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Nostradamus C2 Q58: The name of the maiden at the end of man's days.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C2 Q58 Beaufort patroness lines interpolated from tulip mania in AmsterdamThis verse tells the horrific details behind the end days of mankind. In both the text and the anagrams there is a consistent tale of amputation and treason. The first line has a sequence of anagrams stating named in end day. In that same line there are anagrams for Dianne and maiden  while in the next line there is Beaufort so together they may tell us who is named on that last day.

The verse also hold anagrams for teleport and transpose which together are alternate terms for an emerging technology that involves quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement was labeled by Einstein as 'spooky action at a distance.

The anagrams within this verse that will generate the framework for full understanding include:

1. Spains desperations end maiden day transpose guy of forest treasons
2. Beaufort inane paralogy teleported interpolated alien paganry lobe
3. Repudiators detail ideal loyalest patroness purposed reports used
4. Danger integrated in lines treating tulip trading madmen

Silene luit petit grand emmene.
Neither foot nor hand because tooth sharp & strong
Via the crowd to port's fort and the elder born
Near the portal treacherous proceeds,
Moon shining, little great one led off.
Sans pied ne main dend aygue et forte
Par globe au fort de port et laine nay
Pres du portail deſloyal tranſporte
Silene luit petit grand emmene.
L1: <Sapiens named in end Day><Seafront / treaSon name spied in end day><name deSperations><for maiden aptneSs in end day><tranSpose feet guy and maiden need>< gay maiden pains end Set for end><patroneSs dine and fete maiden and guy><spain foreSt><dianne day>forestaSte

L2: <beaufort inane Paralogy [false reasoning] teleported> <any alien reported><interpolated for Paganry><Paganry entail ebola four deport><torpedo rattle>plotter

L3:<rePort Span idealS royalt(y) postured><loyaleSt Proudest ideal ran Sport><patronS Peers><repudiators idealS><proud detailS Preset><Purposed trail /trial><loyaleSt ran tidal sport>

L4: <tulip lineS integrated emm en><madmen Seen><men named lieS><treating tulip><trading emm en><granted pituite (mucus) iS ell-enn-emm>
1: paganry, desperations, teleported, paralogy,
2: interpolated, repudiators, integrated, torpedo, madmen, tulip, aboue,
3: loyalest, Beaufort, forestate, immense,details, treating, pituite,
4: transport, purposed, trading, Eltanin, ebola,
5: proudest / postured, plotter, Spains, Dianne, tidal, depot,
6: seafronts,
7: dilater, sapiens, detail,
8: pseudo, Neiman, latter / rattle,
9: patroness, transpose, dial / laid, guy,
10: alloys,
11: seafront, rating, ratio,
12: -
13: patrons,
14: spans, inane,
15: aptness, 
16: dupes,
17: -
18: alloy / loyal,
19: treasons, pains / Spain, ideal, day,
20: maiden, ideals, spied, spin,
21: deport,
22: forest / softer, porter / report, altar,
23: -.

paganry, desperations, interpolated, telported, madmen, repudiators, integrated, torpedo, above, tulip, loyalest, foretaste, Beaufort, treating, immense, details, purposed, trading, ebola, patroness, postured, Spains, tidal, depot, forest treasons, ideal, day, loyal, maidens, report.


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