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Nostradamus Prophecies' Sefirot-American part in early 22ndC Wars, Disease and DNA clone.
Allan Webber April 2020.

Preamble: In the first chart of this series I stated:

  Nostradamus' work holds many conundrums designed to limit access to the content of his Prophecies. This is true to an extent where most people believe his work is the deliberate shambles of a charlatan. Yet there is direct evidence in his prose writings that show he had a pre-thought plan which guided his work. His Preface to the first batch of Prophecies published in 1552 clearly indicate that he already knew the content that his Prophecies would cover. He wasn't making it up as he went but took his already recorded events in what seems a random order and placed them in a new sequence which he called his ten Centuries.
  In order to keep control over his writings Nostradamus then needed a scheme that would tell him which topics he had already covered and he did this by relying on a coding device well known in the sixteenth century. It is part of the Cabala but the reasons for its use don't necessarily require that he believed in the mystical principles at the heart of its source. He needed a scheme that a person in a later time would be able to associate with the time of his writing. The Tree of Life also known as the Sefirot, Sephirot or Sephiroth was such a device. It is probable that he drew up charts based on these trees in which he placed ten verses and then used the ciphers traditionally linked to the ten spheres of the tree to guide the content wording and lettering in each verse.

Nostradamus French background does shape a large part of his interest- every thing is viewed from its impact on the land in which he lived and in particular Southern France.
Frequency of anagrams in cluster based on American

Appearing in this cluster are words, terms and phrases such as America/n (0/4) + prayer/s (4/3), hysteric (1), version/s (3/2), christened (1), modern gene (1), heretic/s (4/4), scrutineers (2/1), equivalent (2), treatment/s (2/2), virus (2), virulent (2), illness/es (7/3), male seed illness (1), eugenist (4), pollutes (1) equating (4), youngest
(1), Christ (5) and equating Christ (1).

These have a clear cohesiveness that is consistent with 21stC America.

Hence reference to America is mainly restricted to distant future events where that country's impact is significant in shaping his own nations future.

For him to be motivated to write such a story there had to be an issue that dominated everything else to an extent far greater than the myriad of happenings destined to take place nearer to his own time. And no war or disease would have filled this role alone. It needed much more.

And there is strong evidence that the motivating factor was the possibility that through the inventiveness of humans the resurrection of Jesus might become possible.

But even if he envisioned it, to present such a story would have required him to be profoundly versed in the nuances of our technology.

All these things make it seem impossible for his prophecies to contain anything of value. Yet there is evidence within Nostradamus Prophecies that by its presence challenges the very nature of time.

In the frequency table alongside the rare anagrams paint a picture and many of the terms are meaningfully adjacent thereby reducing the possibility of chance occurrence even further. But as with all the sefirots I present the case isn't left to the anagrams in isolation from the rest of Nostradamus work; instead it is entwined with meaning apparent in the text of its verse, the content of the other verses in the cluster, the themes and fundaments of allied sefirots and Nostradamus claims in his prefaces to his prophecies.

For example many of the few anagrams shown in the table come from the same verse and words such as equivalent that have similar meaning and equating occur in separate ones. And the total of the collection shown have clear links to the text of the verses with The Christian King of the world, The great King abandoned by the physicians and by the Jews art he remains alive tying in with a health problem linked to a Christ like figure. 

This presentation is only a small part of the story contained in my Sefirot clusters but once again this one shows there are linguistic links between clusters of verses that overcome the seeming randomness of the verses and their content. Their presence arises out of what Nostradamus put on paper and requires no mystical process; no changing letters or reading signs imperceptible to the lay person.  These disclosures  are achieved by the use of anagrams (letter shifting within a group) and the use of a simple set of inflexible rules for choosing the most probable links.


Free access to the data and analysis for each of the ten verses in the Sefirot chart below is obtainable using the following links:

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Nostradamus Sefirot for influence on 22ndC disease and Jesus clone. 







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