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Nostradamus C2 Q26: The grains of modernity emerge from ancient pagan ideas.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies C2 Q26 City on Po River that supports Losing War hero suffers dire, flood and slaghterIn order for Nostradamus to establish that his prophecies were real he had to show that he understood the impacts that corrupted man's mind without throwing out any universal knowledge they incorporated. There are many verses where this occurs and several of them are in this set of one hundred.

In this verse's text Nostradamus continues his themes of war  and uses the anagrams thus formed to expand on the nature of those who blindly follow the ideas of other mortals. Through the anagrams he notes that although many of the ideas from the Middle East he considers pagan he appreciates that it was from these same people that modern understanding of astronomy and the ethics of war began. Thid astronomic theme combined with a commentary on ancient beliefs is a continuation of ideas found in C2 Q23.

The anagrams that provide the above understanding of the verse include:

1. Europe-califate cite equal fear claque free Europa
2. Utopist poets argue quadrangle prostrated map abated ill Baalite guerilla
3. Heptangular pagan hut in the verse Al Sufi pleasuring in Persian-Gulf failures
4. Sensory code use morse 'yes no' update Yesod ill detail

# claqueur: a group of sycophants.
Yesod: the ninth sephirah in the kabbalistic Tree of Life
Baalite: worshipper of Baal - "The Lord, master,  keeper, husband".
Al Sufi (903-986): one of the famous nine Muslim astronomers.
Because of the favor that the city shows
To great one who soon loses the field of battle
Fleeing the Po position, the Ticino will overflow
With blood fires deaths drowned by long-edged blow
Pour la faueur que la cite fera
Au grand qui tost perdra camp de bataille
Fuis le rang Pau Theſin verſera
De ſang feux mors noyes de coup detaille.
L1: <cite equal fear><alfa qreuu uProar><euroPe-califate faqeuuar ><it free alfa-Pouuer claqueur (followers)>euroPa 

L2: <~Argue quit ill map and card repost abated~><and camped predators quit><guerilla camp abated><utopist baalite (follower of Baal) quAdrangle>protest prostrated deports

L3: <al-suFi era><verSe Failures The Sin> <~inverSe Thau SaFer Pleasuring~> <~Thau inverSeS Persian-gulF era><hePTtangular fear iverSeS><Pagan hut Fear inverSeS> Pantagruel nerveS relaPsing israel

L4: <morons uxe fang ill Seed update yes no code><sensory code SealeD up detail><update sensory code><coup detail SealeD>
1: heptangular, Persian-gulf, Pantagruel, claqueur, Utopist, lacquer,
2: quadrangle, pleasuring, prostrated, relapsing, failures, inverses, abated,
3: Baalite, eulalia, camped, doyens, Al Sufi, update,
4: allied, el Sufi / fusile, fangs, damp, abate,
5: guerilla, lunarise, protest, claque, Furisa, pagan,
6: predators, Oryons,
7: sensory, detail, fang,
8: deports, nerves / Nevers,
9: uuafer, Yesod, 
10: post / stop / tops / spot / opts,
11: -
12: poets,
13: opera, alfa,
14: Seth, gap,
15: Europa, Sufi,
16: -
17: camp, dyes,
18: yesno, rvnes,
19: norms,
20: beta / beat, hut,
21: -
22: quid,
23: -.

heptangular, Persian-gulf, Pantagruel, Baalite, claqueur, camped, Utopist, failures, inverses, pleasuring, prostrated, doyens, update, Al Sufi, lunarise, Orions, quadrangle, allied, Yesod, sensory, detail, pagan, guerilla, predators, post, yes no, alfa, runes, poets, protest, fang, gap, Europa, nerves, abated.

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