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Nostradamus on the three warrior brothers at the heart of 22ndC religious wars

Allan Webber August 2018, Aug 2020.

Throughout this Sephirot chart series on the warring families I have attempted to recreate the physical scenarios envisioned by Nostradamus knowing that by having a mechanism of bringing together groups of verses using one or two major terms they can be put in an order which then via repetition indicates other ciphers. Additional shared terms then become apparent and these offer a new test of relevance since they aren't part of the main selection mechanism.

 The basis for this chapter is found in Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle.

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C4 Q77 1: non-regressive, Eucharisto, christened, nonrealism, re-encouch, hysteric, 2: evenings, liquefies, versions, mourned, revenges, 3: requital, engenders, prayers, 4: heretics, espy, 5: Limonenes, 6: Pilot, choir, belies, 8: crash, repays 10: richest, modern, part, reneges,

C9 Q36 1: colopuncture, pensionry, flouued, Priory, precept, 2: corpulent, Dynapro, 3: unleash, streamlines, enjoy, 4: envoy, 5: confuse, questor, blesses, fouled, 6: eternalise, mutter, sinner, fusion, 8: deny, Paques, quest,

C8 Q99 1: spiritsome, absolutus, imposters, latinises, aeigenes, 2: proscript, substance, desecrations, temporise, uprisals, proctor, sanitise, subsalt, papular, Osiris, poorer, 3: intercrossed, coresidents, uuaterline, upraisal, persecute, 4: Ierusalems, acidness, StRemy, Syria, 5: imposter, ascends, 6: usual / lauus, escorted, script, 7: issuance, enacted realisms, 10: seismal, measure,

C6 Q28 1: Andromedas, mouth, admixes, retarded, 2: rectangled, plateaux, updates, upstream, 4: mandates, 5: querent, quips, 6: exiled, pedants, grandpas, mutter, 7: absent; 8: Lords-name, quieten, 9: quins, mature, 10: Tamar,

C8 Q45 1: automated, amendable, cyanides, dugout, decay, 2: prosaical, Manichaes, anarchies, sundials, Alcaides, Aspolia, appeal, 3: Madelaine, machines, 4: persuading, paganisers, Polar-site, assign, islands, cheaper, agenesis, 5: preaches, ebb, enabled, restart, 6 6: Polaris, upraised, Saudi, appeals, 9: mortals, tremors, reassign,

C8 Q46 1: splendorous, celebrations, astromancer, anarchist, Thracians, Sharatain, producex, bristlecone, strobile, lonesome, fledge, 2: ponderous, anthropics, proudness, terrorises, farmers, 3: Sacristan,  enloops, 4: dissector, expulsed, ElSufi, 5: Antiochs, horriblest, federal, terrorise, Sephirots, hours, 7: Tsarinas, chains, AlGedi, sacred,

C1 Q31 1: contortive, regularness, succoured, quagmire, uurangled, nonmoral, crusades, unlocq, Qumran, uuelder, 2: goriest, osculant, 3: denigrators, integrators, contrive, reticent, garrison, roarings, 4: Qamerun , uuarcodes, 5: cursed, 6: elegaic, Tarento, inventor, 7: Emaniel, rule-out, 11: gundeal, sourced,

C1 Q85 1: confederator, antiheroine, pallbearers, enforcers, rivulet, encoded, 2: code-named, virulent, antihero, presumes, respires, Obuda, Ieanne, 3: repression, prisoners, laboured, impresses, Prioress, measured, decade, resumes, 4: interlopers, premises, Mabassa, impress, dreamed, 6 their, Assad, 10: personal, assured,

C8 Q17 1: semicontinent / omninescient, unreportable, incitements, dissembles, demonists, armistice, befouled, bodeful, sensible, fibulae, Osirian, 2: indorsement, proletaries, modernists, metrician, forestries, reanimates, insertion, demonism, matrices, Semitic, assize, fumes, sizes, 3: pourable, sediment, cities, baseline, 4: eminent, modernist, mindset, 5: fable, 6: entrouble, Sephirots,

C8 Q77 1: nontheistical, Constantine, hermetiques, Gregories, abstention, mosque, captorz, interclash, revering, geiger, push, 2: vetting, fixes, obstinate, vignettes, 3: quietsome, arguers, setting, misquote, zelant, enstation, 4: christen, 5: orbits, either, Christ, organise, humanise, sanction, 6, saga, peasants, thrice, notates,

The three brothers will have their differences and then they will have such great cooperation and agreement that the three and four parts of Europe will tremble...

The youngest of them will sustain and augment the Christian monarchy, elevate sects and suddenly cast them down...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to King Henry [HEE7]

And our age has nearness to this by means of the three who are secretly united in the search for death, treacherously setting traps for one another. And while this renewed Triumvirate will last for seven years, the renown of such a sect will extend throughout the universe ...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to King Henry [HEE18]

This set of ten verses is astounding for it presents two highly cogent stories, one in its text and the other through its anagrams. They are cogent because they not only relate stories that are seen in both the Epistles and my other Sephirots but they give details that are not apparent by any other means.

In doing this I have again been following the path suggested by Nostradamus.

...kingdoms, sects, and regions will change to the diametric opposite of that seen in the present day. If I had drawn up events as they will happen the people of that realm, sect, religion and faith, would find it so bad that they would listen to fantasies and come to damn that which future centuries will know through seeing and perceiving.... Nostradamus' 1555 Preface to Cesar [PCE2]

So I have dedicated my nocturnal and prophetic calculations, which are composed out of a natural instinct, accompanied by a poetic furore rather than in accord with the strict rules of poetry. And in the most part they have been composed and are in accord with astronomical calculations corresponding to the years, months and weeks of the regions, countries and most of the towns and cities of all Europe, including Africa and part of Asia. By changing of regions which approach the greater part of all these climates . ...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to King Henry [HEE2]

...I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall not be scarcely any land. And this will be for such a long time that except for enographies and topographies all would be lost.... Nostradamus' 1555 Preface to Cesar [PCE8]

...And by worldwide floods between here and the term I have fore-stated, and before and after it by several times, will [the world] be so diminished, and so few people will there be found that want to take to the fields which will become free for as long as their prior owners have held them.....
Nostradamus' 1555 Preface to Cesar [PCE9]

When these charts are built and then compared to the others, various sensible aspects emerge that without them arenít able to be understood. The cluster of verses and the quotes from the epistle make it clear that the theme of religion is at its core but finding the name of the religion referred to in verses such as C4 Q77 is quite difficult. This verse is hampered by there being at least two religions named in the anagrams and text with Islam and orthodox Christianity being prominent. Yet there are also anagrams for heretics (ChreStie ) and modern genes (mondeR egnes) in its second line. The text of that line refers to united realms so it is likely that these religious terms refer to a third stream of religion that overcomes and unifies long standing divisions.

C4 Q77
Selin monarch Italy peaceful,
SELIN monarque l'Italie pacifique
Roman lines Qoran sequel

Realms united by Christian King of the World:
Regnes vnis Roy chreſtien du monde
heretics united modern genes
hysteric versions christened mourned

Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
Mourant voudra coucher en terre bleſique
rebels reenter terrible-mosque

After having chased the pirates from the sea.
Apres pyrates auoir chaſſe de l'onde.
olden Edessa papers Eucharisto prayers Savior seeds

The anagrams of this and surrounding verses contain  the tale of most interest to Nostradamus. It involves the birth line of Christ, the way that event has been handled in history, the division it creates, the aspirations of those considered heretics and the way in which modernity reshapes all these matters. But it is made even more relevant by its reflecting a tale which has been around for two thousand years.

There is a powerful set of twists in this Sephirot's anagrammatic religious shadow amongst which that linked to celibacy is crucial. This topic is firstly raised in the text in the first line of C8 Q46 which names a principal actor as Pol the celibate. Linked to that verse are anagrams for mortal matter which relates directly to the practice of celibate leaders of Semitic based faiths. There are further anagrams that imply this practice of taking a sanctioned break from celibacy is tied to the dilemma of sexual sin dating back to the time of Adam. Although many of the anagrams on which this frame is built are not rare, their occurrence in a coherent and historically relevant way raises their significance.

But in the first line of the last verse (C8 Q77) in the cluster there is an anagram that isn't found anywhere else. This a verse that is clearly about religion for it relates to the Antichrist who defeats three opponents and the anagram delivering so much to this theme of celibacy is abstention (bien toSt an). In that same line there is another singular anagram and that yields Constantine (en toSt annic) which is the name of the man whose efforts were most significant in the Roman Catholic Churchís rejection of a temporal Jesus. As equally relevant in terms of the history of Christian ideology is the anagram for Gregories (rogie greS) found in the same verse. It too is only found in this verse.

Those at ease will suddenly be cast down,
Les bien aiſez ſubit ſeront deſmis
modernist baseline sensible mindsets

he world put into trouble by three brothers;
Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble
stories refers

heir enemies will seize the marine city,
Cite marine ſaiſiront ennemis
omninescient metrician

hunger, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.
Faim feu ſang peſte et de to maux le double.
befouled aim

Neither the above verse nor the quote from the Epistle make it absolutely clear that the three princes are involved in war however we can see this focus through another combination involving verse C8 Q17 and a quote from the Preface, the document that accompanied the first publication of Nostradamus' Prophecies. These show the princes are central to the most disastrous war that man will ever face.

 A clue to its nature is provided by an anagram for omninescient (ont ennemis Ci) a term meaning total ignorance and this most probably relates to the total disregard those involved in these religious wars have for their impact on that part of the flooded Earth that is still habitable.

The time comes my son, to hear that it is by my revolutions, which accord to revealed inspiration, that we know the mortal sword approaches with plague and a war due to the lives of three men that is more horrible than there has ever been..1555 Preface to Cesar (PCE11)

They will be victorious over the Easterners, and will make war with very much noise and tumult. Therein all the East trembles in fear of the brothers, not brothers of the North...1558 Henry Epistle (HEE18a)

One of the important requirements of this three-prince story is that there be a means of differentiating them so that their individual stories are more relevant and there is a verse plus a section in the Epistle that provide the mechanism for this.

Wars in France will last for so many years
Tant d'ans les guerres en Gauledureront

beyond the reign of the Castulon kings.
Oultre la courſe du Caſtulon monarque
Roman Quran later oracle source succoured crusade

An uncertain victory crowns three great ones
Victoire incerte trois grands couronneront

Eagle, Cock, Moon, Lion, mark in the Sun
Aigle, coq, lune, lyon,ſoliel en marque.
C1 Q31  shown alongside gives an idea of the duration of the war but also offers three names for three great leaders who have been crowned (and hence bestowed the title of Prince). These names are Lion, Eagle and Cock with the quote given below from the Epistle allowing us to link the oldest with the title of Lion. 

This connection will be used in later chapters when their individual stories are collated.

Of the other children the oldest one will occupy the furious crowned Lions placing their legs over fearless arms...1558 Henry Epistle (HEE8a)

There is a part of the text of C1 Q31 that is unique to Nostradamus as its second line  holds the word Castulon. This word has no current or ancient meaning but it forms an anagram for osculant (Castulon) which can mean a link between two groups or species.

This term has relevance since there are many other clues that suggest these brothers are not 'truly' brothers. The verse also has anagrams that help define the nature of the wars as Crusades (rſe du Caſ) involving believers in the Qoran /Quran (o / narqu).

The text of C1 Q31 allows the likely realms of the three princes to be deduced since the symbols Eagle, Cock and Lion mentioned in the last line suggest Germany, France and Great Britain respectively.

Pol the celibate will die three leagues from Rome
Pol menſolee mourra trois lieues du Rosne
Norse Pole solemn omens ratios evil men used

the two nearest flee the encroaching three.
Fuis les deux prochains taraſc deſtrois
El Sufi produces star chains as stories stored Sharatain sacred star

When Mars will take up his horrible throne,
Car Mars fera le plus horrible troſne
safer hours celebrations pleasure farmers ancestor

the Cock & Eagle, France & the three brothers
De coq et d'aigle de France freres trois.
Algedi feared stories refer quot'd  code terrorises
These names are also evident in part in C8 Q46. which contains some quite extraordinary but very helpful sequences of anagrams which include El Sufi produces star-chain stories (Fuis le -s deux pro- - chains tar - xxx -eſtrois) and code terrorises France (rance f - reres trois.- De co).

El Sufi was the Persian astronomer who is remembered for the detailed listing of stars in his book called Book of Fixed Stars.

The star chains mentioned in this verse allow a date to be deduced since there are also anagrams for several of Al Sufi's named stars. This includes the name Sharatain (hains taraſ) which refers to a star in the horn of the Ram (Aries) and Algedi (d'aigle) which is Arabic for the Billy Goat and this title is applied to both the brightest star and constellation of Capricorn.

With these stars in mind the reference Mars will take up his horrible throne found in the third line of the text then becomes the means of determining the date for the start of the war. It is likely these references allude to early February in 2107 when Mars is in Capricorn together with the Sun and Mercury while Jupiter, the other god of war, is near Sharatan (aka Sharatain) in Aries.

In respect to this date the weak anagram-cluster of Pole omens (e Pol - menſo) is in keeping with more powerful identifications in other verses.


 This setting only occurs once every 854 years so any other near-term date would require a different interpretation of the astronomical data in the verse.

Other charts in this series on the warrior-priest family at the heart of Nostradamus' work include Family historical names, Family relationships, Islamic Madonna & two quarrelling brothers.

The Sephirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to their full verse analyses is available using the following links:

C4 Q77 C9 Q36 C8 Q99 C6 Q28 C8 Q45 C8 Q46 C1 Q31 C1 Q85 C8 Q17 C8 Q77
Chart of Nostradamus' verses covering 3 brothers 22ndC wars




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