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Nostradamus C2 Q20: Under pressure from his partner a patron is asked to ban the Qoran.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies C2 Q20 Brothers & sisters captive in diverse places all selected for futrhering hew generationsThe following verse is another of those where Nostradamus gives detail on the sect and its patrons for which his prophecies were written (See  Nostradamus Sect for more). The text has a backward looking element to a time before the prophecies when Francis I and his children were held captive and his sister Marguerite mustered the resources for the King's release. 

The anagrams providing the keys for the understanding of this verse include:

1. If pact refers freer use eruditeness ensures surest rules underlies
2. Roman patroness uurote Qoran routes pressured uurote on past
3. Next measure finezt intent fitz clones pre-enclosement 
Marquess normative salvation variations displeases formentor palisades
Brothers and sisters captive in diverse places
Will find themselves passing near the monarch:
Contemplating them his branches attentive,
Displeasing to see marks on chin f/head & nose.
Freres et ſeurs endiuers lieux captifs
Set rouueront paſſer pres du monarque
Les contempler ſes rameaux ententifz
Des plaiſant voir meton, front, nez, les marques.
  1. <eruditeneSs refeR rules i set uxe cap fits><uuesSternised seer relies><ensured><trueneSs>

  2. <patronS repreSs><requeSt uurote roman used><nost-redamus uurote><patronS preSsured requeSt roman><patroneSS rouu presumed qoran uSe><quran modus repress route uSe>

  3. <if next ten meaSures><templers finezt cLones><precloSement Liftz>

  4. <front ten met no variationS><Displeases marquess for not normative><lesZen><square paliSaDes><Salvation forment><lesZen SesquipeDal (lengthy word) arm><marquess pleads leSzen Saint>

1: preclosement, sesquipedal, variations, salvation, eruditeness, pressured, Marquess, rudeness, finezt,
2: speculatrix, Quran modus, normative, palisades, liftz, stiff, marqs, 
3: displeases, reinsured, leszen,
4: romanesque, displease, Neuuport, trueness, foment,
5: formentor, unresisted, Rosamund, underlies, rouuone, fitz,
6: squared, insured, intent, el-Zif, lifez,
7: spurred, marq,
8: forment / Fermont, reuurote, request, endures / ensured, ensures,
9: patroness, transpose,
10: -
11: prepress,
12: parole,
13: patrons, marque, surest, often, next,
14: -
15: aptness,
16: rinsed,
17: amuxe,
18: portune, quaeres, ouuner, speeds,
19: -
20: operant, mound, cauxe,
21: feint, alias,
22: Quoran, Qoran,
23: Asia,

Preclosement, salvation, eruditeness, displeases, Marquess, rudeness, pressured, normative, variations, Romanesque, patrons, finest, aptness, speculatrix, lifts, palisades, displeases, formentor, often, parole, empties, abuse, patroness, transpose, next, request, repress, feint, Asia, Qoran, owner, portune, alias.




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