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Nostradamus C01 Q45: Midsummers Nights Dream Anne Boleyn and Queen Bette.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has a quite unexpected theme about events in our history and Nostradamus' future since it definitively covers Queen Elizabeth I's intervention in the presentation of Shakespeare' Midsummer's Nights Dream. It raises the prospect that a member of the troupe of actors incorporated views from a messianic sect. Although this can be read directly from the text the unequivocal definition is in the anagrams.

These issues are presented in detail in several of my papers such as Nostradamus on Sects and Anne Boleyn. Below I have included an extract from these showing the intertwining of the specifics of that play.  

Anagrams that give these ideas coherence include:

secret sect reduces grandest dangers spreading pandering adulate secure creeds
Secteur de Sectes grand peine au delateur

Quince equine Queen Bette jewels threatened seers tenet be the earth redress then arrested lesser Jesu
Bette en theatre dreSSe le jeu Scenique

Lily entune dwarf Titanic Queen Bolyn fanatic equine billy [William Shakespeare] unfeatured antic
Du faict antique ennobly l'inuenteur

coencodements confused omens schematist equip a secret - Parque sect demons confutes chemists ethics
Par Sectes monde confus et SchiSmatique.

C1 Q45

A founder of sects, much trouble for the accuser:
A beast in the theatre prepares the scene and plot
The author ennobled by acts of older times;

the world is confused by schismatic sects.

Secteur de Sectes grand peine au delateur
Bette en theatre dreSSe le jeu Scenique
Du faict antique ennobly l'inuenteur

Par Sectes monde confus et SchiSmatique.


The second and third lines of the above verse hold the clues that this refers to Midsummer' Nights Dream. This particular play of Shakespeare was first presented in the Theatre in Shoreditch in 1596CE (1597 was the year that the Globe was built and first used by Shakespeare). A most memorable part of the play is when the character Bottom is transformed into a beast with a donkey's head. The play also contains an internal play to be put on by Quince, Bottom and co. This internal play is presented as being authored by the leader of the troupe, Peter Quince, who draws his tale from a story of love and death in the olden-time classic, Pyramus and Thisbe. All of this fits to what we can read in this verse. But in addition there is the peculiar sound of the second line's Bette in the theatre since it resonates as Elizabeth in the theatre or in the Theatre in Elizabethan times. Of course my conclusion had other material on which I could draw besides the foregoing visible elements of this particular verse.

The quatrain is full of anagrams that apply to Shakespeare's play. The name of the author of the olden-time play, Quince, is found in the second line as ceniqu. There is dwarf (as duuarf) in the third line and Puck, another major character in Shakespeare's play, is referred to as a dwarf in the play when Lysander says 'Get you gone you dwarf'.The third line also contains Queen Bol'yn (que en - nobly) tying the verse to the monarch Elizabeth via her mother and this is the only place where such an anagram can be found. This line may add more and say Queen Boleyn invent dwarf.  It is also possible that the words faict antique ennobly in the third line were, as shown in many versions, originally written as fait antique ennobly from which we would then have Queen Titania (aitanti queen) , the name of the Fairy Queen in Shakespeare's play.

Anagram sequences in French text.

1.<pandering Sect rescue / secure true seed> <reduceS / Secured / rescueD grandest Secret><adulate><Sect spreading> <creedS>
2.<queen-Bette><Bette threatened SeerS><elSe quince then be jeSu arrested><equine cueS Bette tenderheart>
3.<Duuarf antic entuuine queen Bolyn><quite fanatic> <ennoble Duuarf quittance><titanic equine unfeatureD>
4. <SchematiSt confused omens a secret equiP><SchematiSt fuse Parques [French for Roman Parcae / Fates] co-encodements><maSih [Arabic Messiah] Sect quite confuse demons Sect>
1: coencodements, schematist, unfeatured, Queen-Bette, pandering, chemists, Titanic, entuuine, 
2: threatened, confused, chiasms,
3: tenderheart, picaresque, quittance, ennoble, adulate,
4: confutes, Dufaict, Theatre, Lily, Bette,
5: spreading, fanatic, confuse, crested, rescued / reduces / secured, duuarf, secrets,
6: comets, ethics, Bolyn / nobly,
7: condone, threat,
8: equitant, treescape, quieten, eructed, sects, 
9: arrested, Quince,
10: Pasquier,
11: -, 
12: chest, rescue / secure,
13: equine (2x), ennui, heat / hate / Thea,
14: intact, austere, creeds / screed, Bonne, then,
15: retard, trader,
16: creates, 
17: demons, turned, gets,
18: elated, fraud, Earth / heart / Thera,
19: Parques, Jesu,
20: redress, mast,
21: Queen,
22: -,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

Queen-Bette, coencodements, schematist, unfeatured, pandering, chemists, Titanic, entwine, confused, chiasms, threatened, Lily, confutes, The Theatre, spreading, fanatic, sects, creeds, equine, dwarf, secured, secrets, Boleyn, ethics, condone, comets, threat, arrested, Quince,  secure, demons, gets, Earth, fraud, Jesu, Parques, redress.




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