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Nostradamus C2 Q41: Evolution of the soul at the heart of the Prophet's code
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Jan 2023

The  Roots / Astronomy Origins verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe  Roots / Astronomy Origins verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesC2 Q41 stands out because of two crucial anagrams for mutations (maſtin tou) and exodus (deux ſo) plus an enigmatic sequence that gives meaning to these two by saying feared souls applies (fera de_ux ſol_eils app).

However other equally rare anagrams give them their context. The lettering at the start of the third line offers several definitive anagrams with astronomists (ros maſtin to) being the most notable and the overlying station (aſtin to) pointing out its relevance.

In the end of the fourth line there are anagrams for genearch (e changer) and generated (ngera de te) both of which provide a creator connection to the Roots v Origin quote in Nostradamus' 1555 Preface as shown above.

So the story line arising from the above show why I chose to include it in the Roots / Astronomy series and why I paired it with C8 Q10.

I began this analysis byNostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q41 Astronomies ordinates Mutations roots pointing out the anagrams for mutations and exodus. The first of these is the linking term consistently used by Nostradamus in verses which detail the effects of the nuclear age.

Through these and other references we see Nostradamus is foretelling a new evolution of the human soul. This involves nuclear fires that cause new life lines to form. Human-kind will then howl in despair and competitive rage as they hunt down these new creations who are taking their place on the top branch of the tree of life and changing the foundations of ancient religion.

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change country.
La grand eſtoille par ſept jours bruſlera
Nuee fera deux ſoleils apparoir
Le gros maſtin toute nuict hurlera
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

Enigma is a constant part of Nostradamus' verse and in this one the puzzle is of a very high order. So much so that we can know that its resolution won't be found by twisting the meaning. And since past events have no clear tie to the visible text we can also know two things, one that its application still lies in the future and secondly that its sense is meant to be metaphorical. The metaphors Nostradamus uses belong to a limited set and the clues to which one any verse belongs is held within the gestalt of its anagrams.

From the context of the text it is apparent this verse is about astronomers and in the anagrams there is one for astronomist which is a strong confirmation of the verses focus. Alongside this anagram is a most unusual word, that of Twichen (e nuict hu), and this is the name of a place in Devon, England that is used by the amateur astronomical society of West London (WOLAS formed in 1967).

  1.  paperS to set to jot ill dangerS><paperS ell ruleS graaL ordinateS><paperS ell aLlures deSignator> Larger Sedation blurS
  2. <a ruNe free exodUs allies><feared soulx applies>
  3. <mutationS unite aL gores ruler><~ tuuitchen (Devon) aStronomist rule grael~><ic(99) real gaStronomist uuent><~luther unite c(100) Larger autonomiSts~>maSonist Station Lutheranic-rule
  4. <Quatrein-order not a chief danger><if each generated><change infect pardon><Genearch (head of family) terror-idea fit pond date>
1: Lutheranic-rule, gastronomist, autonomists,
2: astronomist, designator, Tuuichen (uu=w), sedation, station, fetich, exodus,
3: steep-pillar, mutations, oil-less, Luther,
4: generated, Maoists, appals, soulx, spjte, hurl, Ruth
5: Masonist, applies, terroire, uuent,
6: infect, morass, Oxus,
7: donates, chief,
8: ordinates, Argala,
9: allures,
10: encharge / genearch, Al Gore,
11: gores / ogres, jot,
12: blurs, mass,
13: surreal, toils,
14: allies,
15: -,
16: chafe,
17: pond,
18: rubles, agreed, rulers, 
19: -,
20: rioter, mast, hut,
21: taints, feint, amos, ruler,
22: -,
23: -,

Lutheranic-rule, gastronomist, autonomists, Twichen, astronomist, station, designator, Maoists, exodus, oil-less, sedation, appals, Luther, generated, soulx, mutations, Masonist, applies, morass, infect, Oxus, chief, ordinates, Al Gore, donates, surreal, mass, blurs, allies, pond.



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