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Effect of 21020CE corona-virus event on cycle of hope and despair

Allan Webber Mar 2020

Great plague in Nostradamus 1558 Henry EpistleNostradamus like many individuals throughout the existence of our species must have understood the failure of the mob to learn from history. This flaw remains within us even in our own time and throughout Nostradamus' writings he alludes to cycles in which failures are a recurring part. But from Nostradamus' position his prophecies gain very little by telling us the weaknesses we have in common with the past except where they relate to events that have no correlation with his own time.

The failures of greatest impact for mankind are those in which repetition within each distinct cycle leads to world-wide war.

We share in common with this and earlier times our treatment and mistreatment of the foe. At the same time we usually overestimate our strength and misjudge the weakness of our opponents. However those oppressed by the strong must seek the slightest weakness in their opponents and watch for the means and moment to retaliate if they are to have any response at all. The repeating strategies of both sides of strength, are inevitable invariant parts of every cycle.

There are many nations and sects within our current world who seek to do harm to the obviously dominant grouping called the capitalist West. And many have good cause; embargoes, tariffs, arms imbalance, repressive wars, political interference are amongst the multitude of grievances that motivates these foes. And in the search for reprisal the Corona-virus pandemic (COVID-19) offers them a means.

Frequency of anagrams in verses sharing details of viral based terrorism.

C1 Q16 1: prophecies-declare, anti-gnostic, exaltation, verticalness, cognitive, noticing, immoderate, regalists, eviction, 2: militiamen, contrives, signation, manifest, minimal, cheered, feminate, 3: Noah, enstation, 4: giants, axles, axle, Ionic, 5: flexura, especial, 6: failure, militia, elation, ageist, Noahs, 7: invect, 8: limit, 9: silence,

C3 Q75 1: dangerous-pages, telegnosis, terrorising, Middle-Ages,  tenebrious, canceriser, terrorised, Sun-Gods, 2: predesignates, supernovae, long-line, asserting, envapour, misdeed, gaseous, science, 3: long-lines, proceeds, novice, stronger, agister, 4: restoring, resting, God, hangs / hung, 5: genitors, rechose, 6; evince / Venice, brutes, seemed, redeems,

C5 Q72 1: payolas, uuoolliest, virtues, obloquy, lonesomely, discredit, 2: layout, 3: synod, diaries, viscerous, viruses, Eddic, 4: Censorius, strives, 5 Venux, pouuerx, dried, 6: allans, uuet, squared, 8: ensures,

C3 Q82 1: supercelestial, vibrations, beneficiations, perception, foretastes, permafrost, allusive, ellipsez, 2:renovates, adulterous, forestep, eclipses, prevent, 3: obtain, orbit, allness, parameter, retells, 4: Police, touuards, 5: eclipse, obtains, 6: synodal 7: salutes, introduce /reduction,

C8 Q60 1: Valois, rivals, mismannered, ventilators, alteration, 2: fluxile, uuell-firex, extra / retax, 3: immense, types, 4: tolerant, energia, apex, re-illume, enemies, regimen, 7: granule, recall, rays, plague, partz,

C7 Q41 1: Mongolians, entamoebiasis, simulation, uncatenated, elongations, sanitorium, pantheism, personator, Congress, dezpised, Congoes, cocagnes, shipment, 2: Belorussian, urbans, re-attuned / untreated, 3: pigments, Maoist, deterrent, banish, , 4: Belarus, saprogen, genoss, 5: inhabit, Essenian, subtree, 6: Senates, bury, 7: MidEast, deserter, dementias, 8: burns, 9: Patroness, salons,

C5 Q85 1: ultrasonics, misconstrual, assuming, supersensual, procurer, consults, unsafest, sponsorial, 3: Saducees, entongue, procure, Suueden, signs, 4: uuarcodes, counties, assign, Curiex, Roentgens,

C2 Q19 1: unprolongable, Paracelsian, appliances, uuitnessable, non-globular, unissuable, dynasts, Romanizes, defences, 2: inhabitable, scions, deafness, issuable, 3: suitable, non-legal, defence, stay, Capella, prepared, banish, 4: Ebola, fenced, apace, , 5: guest, presell, fable

C9 Q91 1: Ponticello, anthemion, intenze, gnomical, latecomer, thousand, unshafted, defaulters 2: cloning, rechosen, rezident, retypes, lethal, hello, refused, cremate, 3: congenial, Emathion, trade-name, 4: relatives, re-animated, 5: Norns, lathe rechose, bleep, terminated, 6: Philo, hell, 7: calmer, feuds, 8: daunts, Iohn, lonely, steeple, entry,

C5 Q90 1: Earthliest, ingressions, disorientate, stealthier, thirteen, athlete, motifs, openness, 2: deepens, cycles, reassigns, portate, nitrides. 3: Confuxians, orientated, reinstated, Spartans, Serpentine, rotated, 4: therein, neither, etherial, sadness, disorient, 5: realists, clay, 6: infamed, tetrad, 7: editions, Ceys, hint 8: Ossene, oneness,, 9: loop,

If Nostradamus did see the future then he would have seen these crazy times we now live in. Currently disease and the reaction to its threat expose our underbelly to those who seek us harm.

Guns, explosives, swords and knives are futile weapons against the might of the West but their frequent use in terror events shows the frustration, hatred and contempt the propagators have for those who they see as oppressors.

Now with coronavirus amongst us everyone, friend and foe, knows the havoc that such a small thing as a virus can cause. This bug, although no stronger than the worst already experienced throughout the history of the world, has achieved a social change uniquely disproportionate to the threats of yore. In getting co-ordinated closure of modern economic drivers such as education, entertainment, tourism, catering and crowd events it wreaks long term havoc on a scale beyond that of this particular disease. Yet expectations, based on modern lifestyles, demand actions of the type that Western governments impose upon their constituents.

So it becomes equally apparent to us and our foes that there is a long-term perhaps permanent weakening of the economy of nations unused to disease and famine. Freedoms will never be quite the same, travel rights will be reduced and protest will take on the brand of denial and betrayal. And the benefits of globalism will be hard to restore.

In addition there is a psychological aspect to these experiences that will endure beyond the virus. Fear, mistrust, the tendency to hoard and insecurity inevitably end that part of the economic cycle that offered and enabled the illusion of prosperity. 

 Increasingly we experience the gridlock that the actions of our own governments have brought upon the people; it is this that now dominates the news and it breeds, nurtures and reinforces distrust, hopelessness and negativity. That is the recognizable generator of cyclical anarchy that rules this part of the larger cycle. It is the same turning pattern that has taken us perpetually through free trade and protectionism, increased freedoms and tyranny,  prosperity and devaluation, optimism and pessimism, ambition and survival.

The technology and means required to reproduce this virus-inspired threat is easily within the reach of the opponents of the modern Western lifestyle.

Nostradamus C3 Q75 terror plagueThose who will exploit this knowledge are people with nothing to lose who are used to both the ravages of war and other deadly threats such as famine and disease.

The corona virus and the reactions of the West offer a chance for equality not by raising the standard of life throughout the world but bringing down those with greatest power, technology and wealth.

Now the cluster of Nostradamus' verses that are the basis of the following chart are based on the text having a bearing on the cyclical themes outlined above. The chart is brought together by the shapes, allusions and entwined nature contained in the visible text plus that hidden as anagrams amongst the lettering. When this approach is pursued it is apparent they reveal a tale that fits the narrative of cause and effect of wars as given above. But they are specific to our time and they set the world scene for what is to come in the 22nd century.

Fittingly one verse unites text and anagrams in a way that succinctly presents the same case as I have outlined in the foregoing; C5 Q90 refers to plague and its effects in its text and in its first line the hidden anagrammatic content has earthliest lands_cycles therein_deepens.  

The Sephirot presented below brings together ten of Nostradamus' prophecies. This group is sufficient in size and potency to expose the reason Nostradamus has so many references to plague and disease in his prophecies.

The story of these verses can best be read using their entwined nature as shown in the Sephirot below together with the accompanying synopses of the verses.

Before reading the content in the Sephirot it is necessary to highlight a few of the anagrams that are not terms of the 16thC nor despite their modernity are they used by most people of our day.

entamoebiasis: infection by a genus of amoeboid protozoans (order Amoebida) that are parasitic in the vertebrate digestive tract and especially in the intestines.

saprogen: a product accompanying the decay of non-living organic matter.

Although it is apparent that my Sephirots relating to plague and disease use the same base such as virus etc in the main they come from different verses and together they often cover all the instances that appear in the prophecies. Their repetitiveness is therefore soundly based for each independently develops details for a different aspect of the same story.

The tale in this cluster identifies the south of France as a focal point for wars of attrition between Islamic countries and the West.

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