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Nostradamus C2 Q5: As the trumpet sounds for the final war a submarine commander opens his orders.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The significance of this verse is that the sinister tone in the text becomes even worse in the anagrams for it incorporates several key symbols for the End-of-Days when chaos descends. The anagrams are Nostradamus means of trumpeting the arrival of the dire war that takes away man's control over this world.

The anagrams found in this verse that provide the elements for building its full meaning include:

Queen spanned poisons passion forsesent professions letter enter freemen referent referment
Qu'en dans poiſſon fer et lettre enfermee

horses riots Iraq quip failures fires Israfel furies purifies regular graal
Hors ſortira qui puis fera la guerre

remap Parma scalar bases by marine arm rename aura
Aura par mer ſa claſſe bien ramee

arsonist pretends delineates interrelated details eternalised Apep appear
Apparoissant pres de Latine terre'
# Israfel (aka Israfil): meaning The Burning One, the archangel of the trumpet for the End-of Days in Islam. Islamic equivalent of Raphael and Uriel.
# Aapep: the ancient Egyptian deity who embodied chaos.
That which is enclosed in iron and letter in a fish
Out will go one who will then make war,
He will have his fleet well rowed by sea,
Appearing near Latin land.
Qu'en dans poiſſon, fer et lettre enfermee
Hors ſortira qui puis fera la guerre
Aura par mer ſa claſſe bien ramee
Apparoissant pres de Latine terre'
L1: <~and Queen freeemen profeSSions teeter~><letter referment><Queme (to satisfy) letter referment paSsion forSeen><Queen foreSent freemen letter>

L2: <iraq Sort regular Gorse / sHore fears><argue quip Hero failures><purifies a regular Horse / sHore><alfares (Pegasus) reurge><sufi era regular HorSe iraq Sort><israfel (Doomsday angel trumpet blower) reurge>

L3: <~prearm aS bi Scales aura rename~><recalmS bASeS remain / marine>

L4: <parent Appear interreLated><Appear enter arsonist details><it prepAre saints ten Leaders>< pAper enter parentS details> eternaLised deLineates entire dateLine pretends Aapep reAppear
1: professions, interrelated, delineates, purifies,
2: referment, spanned, failures, reappear, 
3: details, referent, freemen,
4: eternalised, dateline, Israfel, prepare, horses / shores,
5: Iraq,
6: -
7: pretends, passion, detail, scalar, queme, brine,
8: furies, sorts,
9: salted, falser,
10: -
11: foresent, bases,
12: poisons, creams / scream,
13: forseen,
14: prearms,
15: arsonist, Aapep, Sufi,
16: rearms,
17: Parma, oasis,
18: -
19: reargue, aflare / Rafael, rename, teeter,
20: fires,
21: Erbian, queen,
22: -
23: -.

interrelated, professions, delineates, failures, purifies, referment, details, spanned, Israfel, dateline, eternalised, freemen, horses, reappear, referent, Iraq, pretends, passion, queme, furies, foresent, bases, arsonist, prepare, poisons, falser, creams, Parma, prearms, Sufi, oasis, reargue, Aapep, fires, aflare, queen, teeter.



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