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Nostradamus' Code Mechanism Part 6 -Sefirot showing Nostradamus' comet cipher disputes with patrons.
Allan Webber October 2017.

Preamble: In the first chart of this series I stated:

Nostradamus' work holds many conundrums designed to limit access to the content of his Prophecies. This is true to an extent where most people believe his work is the deliberate shambles of a charlatan. Yet there is direct evidence in his prose writings that show he had a pre-thought plan which guided his work. His Preface to the first batch of Prophecies published in 1552 clearly indicate that he already knew the content that his Prophecies would cover. He wasn't making it up as he went but took already recorded events in what seems a random order and placed them in a new sequence which he called his ten Centuries.
In order to keep control over his writings Nostradamus then needed a scheme that would tell him which topics he had already covered and he did this by relying on a coding device well known in the sixteenth century. It it part of the Cabala but the reasons for its use don't necessarily require that he believed in the mystical principles at the heart of its source. He needed a scheme that a person in a later time would be able to associate with the time of his writing. The Tree of Life also known as the Sefirot, Sephirot or Sephiroth was such a device. It is probable that he drew up charts based on these trees in which he placed ten verses and then used the ciphers traditionally linked to the ten spheres of the tree to guide the content wording and lettering in each verse.

Aim of this presentation

It is the purpose of this paper to present the sixth Sefirot Chart which brings together verses where the prophets name(s) act as identifying ciphers. When this is done they build a picture of events in Nerac, a court of King Francis I and his sister Marguerite, Queen of Navarre. This court was a hub for free thinkers and newly emerging ideas. The Queen's guests included Calvin (aka Cauvin), Anne Boleyn, Anne de Montmorency and Leonardo da Vinci. Jules Scaliger of nearby Agen was time patron to Nostradamus in the 1530's and this man is known to have become the preferred physician for the Nerac court.

One of the great difficulties Nostradamus would have faced is the same that confronts most of us; how to make a living while pursuing interests that may conflict with those who pay us for our works. If Nostradamus did see the distant future then such conflicts would be magnified because no one supporting him would have seen merit in pursuing such visions.

The activities of the people mentioned in the foregoing are covered in many verse and these form the core of many of my longer papers such as Angouleme, Boleyn and Nostradamus ' sect.

I believe the evidence I produce shows Nostradamus' Prophecies include many stories from 21st century technology and beyond. It becomes apparent that despite the objections of his patrons Nostradamus finds an extra style of ciphers to carry the dates for future times. These are based on geophysical events such as the arrival of comets and large earthquakes.

 The Sefirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to the full Sefirot series and each of their verse analyses is available at Sefirot Index.

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Sefirot for Nostradamus patrons' constraints on his Comet stories.






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