leonidS

L2: <round perSia legateS ruleS><under ocean Persia gateS ruleS><~leSt undo nuclear agS repairS><iSrael regulateS Spurned><Sounder pSalteria><alertS leaguerS><alencon Stages cruel repriSal><alterS perSia clear uSage><d'alencon upriSe> larcenouS nonSecular

L3:<drained from ieShua (Jesus) oStenSible (something said to be) vault><four men drained hiS vault> <verdandi (Norn -fates) forum><eSSaoi (Essene) belt invader unformed><eSSaoi belt fraud omen driven> derivant

L4: <pAtron fear mohemmed><protophage (early bacterial form) Qlue><proton Area> topograph (Regional map) narrate

1: isolates-value, nuclear ages, ostensible, nonsecular, Mehommed, unformed, oolite, Ieshua,
2: topograph, gestural,
3: larcenous, narrate, Essaoi,
4: psalteria, d'Alencon, regulates, reprisal, Valoix, spurned, forum,
5: Alencon, vault,
6: nuclear,
7: Verdandi,
8: Fermont / forment, leaguers, secular, oval,
9: unraided, troop, round,
10: Leonids, spiral, poor, hod,
11: Nogarets, repeaters, Edessan, muster, jut,
12: canon, gates / stage, from / form, arena,
13: molten, toils, ocean,
14: sounder,
15: hole,
16: drained, proton, realist, 
17: argues, lined,
18: fraud,
19: Europes, Renee,
20: repairs, you,
21: derivant, Shia, belt,
22: uuiser,
23: panderer, relose,

ostensible, nonsecular, Mahommed, unformed, Ieshua, topograph, narrate, Essaoi, psalteria, d'Alencon, regulates, Valoix, reprisal, spurned, forum, Alencon, vault, nuclear age, forment, Nogarets, troops, muster, from, Edessan, gates, Europes, fraud, molten, ocean, drained.

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