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Nostradamus on War: 21st-22ndC fanatics who incite war

Allan Webber May 2018, Aug 2020.

The following Sephirot focuses on the fringe personalities that shape our destiny to a far greater extent than the orthodox. The truth of this statement lies in the immediacy of devastating violence.  Not all violence succeeds but when it does penetrate the complacence of normality it remains imbedded in fear, memory of panic, the instant of hysteria and over-reactions.  For this Sephirot the key ciphers are zealotry and fanaticism, terms which had equivalent meaning many millennia before today.

Frequency of  topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C9 Q23 1: Africanist, sacrificant, dictum, uuaterless, lotions, 2: uuater-lilies, surface, US-zealots, uuastrels, 3: ascertain, sectarian, 4: artifices, insolates, fanatics, your-era, fumed, 6: plainest, Satanic,

C4 Q72 1: uuheelrace, reflexion, invades, 2: seminarist, fantastic, parentage, sanitise, starname, Hamal, Felix, 3: presageant, astrionics, fascinate, misquote, connoted, Osiric, Siriac, cleft, 4: considerations, meliorates, quipsome,  Nordic, fanatics, refix, abase, 5: Nostradame, adornment, Tamars, Latona, emportment, 5, infect, 6: Satanic, atomiser, condone,

C1 Q79 1: troubadour, beaching, polar_route, uprootal, spumes, maybe, 2: chasing, Polarix, zealots, Bercano, Gienah, begin, 3: petrol-uuar, consorted, selector, aching, carbine, valour, 4: parlous, Gienab, enloop, 5: arbour, lover, 6: Polaris , condone, Etrurian, Brenac, zeals,

C1 Q42 1: centuries-process, clarified, alarmingness, loathness, manliness, surliness, airfield, lake, 2: scrutinises, duads, fantastic, deifical, oblique, affect, 3: mangles. apocenter, underlaid, 4: curses, belied, , Elnath ethnarch, fanatic, pestilent, reception, minerals, managers, exiled,

C5 Q44 1: astronomy-pen, stipendary, pederasty, African, sprayed, afterpart, fifteen, etymon, 2: angiopressure, afterlife, parameters, 3: epaxial, moons, spermata, frantic, 4: paralexias, 5: fanatic, erectile, uroedema, presager, 6: entrouble,

C6 Q50 1: commensalistic, sound-pattern, centralises, canticles, rubricate, St-Thecla, trauma, conceits, 2: zealots, commits, larcenies / reliances, 3: attendant, uproots, dozes attach, 4, strata,5; centralise, resonates, Tamars, zelot, interlaces, 6: Astarte , comets, 7: Yesus, sensory

C8 Q53 1: uuar-leaders, fantasia, refuses, safari, armature, 2: denudates, loveliest, notches, 3: perennial, violets, Eschaton, oblong, 5 deplumate, fanatics, lover, Antioichs, Aurora, fount, 7, Satanic, datedness, vilest, enrich

C2 Q12 1: established, queachiest, emanations, malingered, fanatique, rain-uuater, Demetrius, St Andreuu, antiuuar, Souuelo, 2: latin-names, Ethanal, 3: distemper, uuaranted, theriacs, Steuuard, retells, clox, 4: Minnesota, nominates, funeraries, habited, distant, Alnath, debits, refrain, 5: storminess, Madonna, unfairer, refrains, baited, Elnath,

C7 Q02 1: Alazif, caballin, necessitude, 2: Iceland, versez, assertive, 3: centuries, unesoteric, sonnets, disseminules, ISIS, arbiters, fanatic, Brion, Tzar, reverts,

C8 Q82 1: planetologic, spaceship, fascinate(d/s), Pelagonia, callous, bound, ecphasis, happened, 2: unvotable, nosogenic, poignant, loculate, Pelagian, ventral, 3: congenial, fascinate, 4: fanatics, 5: Galilean, coinage, Levant, faces, 6: peep, 7: doubt,

The visible theme is the tale of a prominent war leader coming to great power amongst the turmoil and discord created by the great flood events Nostradamus foresaw for the end of this century.  It is a time when what is left of modern science technology is used for dubious and evil ends. It is the setting in which fanaticism arises out of different streams of legends and faiths in different zones of the world.

Through his specific choice of place names in both text and anagrams Nostradamus once again describes an unsettled period when a large part of France has entered the stage he mentions in his preface. The larger cities of the lower lands lie in flooded ruin and the remaining population are being established on higher ground:

I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall not be scarcely any land. Cesar Preface 1555 (PCE8).

And in the verse shown below there is an anagram for Osiric thereby relating the verse to an ancient God, floods and rebirth.

C4 Q72

Those of Nimes through Agen & Lectoure
Les Artomiques par Agen et l'Eſtore
presageant store lets atomiser mortalise  misquote

At Saint-Felix will hold their parliament
A sainct Felix feront leur parlement
pure Satanic fanatics animates fantastic life

Those of Bazas will come at the unhappy hour
Ceux de Baſas viendront a la mal'heured
de-Baux's invaders Lotan (hidden) Hamal (lamb)

To seize Condom and Marsan promptly.
Saiſir Condon et Marſan promptement
Nostradame condone star-name  adornment Nordic considerations prompt Osiric astrionics

One additional stream of thought is that of demonism which can be clearly identified in the text of C1 Q42 whose last two lines say The fire is put out and the diabolic gathering seek the bones of the demon of Psellus

As is so often the case with these prophecies there is an out-of-time anagram that has no right to be there but which makes total sense of the messages in the cluster. C7 Q02 contains Nostradamus' prophecies only anagram for Al Azif (z la fai). Now this term is an early twentieth century invention; an imaginary grimoire that the Wikipedia entry states "contains an account of the Old Ones, their history, and the means for summoning them."

Supporting this demonic stream are other anagrams that emphasize the relevance of modern and ancient literature including that of Nostradamus himself.  

For instance Satanic as an anagram is found in three of this cluster's verses C9 Q23, C4 Q77 and C8 Q53.  And in C4 Q77 an anagram for Nostradame exists and other anagrams in that line reference Nordic considerations. The Norse Eschaton legend of great flood, large scale death and renewal is one of its most remembered tales and there is an anagram for Eschaton (antchoſe) found in C8 Q53 which is one of the other verses holding an anagram for Satanic. By this means Nostradamus unites the stories for the modern tale to a time of vast floods, and the resurrection of Christ by dubious means.

But this is not the only source of fanaticism held within the current Sephirot since there are also references to Christian based legends in which Jesus' line on the Earth continued beyond his death.

Each of these two streams involves an antique fantasy but to those who follow it this is a reality that they can bring to life using modern means. And it is these two belief sets that underpin the wars that take place in the 22nd century.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below:


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