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Nostradamus C1 Q03: Nogaret Guise League impacts late 16thC France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, June 2023

When Nostradamus first wrote his prophecies he produced them in an order different to what he published. This placed many constraints that don't normally apply. He had to have a way of keeping track of where he was in his presentation of the original manuscripts. It is highly likely he had two copies and  he swapped the sequential verse  he was working on with the verse where it would be presented.

Nostradamus Verse C1 Q03 Nogaret Guise family Catholic League Henry IV in late 16thCSo the verses 1 and 2 aren't altered but the third verse in the series ended up in the place where the current third verse was originally located.  Hence this verse story tells us a great deal about the original story line at C2 Q36 since there is good reason to believe that was originally occupied by Nostradamus' third verse. If so then it is probable that it dealt with the events of the late 16th century. Such a date fits with the placement in his work if it was originally organised as an historical series..

 Nogaret famil red & white Crest League and notes from WikipediaThis verse is the story of the French royal wars of the last part of the sixteenth century and it centres on Jean Louis de Nogaret(1554-1642), Duke of Epernon, a senior member of the court of Henri III and an opponent of Henry IV. He submitted to the king's rule in 1596 but is thought to have been an important part of the plot that saw Henry IV murdered in 1610CE.

A second figure important in the early machinations of Nogaret was Henry I, Duke of Guise, who founded and headed the Catholic League that opposed the ascension of Henry IV to the throne of France.

The earlier events at times saw these two powerful families taking opposing positions as the then King Henry III was last of the Valois line and the reighful claimant to the throne of France was the Protestant King Henry III of Navarre.  The Navarre king was the grandson of Marguerite d'Angoulem and son of Jeanne d'Albret by her husband, head of the House of Bourbon. The Navarre royals were prominent figures in the emerging Protestant movement. It was to prevent the ascension of Henry of Navarre to the throne that lay behind the formation if the Catholic League.


Long Ess verse profile

1. --------ſ-
2. -ſ--------
3. ----------
4. ----------


When the litters are overturned by the whirlwind
and faces are covered by cloaks,
the new republic will be troubled by its people.
At this time the reds and the whites will rule wrongly
Quand la lictiere du tourbillon verſee 
Et ſeront faces deleurs manteaux couuers
La republique par gens nouueaux vexee
Lors blancs et rouges iugeront a l'enuers

1. --------ſ-
2. -ſ--------
3. ----------
4. ----------

L1: <itallic uuordtree bill overSeen><our veroneSe land bill certitude><eQuand on all ill verSe><QuaereS (legal query) elicit detour novel land><tuuo tiered>

L2: <ConfederateS sEt rune rules> <defaces numerals><starname eludes norSe facet><mars unexact><meant rules cedes uuEster Seafront><rEStores unexact arms facets ouue>surname fact eludes

L3: <~exuperable (surmountable) uuavex ungenerous equipal (Spanish: ground level seat)~> <prague><equip a ungenerous> <gennos uue vex uxa><gennos uuaue vexex repeal>

L4: <guise urge no ancestor tale><ruLes robs clans labors><regulations ensure rogue sect><our egregious (outrageous) sect><outgeneral guise sector<nogaret guise nucleators><courtesan ensure nogaret guise><guise nogaret labors counters ruLes>

1: confederates, exuperable, ungenerous, certitude, egregious, itallic
2: nucleators, numerals, starname, Veronese / overseen, defaces, facets,
3: uuordtree, mensurate, bill,
4: uteruses/ uuesters, erudite, labors, sevener,
5: regulations, outgeneral, nouns, faces,
6: regulation / urogenital, courtesan, unexact, surname,
7: facet,
8: elicit, ceased, repage / pre-age, Nevers / nerves, severe,
9: counters, fact,
10: Cretans / trances,
11: seafront, gennos, 
12: orbs / robs, pub, uuester
13: restores, guise, seuuer,
14: releuant, Nogaret, afront, Prague, clans,
15: Persians, aptness, Messine / nemesis,
16: deriue,
17: lined, tiered
18: forsent, quaeres, rvnes,
19: recite / reiect,
20: ancestor, sector, cauxe,
21: tuuo, face,
22: outed,
23: cleans / lances, 

confederates, exuperable, ungenerous, regulations, nucleators, certitude, egregious, regulation, outgeneral, wordtree, numerals, mensurate, starname, courtesan, uteruses, unexact, counters, facets, labors, erudite, seafront, surname, Prague, clans, elicit, ancestor, bill, trances.



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