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My aims for this Page.

Nostradamus prophecy modelsThis page concentrates on the first two thirds of the Preface because it differs from the content rich style of the remainder. It is presented  as pictures that are numbered according to my 2010 presentation of the whole work.

The numbering can be matched to the segments found in Edgar Leonis' presentation by renumbering the 23 pictures 1-23.

The full content of the preface (Cesar Preface 1555) and its companion paper (Henry Epistle 1558) are interconnected and form the basis for understanding many of the prophecies.

Nostradamus’ 1555 Preface to Cesar (English)


To Caesar Nostradamus my son Long life and happiness .


Ad Caesarem Nostradamum filium,  Vie et felicite.

PCE1:  Rationale  behind Nostradamus' publications

Intro to the Series of posts on #Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. (26/03/2023)

Six months ago I stated my intent to show there is a logical trail in Nostradamus' Prophecies.
I also stated evidence for that trail lay in the papers that accompanied the publication of the verses.

The publication of Nostradamus' Prophecies was in two parts with the first in 1555 accompanied by a Preface to his son Cesar and the second larger set in 1558 which was accompanied by his Epistle to Henry.

Throughout this six month period I have shown that these accompanying papers are Nostradamus' entry points to understanding the content of his verses.

The trail I have laid out has forcused largely on the links provided by the Epistle since they have a greater focus on issues of our time and beyond.

In late March  2023  I reached a point where I felt the evidence presented in the posts I have presented via Facebook was enough for a reasonable person to conclude that such a trail exists thus making the Epistle the key entry point for many branches in the trail.

However the material I had recently been working covers events more relevant to the future so I made the choice to hold off pubishing the set on the emergence of a superape species and five other series dealing with the 22nd century stories of the Christ DNA linked family wars.

Then there is material in the 1555 Preface which I have already shown provides vital links to the structural environment surrounding the later part of this century. These cover vast floods, fire in the sky and Polar Axis shift etc. Notably the material for that purpose is only in the last one third of the Preface.

The other two thirds in the Preface is totally different in its content but not its purpose.
As it stands that part of his work is largely ignored and yet the space it occupies and the distraction of its presence implies its purpose is profound.

I believe this first part of the Preface is vital to unravelling Nostradamus' works as it sets out his answers to the major issues raised by his claim to have written about the future.

In so doing he shows once again that his work is orderly.
It also shows that his thinking was not locked in the sixteenth or even the twentieth century.
Nor is it unscientific rather it incorporates knowledge scientists will uncover in the next eighty years.

And of great significance is it sets out how science can test the propositions in his claims with the basis of that testing being before and after measurements of changes in the brain of humans who can and can't match his own claim.
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 1a & 1b (27/03/2023) #Metaphysical_Basis

In the intro to this series I mentioned the opening two thirds of the preface was vital to understanding Nostradamus' writings
The content of the last part of the preface parallels that in the 1558 Henry Epistle but the other two thirds in the Preface is totally different in that aspect yet its purpose is the same.

This early part of his preface is largely ignored and dismissed as occult sixteenth century rambling yet the space it occupies and the distraction of its presence implies its purpose is far more profound than his critics proclaim.

This series divides that part of the preface into twenty three parts and shows each of these is a progression in thought dealing with the major issues surrounding the presentation of his prophecies. In so doing Nostradamus reveals a vast amount about his understanding of the universe and its working.

What makes it significant is it is not a sixteenth century perspective that emerges but one that although close to views in the twenty-first century is more modern than ours. It covers developments in understanding over the next four thousand years.

This far reach is a difficulty because it means it doesn't sit in the comfort zone of people used to a particular point of view.
Nostradamus realized that this was a problem for his own time and the centuries to follow and addressed it in the beginning of the preface.

In reading these posts it is advisable to refrain from premature judgements of his wording based on personal views.
In taking this approach you will find benefit in his selection of words and insight into the beliefs Nostradamus did and didn't hold.

This post has the first of the segments as its focus and in his words you can discern him making the same claim as I have just made.
Firstly it is intended for us albeit that he disguises it as a message to his young son.
The son's part is included at the start where Nostradamus implies his nightly vigils were a response to the child's constant crying.
Then Nostradamus states he is writing because he knows that after his death his work will be 'insulted over time' and considered a work debased due erroneous judgement of its origin.
He then begins his defense using terms such as it is 'regulated and governed by the power of inestimable God' and 'inspired not by mundane human behaviour but by astronomical assertions'.

Purpose of Nostradamus 1555 Cesar PrefaceHis term 'inestimable God' sets the tone for that name as is shown throughout the posts that follow. The picture that emerges is of a God that doesn't fit with conventions such as guidance and care for humans; rather it is a term for that which is undeniable, a rationale of the universe of things and their existence beyond the bounds of human intellect.

And his careful use of 'astronomical assertions' is highly important for again it has special meaning implying explanation will follow.

The same is true of 'divine essence' where the choice of words reflects a distinction Nostradamus felt needing explanation in order to meet the challenge of the twenty-first century's world-picture
1555 Cesar Preface 1a Purpose of Preface
1555 Cesar Preface 1b What N can or can't pass on
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 1c & 2a (27/03/2023) #Challenges_Facing_His_Work

At the end of 1a there is a short part written in Latin which means 'Only divine will generates prophetic spirit and particular predictions'.

He includes Latin quotes and phrases in various parts of the preface and each time it reflects on the gravitas and core of his purpose.

In the case indicated above the term 'divine', is marked as essential to explaining the existence and mechanics of prophecy.

Its special marking using Latin also tells us 'divine will' also needs explanation by him.

His immediate task however is to show how he meets the many challenges his explanation and the content in the prophecies impose.

In the two sections in this post he makes it clear that 'speech is too fragile a vehicle' and 'only writing offers him a realistic means'.

This has profound consequences which he understands for in choosing writing over speech he avoids the wrath of those who given insight would seek to destroy its perpetuation.

The Latin quote with which this section ends indicates the depth of his fears; 'Do not give what is holy to the gods or cast pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, turn upon you and tear you in pieces'

But although not stated by Nostradamus in this section this choice of writing also opens up a plausible venue of influence for the agencies he has already named.
1555 Cesar Preface 1c Confidence in methobs but silencing forces in present & future mean Nostradamus wrote it in hidden ways
PCE2. Purpose of Nostradamus' written work - Reasons for Obscurity
1555 Cesar Preface 2a Caution to avoid giving future critics strength to block
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 2b & 3a (27/03/2023) #How_Nost_Meets_long_lasting_Challenges

At the end of 2b in the previous post there is another Latin quote which once again makes a strategically telling point.

Translated into Engish it states 'You have hidden these things to the wise and prudent, that is from the mighty and the kings and in its plainness its little bits seem insignificant.'

Firstly it suggests 'the preface is meant for the wise and prudent' and to ensure no one else accesses it Nostradamus resorted to hiding his messages.

The second part referring to plainness implies he has used ways of making it seem dull and ordinary and one of the means is to scatter little bits within that tedium.
The reference to the little bits is the fundamental secret and also the key to his method of hiding his work.

But in the two sections in this post (and throughout) he uses that same method to hide the nature of the preface's content even though it is visible.
To do this is harder than using anagrams and requires carefully used distractions and entanglements that retain the inner message.
His stated method could also apply to anagrams which uses the visible lettering to build a message via words that may not be in order.
But that method is not used outside of his prophecies.

However in these two sections he stresses their content covers future causes where 'causes = actions that lead to something new happening or coming into existence.'
And this aspect of causation is further conveyed by talking of 'human mutations' which hides his interest in the human origins of those he called divines.

As these sections are presented it will be seen that the divines are a product of the evolutionary stream and may evolve from humans.
Nostradamus usage of 'litle bits' is seen in section 3a where there are scattered terms and phrases that outline the agency behind his prophetic abilities.
In essence the bits in these two sections say 'the divines are the key to linking mortals to the timestream on which prophecy relies.'
They also tell the insightful reader that the means are not mystic in origin but a part of the natural processes that were, are and will be eternal in the same manner as the universe.
One such process is evolution.
1555 Cesar Preface 2b Avoidance by presenting future mutations in little bits to escape attention
PCE3. Access to eternal time base a normal process in the universe but limited within mortals
1555 Cesar Preface 3a Prophecy available requires 2nd eternal time transposing agent
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 3b & 3c (29/03/2023) #Nostradamus_on_Mortals_vs_God_properties

Essential to understanding Nostradamus is getting right the period in which his thoughts were based. It helps when as in 3b he puts some of his forementioned 'little bits in plain sight' in this section for that gives us a means to understand the depth and modernity of his thinking.

Nostradamus prophecy modelsNostradamus' Latin expression at the end of 3b says 'Because he does not know about our times, or dates, etc.' and that is his reasoned explanation to the preceding expression in French implying 'Mortals have no abilities that allow a meaningful relationship with the non-religious concept Nostradamus calls God'. This idea that 'the timeless nature of God' creates an insurmountable barrier between us (based in the instant) and 'God' is profound with such thinking being more in keeping with our time than his own.

Yet the barrier reflects a reality of the mortal dilemma; our mortal senses are built around the vector of time while God-ness in all forms embraces all time.
Mortals differ in many other ways from the timeless ones but this barrier is not unique; we differ from other things in our known universe that are unacknowledged in their timelessness.

Mankind and other mortals can do many amazing things but we cannot make something from absolute nothingness hence the existence of the universe is the ultimate timeless mystery. But the universe does exist and there was an exact immense amount of matter-energy that suddenly was where it hadn't been.
No mortal can make a new universe on the scale of ours.

God is one answer to the mystery of this particular universe and yet it is just a term of acknowledgement of something real that we can't grasp. Things we can't grasp make it difficult for us in many ways and finding the right words to cover this type of event is one of them.

Accordingly Nostradamus is careful in his choice of words about the origin of prophecy. I believe that is because in talking of God he wanted the unwise to assume he's presenting old religious versions of that God term while his intent is to disclose the reality of our intellects limits to his preferred audience.

But acts of creation from nothing are also apparent within this universe in many other forms yet how mortals cope with them is not always the same. For instance the origins of life, memory and evolution are as enigmatic as the presence of the universe itself and we bypass their difficulties as acts of god or natural causes and fail to recognize the class of creation capable processes is more than a single event.
1555 Cesar Preface 3b Fundamental time capability difference between mortals and eternals
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 4a & 4b (29/03/2023) #Nostradamus_on_Agency_enabling_prophecy
The previous sections of the Preface indicate that prophecy by mortals requires there to be a bridging agent connecting the instant-bound nature of mortal senses with a timeless eternal stream.
That bridge has to be an agency existing within a broader stream than offered by an instant based foundation.
In the two sections of the preface presented in this post that necessity begins to be addressed by Nostradamus.

In 4a he acknowledges his prophetic abilities have dependency on processes accessible in the real world but these are insufficient on their own; they need the channel or bridge to both access and make those natural processes have an affect upon him.

When he writes 'the hidden prophecies that I received were by the subtle spirit of fire, which sometimes comes from restless understanding while attentively contemplating the stars above' he refers to something affecting his brain when he allows it to focus for a long time on a single elementary task. Notably there is no mention of voices or visions from the agencies that led to the universes existence yet these are factors mentioned in other accounts of Nostradamus experiences.
None of these incidental experiences is unusual in mortals for human memory relies on feelings to both encode and recall events.

Psychology World Emotions and Memory ExtractIn the darkest place you can find lie down and close your eyes and look with them. With no other stimulus but that from your mind you can see colours, tunnels of white, eyes.... You can also experience warmth, cold, love, fear and sometimes intrusions of background voices. Intangible emotions and your own thoughts trigger these responses.

Nostradamus' writings tell us that the entwining of emotive forces from presences living in the future can deliver even more to us.

In section 4b Nostradamus goes on to proclaim a restrictive definition of a prophet and uses it to disclaim that title for himself based on his mortalness. To stress the vital nature of this definition he again presents a Latin quote which in French says' The Prophet of today was once called a seer.'
He then gives reasons why a common misperception of people like himself being in some way divine is unhelpful.

His words tell us he recognizes hubris as another weakness of mortals; one in which a person revels in being called divine when that term can never apply to a mortal.

The divine by his definition are evolved beings that have both a physical presence in the future and organs that allow a broader sensing of time. And all of this is done in order to cleanse the path for his updating our world picture so the 'divine essence' mentioned in 1a finds a rightful place.

PCE4. The essential issues & components  needed for mortals to access the eternal time base.
1555 Cesar Preface 4a Day by day contact by arousement while contemlatingg stars
1555 Cesar Preface 4b Mortals cannot be prophets agents reponsible
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 4c (30/03/2023)

In section 4c Nostradamus emphasizes the time-sense gap between mortals based in the instant, divines who have a broader range time-band and timeless 'something from nothing creation' agencies with the latter being the cause of all existence including that of mortals and their senses.

Because that gap relates to three classes built on three different ways to experience time and neither the concept of time classes or its agencies are yet recognised widely by modern scientists it is hard to find words in the human vocabulary when discussing their plausibility. That recognition failure is not due solely to lack of evidence.

For instance in respect to the absence of a word with a science-credible foundation for discussing the large class of events that come into existence without a precedent there are creation events such as the start of the universe, life, organs capable of awareness of existence and countless other 'creation of something from nothing' events that not only have happened but are ongoingly being generated. Evolution is just one of many processes ensuring both past and future occurrences of similar creation events.

There is another class of events that are even more intangible but still self-evidently exist.

This class includes the full gamut of geometric shapes, patterns, numbers, the universal constants that are uniquely part of gravity, electromagnetic fields, awareness of existence etc. The members of this class have an equally valid proof of existence yet lack the ability to be touched, seen, confined, dated or put in a box.

Aspects of EterntyYet both these classes are distinguished from fantasy by their effects being able to be measured in tangible ways. And vitally important is they have critically crucial roles in cosmology.

One of the things I believe can help me in this regard is the only term I could find that comes close to being applicable. And as Nostradamus had to use Latin for his message so did I. In this instance the term is 'ex nihilo' meaning 'something created from nothing'.

It is my intent to use the term 'ex nihilo agency' for Nostradamus' creator concepts. This term then carries all the burden of describing a timeless, spaceless, massless, energy-less, boundless presence behind the origin of existent things emerging out of its emptiness.

Of course 'the ex nihilo agency' can be equated to God but it doesn't carry the burden of properties added by religion etc in order to humanize it.

So Nostradamus' message in 4c is the properties of both this 'ex nihilo' agency and that of mortals create insurmountable barriers.
And then he adds a vital twist.

Nostradamus acknowledges that pathways for prophecy can and do exist in the human mind but require a form of unusual stimulation 'through some indivisible eternity and by means of Hiraclienne agitation the causes are made known alongside the celestial movement.'

The 'indivisible eternity' gives appropriate time attributes to the ex nihilo agency while 'existence of an essence overlaying all time' does the same for the divine agency. The content of what immediately precedes those words is 'even from the present fact of all eternity, which comes in itself to embrace all time.' This wording reinforces his efforts to stress that time experienced as a set of instants (the bounding root of mortality) is but one class of what is a continuous universal spectrum.

The wording of Nostradamus (and my own) seems awkward for we are grappling to describe zones where time-realm differences apply when that topic is not in the mainstream. These concepts are however critical since these differences all focus on human issues where the mind utilizes the past and present to predict the future.

1555 Cesar Preface 4c Time sensing abilities determining prophecy
Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 4d (30/03/2023) Nostradamus_on_Agency_enabling_prediction

In this section Nostradamus stresses that despite these time based barriers prophecy by humans is achievable by intellectual means using a process of focussing on emotional highlights to manipulate memory. But he also notes there is another ability that allows living things including mankind to predict the future.

His words show he recognizes mankind has the special gift of intellect allowing more than most living things to break the bonds of instants. Using these special talents mankind can go beyond the anticipation of the future capacityy found in life forms. It is this that allows creatures to react and escape or move before injury. This is another bounty of evolution whereby an ability with no precedent in the universe emerged but our intellect is a further advancement of awareness.

Mankind can see the stars and can know that they will one day end. These are profound abilities involving previously unknown interpretatins of time but this process is not a prophecy it is a prediction.

Awareness of all that I have stated above is there in Nostradamus' wording but as usual it in implicit rather than overtly stressed by him.

Hidden within Nostradamus' words in both this section and 4c is recognition the universe has an eternal process to achieve the same end as intellect but unlike us it requires no thought, no logic, no motivation and no sense of time in order to progress. There was no word for such a proces in the sixteenth century but in the modern era that eternal process is called evolution. This process is one of the universe's tools Nostradamus nominated when he alluded to 'processes inherent in the universe'.

And of course it is evolution that has allowed animals as well as our kind to anticipate to varying amounts events of the future.

I believe this recognition of evolution by Nostradamus is highly important since the Preface to Cesar goes on from here to use it in resolving the paradox of connectivity of time that is fundamental if prophecy is a reality.

There is one other important comment by Nostradamus in this section. He concludes this section by emphasizing once again that mortal processes of intellect can't make that individual a prophet. Normal intelligent prediction on the other hand covers things and properties that "are not too greatly hidden from him nor, on the other hand can they be said to be revealed at all. "

1555 Cesar Preface 4d Mans intellect allows predictions but origins differ from prophecyphecy
Section 4e of the 1555 Preface to Cesar represents a pause to highlight the #"essential roles of the three agencies Nostradamus names as essential for prophesying".

His wording in 4e tells us prophecy requires 1) a mortal receptive to 2) a being or process that has access to 3) the eternal zone that possesses all mechanisms vital to continue and regulate existence.

Nostradamus has stated time capability differences precluded mortals from directly accessing the latter primal cause zone or that zone having access to humans. He also is adamant prophecy can only occur when there is an intermediary that has the capability of resonating with both.

Such an agent is not yet acknowledged in the modern world so this concept places Nostradamus claim in the sort of jeopardy he raises in earlier sections. However it can and will be argued by Nostradamus and myself that human knowledge of twenty-first century science strengthens rather than precluding such an agency.

What is apparent is he needed this pause to highlight the reason why this intermediary is both logically vital to the process's operations and plausible on the basis of real world experience. To this end there are clues in this section.
In one part of 4e he states 'all prophetic inspiration receives its prime motivating force from God the Creator, then from happiness and nature.'

'God the creator' is his wording and it highlights his focus on the mechanisms where something comes into existence without a discernible source.

Notably his inclusion of nature as another agency in the process plays an increasingly prominent part in the latter part of these twenty three sections of the Preface that cover Nostradamus' prophecy mechanism. And that term cannot escape ties to evolution since is is the founding causative agent of nature as accepted in this modern era.

Evolution by its longevity and its mindless capabilities to take advantage of any niche in the universe makes it one support for the intermediary's existence as the time-crossed bridge in Nostradamus claims.

Evolution has produced innumerable instances whereby without the use of reason or plan it uses the past to prepare beings for the future.

That is the way life developed and changed so that new organs like the mind and feathers emerged. So given the long time until the universe ceases to function evolution will continue to expand its reach into the future.

In each instance of creation of life the element created is aware it has a greater span of time than just the instant it was first created. So it not only has access to the past (unlike rocks etc) but already reaches into the future through inbuilt structures that ensure it endures. Hence the probability turns to certainty that there will in the future of the universe be a being whose time sensing abilities stretch across a wider span than that of humans.

Psychology World Emotions and Memory ExtractAnd that inevitability of time-range in life-forms evolving means sensations of a being formed in the future could be present in some limited form in earlier times.

There is then a finite probability that people in our time can be engaged in that future being's contact with the past.

Where that involves an encounter with creatures like us that have a sense based recording mechanism (neural network in our case) then its presence is another experience which evolution inevitably embraces within both parties.

The last part of 4e also presents references that raise the bridge from a conceptual to a specific structure; it implies the voice coming from limbo via a flame sets the guiding bounds. This aspect is reiterated in the first two verses of Nostradamus' Prophecies. Interestingly that is consistent with what we humans have learned in modern times.

1555 Cesar Preface 4e Essential need for external agenies allseeing powers for prophecy
Nostradamus contact with future agent C1 q01 and C1 Q02
PCE5. The way real life issues influenced Nostradmus presentation of the universes time base.

#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 5a & 5b (31/03/2023) #false_practices_and_real_world_prophecy

A sense of Nostradamus genuineness persists throughout the first third of his Preface and it is enhanced by his precise bounds for what is and isn't true of prophecy. It is stated in several places but false means are the focus in section 5a where he explains his derision of astrology is based on it having neither the intellectual basis for prediction nor the mandatory prophecy mechanisms needed to link mortals to a broader time realm containing past present and future.

Yet he then goes to the trouble of extracting the science of astronomy from within the embrace of astrology. In so doing Nostradamus makes it clear this is not an ill-considered disdain but a forensic presentation of usefulness based on what is possible and what is false.

This disclaimer is then backed up in section 5b which is there as a statement about his personal interest in books on astrology and his destruction of them. It is his recognition that these represent a tool by which his careful thinking could be discredited.

That section also makes it clear his interest in them was based on being widely read before condemning them not what they could add to his writings.
1555 Cesar Preface 5a Occult prediction useless  and dangerous
1555 Cesar Preface 4b Burning of documents harmful to correct prohecy method
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 5c & 5d (31/03/2023) #Past_present_future_access_via_interfacing_agent

In section 5c Nostradamus begins to bring some of the scattered bits together to form a credible memory-making structure that facilitates prophecy.

Again little bits in this section provide the key to Nostradamus' commentary on mortal prophetic mechanisms. For example 'divine essence' in 1a links to 'divine understanding' in this part of the Preface. This linkage makes it clear the exchange process is related to the agent interfacing different appreciations of time. It also indicates that this interfacing agent has both a finite presence (in the period following its creation) and a wide ranging intangible essence which makes it capable of enlightening the mortal mind in earlier times.

There is also detail about the mechanism that is engaged within the mortal mind. It is memory based and that human recording process we have long known as a processor of intangibles such as images and words which in turn are received by equally intangible light waves and sound. So we know that memory is an evolved time-extending mechanism relevant to each human's survival but rarely to the extent that makes mortals prophets.

The meaning of other earlier bits are also advanced in this section. For instance Nostradamus mentions 'celestial figures, places and time are held by a hidden virtue'. This reference to a hidden virtue fits to the forementioned divine essence (1a) and that implies it is the divine agency that is the interface between realms where different scales of the time dimension apply.

And the crucial value of astronomic data is it is an aspect consistently perceivable despite difference in the time perception that defines these three realms.

So our picture of the model comes into better focus and indicates it is the presence of all three agents that allows a mortal to capture and recall the encounter in his mind as a standard human memory. It is the universe's eternal processes that are one pillar; while human intellect is the other and those Nostradamus calls divine provide the bridging span.

The bringing together of time-based bits by Nostradamus continues in this section and they stress the critical difference between the mortal, primal cause and the divine agent. At the end of the section Nostradamus wrote 'in the presence of these the three times comprise eternity because the revolution that causes them is the past, present and future.'

The revolution of time is evolution that transforms insensate objects into sentient clusters thereby bestowing capabilites ensuring their continuance, It takes such material along a path that leads to life forms capable of utilizinging both the present and memory of the past to predict the future.

It is By Nostradamus' wording that we can add to the properties of the divine; it stretches across a zone of time and isn't timeless like concepts and 'ex nihilo' events. Nor is it bound to the present as mortals are. Yet combining the three classes 'past, present and future' defines all time. Hence the bridge has the means of accessing the future to a more meaningful extent. Such understanding is quite remarkable but is clearly contained in Nostradamaus'  discussion of the prophetic mechanism,

And the crucial importance of all of this is once again expressed by Nostradamus at the end of 5C where he uses Latin lettering to say (in English) 'because all are naked and exposed [i.e. freed of confining barriers].

At this point we have the outline of Nostradamus' explanation of the mechanism enabling him to write the prophecies. This stage of completion allowed Nostradamus to turn his attention to its use and to make notations within the content of section 5d to indicate this shift in his explanation.

But in setting out the structure in the detail already presented Nostradamus leaves practical evidence for our modern era that his abilities belie his sixteenth century physical location in time.

Concluding this section Nostradamus once again remarks 'Not that I wish to attribute to myself either the name or the role of a prophet, but (rather rely on) inspired revelation, like any man whose senses are no less distant from heaven than his feet are from the ground.'
1555 Cesar Preface 5c Right Way to Prophesy
1555 Cesar Preface 5d Right way to prophesy involves eternals and a mindset that locks eternal emotions into memories
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 6a & 6b (1/4/2023) #Nostradamus_as_Mortal_whose_Prophecies_cover_4000_years

Sections 6a and 6b are self explanatory but their significance lies more in their inclusion witin the project than their content. What they do is act as footnotes completing a well thought out comprehensive presentation of his advanced knowledge about the prophecy process. It is the quality of this project that acts as a greater level of proof than can be provided by individual prophecies.

For instance it seems logically very difficult for his process to be wrong and yet present a holistic narrative of processes that are increasingly part of modern science's understanding of our universe and its capabilities.

It is a paradox if Nostradamus could describe his process with concepts only moderns know to be true yet the content in his prophecies is false.

It would certainly be pointless and wasteful in any century to include material in a document that will never have relevance for anyone and yet that is what has been assumed he did.

My coverage however shows he addresses the full gamut of issues related to the mechanics of prophecy without it being easily detected by anyone in his own life time and beyond.

In doing this I have illustrated that his process lies outside 16th century presumptions about the way the world operates and embraces concepts in a way more in keeping with modernity. The begining of the Preface has been dismissed for 500 years and that dismissal is also consistent with what that part of his document tells us would happen.
PCE6. Nostradamus prophecies covering a period of 3797CE as base for testing process.

1555 Cesar Preface 6a This process behind Ns writing prophecies covering 3797years
1555 Cesar Preface 6b 3797yrs long period all humans to know the process beind individual success
PCE7 Reasons why the process confined to a few mortals but increasingly known to all. 
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 7a & 7b (1/4/2023) #Prerequisite_Human_Condition_Restricting_Prophet_numbers

In section 7a Nostradamus indicates 'there are only a small number able to prophesy' in words that an earlier section (3a) and the end of 7b imply is because a prophet requires a rare genetic variant enabling resonance with the essence of a divine.  This is also implied early in Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to Henry where he says "my natural instinct has been inherited from my forebears, who did not believe in predicting, and that this is a natural instinct that I have adjusted.".

It is then the combination of agencies that allows encounters to become locked in the human mind alongside the real world events occurring when the encounter is experienced. At a later date that experience can be used to trigger recall which will inevitably recall data previously only accessible to the divine.

Within section 7b we are given an explanation of the prophetic process that matches that uncovered in modern research into human memory. Nostradamus mentions two of the three stages that are used in modern literature; 'One of these allows the clarity of the supernatural light to infuse the [person]' parallels the modern 'encoding stage' while 'the other enables the prophesies to become inspired revelation' becomes the 'storage and recall' stages of our time.

And at the end of these two sections the bits which were explained in different parts of Nostradamus' discussion of the causes are brought together; 'All of which is certainly the participation of the divine eternity, by means of which the Prophet comes to judge that his divine spirit has been given to him by means of God the creator, and a natural incitement.'
1555 Cesar Preface 7a Mortal hubris over eternalism limits prophecy to a few
1555 Cesar Preface 7b Those with prophetic powers have encounters with eternals that is reorded in the mind
Nostradamus emotions Memory model 
#Nostradamus_1555_Preface_to_Cesar. Pt 7c (1/4/2023) #The_flame_and_Light_of_prophecy_explained

Section 7c is the last of the twenty three sections in which Nostradamus explains the process of prophecy to people of our time.

In the previous two sections he stated that eventually all humans would know of these mechanisms but not all would be able to use them. In this last section he indicates that knowing how the process works makes both the prophet and the listeners confident of its truths.

But at the same time he implies that the flame and light that are mentioned (in small bits) throughout this explanation (and the verses where he describes his experiences of receiving prophecy) are part of the recall mechanism. They are the emotionally induced translations of the act of recall. They are the feelings of warmth and enlightenment that accompanies the thinking process and give the prophet confidence in his expression of that experience.

These are also experiences we all have felt in our daily lives. There is for instance an aura surrounding everything that we recall from memory that is intangible and is experienced as a sensory parallel to the time in which it happened. There is emotional baggage with every memory that not only enriches the experience but acts as both a recall aid and a stimulator of other impressions existing at the time it was memorised.

It is already known addition it is known that using the mind can change the normal passage of illness and healing. Our experience is that our minds do far more than robotically recall details of touch, sight etc.

So this is the material that evolution has more than 22 billion years to work on. It took evolution about 3.7 billion years from the time life began to produce humans so what lies ahead for life forms is countless dimensional reshapings that our then primitive form can at best only sense as an aura.

1555 Cesar Preface 7c Mental patterns from encounter give confidence to prophecies





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