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Nostradamus' Code Mechanism: Cornerstones, Themes & Paths.

Allan Webber April 2020.

A perspective on the Sephirots found in Nostradamus' work.

When you use a code to conceal the real meaning of any work it is only successful if it can be read by its intended audience. Therefore there needs to be a key that is either known or able to be found by that audience. If no key is apparent then the only place it can be is in the work itself. But such a key has to be very cleverly concealed especially if it is meant to remain hidden for centuries. I believe my Sephirots enable modern readers to interpret Nostradamus' Prophecies in the manner he intended.

Frequency of this sephirot's most prominent anagrams in Nostradamus' Prophecies

C1 Q14 1: Lucanshca, atlases, radii, threatens, chansons, stateless, interspecies, 2: persistence, encaptues, unsalaried, sciona, Athens, adulates, regrets, 3: estates, cornerstones, queerest, captions, 3: test, eugenist, session, uuarx, 5: recaptures, rapid, assents, 6:chastened, Noahs, upraised, prize, 7: UUagner, request, prescient, idiot, 9: narcosis,

C1 Q27 1: torturous, nuclide / include , escalated, de-escalating, 2: Polar-Signa, Gienah, 3: lineaged, espoused, songs, 4: Seleucia, delegations, Lucifer, greatest, gnosis, 5: catches , 6: chained, cachet, 7: slices, aligned / leading,

C3 Q08 1: C3 Q08 1: recompensating, spermatogenic, solemnities, Pealagiusene, mission, unpeopled, climbers, rejoins, ourselves, 2: tenacious, visions, manages, limestone, 3: signs, generations.,4: sensing, genuine, gnosis, 5: Roentgens, lenient; 6: revile, 7: motile, slices,

C5 Q85 1: ultrasonics, misconstrual, assuming, supersensual, procurer, consults, unsafest, sponsorial, 3: Saducees, entongue, procure, Suueden, signs, 4: uuarcodes, counties, assign, Curiex, Roentgens,

C9 Q72 1: Magdelynes, UUaldensian, counsellor, malingry, St Andrews, enclosures, coroners, Xristo, circles, 2: inexpiate, containerless. NorthEast, cornerstone, Adrianus, Iudaean, icrostic, corners, polls, , 3: endouus, unasserted, Essaion, Osiric, Dianna, 4: sentinels, Ceciles, 5: scantiest, consorter, tempts, counsel,

C4 Q01 1: cornerstone, requisite, unplaced, enquiries, spanned, Berlin, 3: coquetries, unclasped, unspaced, crauuled, update, stated, 4: Viennese, crime, 5: selection, adulterers, esoteric, consorter, 6: impure, querist,. 9: sensical, Tarsus, scorn,

C5 Q27 1: Magdalen, themes, envisioned, atmosphere, 2: metaphors, arousement, enumerates, potash, 3: ornaments, galleons, totems, pandered, 4: Norseman, temblor, trodden, path, 5: legator, agendas, 6: atoms, manager, refute, 8 Abdera, feature, aligned / leading,

C10 Q51 1: Genevanism, Evangelism, assessable, rampancies, Caxton, Misandam, 2: Gamaliel, auxetic, neutrino, versions, 3: cornerstones, Epicureans, adsorbent, Draconis, delays, 4: Angevins, seed-line, iudges / guides, 5: Rosamund, liegeman, debts, 6: re-unites, Aeneid, neutron, days, 7: Angelim, consents, image, cannot

C6 Q48 1: unevangelised, perfectation, metaphorist, actualities, electioneers, evading, active, path, permeate, florescent, 2: designature, potash, co-creates, temperate, 3; tuuice, aphorist, 4: actualise, enslaved, guides, 5: Estienne, 6: guide, 7: Satanis, d'Estrees, intenser, 8: pellet, create,

C3 Q64 1: secret-ceremonials, heptameter, there-among, recycles, Ioniq, 2: chlordane, Mahometan, Pelletier, co-regent, cycles, 3: rimesters, portion, enloops, primal , anthem, 4: Chaldee, enquire, theatre, 5: Roentgen, realists, clay, tripod, 6: longest-maps, theme, arraign, 7: math, ceys,


Nostradamus made it quite clear that he had built an astronomic code into his work and that he had placed the verses in a random order to inhibit them being read by those who might use them in an ill fashion. He also gave a broad brush account of what his tale focused on. But of course there was little that was clearly modern placed in his text for that would have given clues that defeated the purpose of the concealment.

And for this [reason], Sire, by this discourse I present these predictions with confusion as to when they will be and the event involved for the enumeration of time that follows has no more than a little consistency in it. Much that is superior is seen to be astronomical and is the same as in other sacred writings...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle [HEE19]

In order to undo this device it is necessary to have something in the lettering that passes unchanged throughout long periods and though many publications. These error processes must be redressed by the method of recovery.

As can be immediately seen from the frequency table alongside this cluster of ten is rich in names and acts as a standard for determining the chance or choice basis for their appearance in the Prophecies. All names in this Sephirot may not be planned but those found elsewhere can be better assessed by their relation to this repository.

In addition Nostradamus was a linguist and for several year lived close to Nerac, a court a that encouraged a constant stream of people with dissidents ideas from many countries to stay and engage in discussion. Nostradamus as a prominent resident of nearby Agen and colleague of Jules Scaliger would most likely have had some contact with these visitors. It is at this time that the basis of his life work was probably established with many of the aspects affecting his writing becoming ingrained in him and it as a consequence.

my natural instinct has been inherited from my forebears, who did not believe in predicting, and that this is a natural instinct that I have adjusted. Together with my long calculations this [instinct] unifies and empties my soul, mind and heart of all care, solicitude and vexation. By repose and tranquillity of the spirit all is made ready for the presage and this is in part due to the brazen tripod...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle [HEE3]

The Sephirots offer a way of recovering the messages in Nostradamus' work because their foundation is statistical unities and by repetition of ideas and terms a solitary or collective of Sephirots gives a frameworks for deducing more unique detail that may not have those same linguistic strengths. It is the original proper order and grouping of the verses that would have normally given this same capacity But it is the Sephirot method that allows modern readers to restore the state of the verses back close to the original.

Each Sephirot builds its strength on the links between the text, the overall message given in Nostradamus' Prefaces to his work in 1552 and 1558 and the hidden code.

All these figures represent the just adaptation of the divine letters to heavenly visible things, namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the others conjoined, as can be seen at more length in some quadrins (quatrains)...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle  [HEE27]

 many other things shall come to occur through the floods and continual rains, as I have set out more fully in writing in my other prophecies which are written out at length in soluta oratione [Latin: 'in plain prose'], limiting the places, times and the pre-ordained period. All this is as future human beings shall see it, knowing that these adventures have happened infallibly, just as we have noted in the other [preface/prophecies] in clearer parlance...Nostradamus' 1555 Preface [PCE12]

The hidden code was always going to be stronger if Nostradamus chose a language base for his wording that was unexpected. Given the claims that Nostradamus made to being a seer modern scientific terms and names for places and people that had only had meaning after his death would have been a perfect coding choice. Each of the Sephirots I have constructed contains powerful examples that suggest he did use these means.

However a more remarkable linguistic aspect that becomes apparent from the Sephirots is that each is most clear when modern English words are used. Yet such a choice was only possible if he actually had the capacity to see the future in a detailed way.

When each of the Sephirots is examined it can be seen they fit to Nostradamus claims and the outlines  that he set out. And in addition they provide a consistent flow along entrenched story lines that is most improbable unless it were placed there deliberately.

So the Sephirots provide a unique way of testing the claims of Nostradamus as to being a person who had seen the future for many centuries beyond his life span and that despite the deliberately disorderly manner of his writings they would be fully revealed and understood in the 21st century.

For the reasons stated above Nostradamus needed to set out his methodology within his work and to include a description of these methods in his themes. This particular Sephirot takes the cipher of cornerstones as its core and follows the links that anagrams of that cipher identify. To these ciphers are added several less complex ones with similar meaning such as theme, path, guide and basis.

From this method of construction further strong links between place, events and the over-arching story lines are clearly picked out. At the centre is the story-line of the begotten un-begotten nature of Christ. In the future are our climate settings, the Pole star dating mechanism and the religious wars that evolve out of actions taken by a sect to restore the DNA line of Christ.

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The Sephirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to full verse analyses is available using the following links:

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