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Nostradamus on how Nuclear technology impacts on future of humankind

Allan Webber April 2020.

Nostradamus attitude to Nuclear Science. 

It would be a mistake to think that Nostradamus' interest in our time was that our technological abilities were a threat to mankind and that he, a 16thC man, was the person to end that threat. Nostradamus' work couldn't ever achieve such a goal and he would not only have known that fact but recognized the impossibility of the alternative. 

There are many events set out in great detail in the Prophecies but despite continuous and thorough research I have no evidence that he was writing about a future holocaust involving a nuclear war. There is however evidence he foresaw the advent of nuclear technology but even then this wasn't the reason for his writing about this science. His interest is in nuclear science as a back story to his major themes. His prime narrative does involve the destiny of mankind but from an observational not an interventionist position. 

In this presentation I show that nuclear technology events do exist in his writings in a form that is difficult to dismiss as a product of chance alone. I can unveil these tales without the use of trickery; I  only use a set of simple repetitive lettering rules (anagrams) and the unity and validity of the network of ideas encountered. 

This process stands unchanged over all my work so in reading papers on this topic written over a period much longer than twenty years the story lines and anagram-based  letter patterns are the same. It is only the precision of the focus offered by consistent repetitions that is different over the period. Because of the nature of this basis I believe my work reflects a reality not a fiction imposed or biased by my methods. And hence the story lines are most probably part of the writings of Nostradamus. 

The absence of a central theme on nuclear war offers some limited assurance in that our demise doesn't come from nuclear weapons of a traditional military kind. However there are quite serious, rational event sequences that bring together psychological and physiological factors arising out of indiscriminate use of nuclear superiorities. Superiority is always tidal and the attitudes of mind shaped by that ebb and flow can be more devastating than a nuclear war. War is not excluded by this reasoning and in fact inevitably evolves from arrogance, mistreatment, retaliation and revenge.

Aim of this presentation

This sefirot brings together ten verses that cover nuclear power plants and nuclear research facilties.

Amongst these structures one is quite remarkable. Ten years ago when I wrote my paper titled Geneva 2065 I already was aware that two verses held anagrams for thermonuclear and that they could be tied to ideas at the core of my

Frequency of prominent anagrams in this Sefirot

Appearing in this cluster are words, terms and phrases such as
thermonuclear (2), nuclearised (1), nuclearises (2), nuclear (6), radio-nucleates (1), guideline (1), Garonne (8), Durance (5),  intelligences (1), intellectualiser (1) , agencies (4) and  fragileness (2).
 earlier paper. At that time thermonuclear facilities didn't exist and it was not until 2013 that the first project began to come into being. It will be fully functioning by 2025.

What came to me as a surprise when I began to construct this particular sefirot is that the text of the verse in the 9th sphere (C8 Q01) has the location of Durance, Provence in its last line. This line contains anagrams for nuclear pond and this plus other content ties it strongly to the two verse where thermonuclear occurs.  And the text of one of these two verses (at Sphere 7) contains a reference to the Garonne a place where there is already a nuclear fission plant (Golfech). Both these locations are places where Nostradamus lived large parts of his life. His interest in these specific cities is hence quite explicable. 

It might seem that verse C9 Q44 with its opening line of Leave leave Geneva every last one of you is an instruction not an observation but besides it being impossible for it to be so other entries in the anagrams of linked verses (such as eloquent quote in C1 Q68) suggest it is a record of an ineffectual proclamation by leaders around the time of the event. 

The material included in this paper makes up the backbone of many of my papers all of which are accessible at Through several other papers at this site I also try to answer the puzzles arising from my analyses with the paper  Geneva2065 being one of the most pertinent. 

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