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Nostradamus C10 Q85: The new apes use mental powers to obtain their release if captured.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The third line of text contains a cipher formula for a conflict between future seers and those who can't see anything but the past. The verses tone indicates the new species of ape has the ability to communicate via the mind. While the anagrams of the first hint at a Utopian earth rebuilt. There are also continuing suggestions this endpoint arrives via space objects where unfertilised seed from Rigel (Orion) lies dormant. See the other incidences of Rigel in this section for more detail. The last four (of fifteen) occurrences of Rigel are at C10 Q45, C10 Q71, C10 Q85 and C10 Q96. The anagram for planetoid and their underlying stories unite this verse to C9 Q85.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

medieval tribunal at gun point interpolated a planetoid altered Utopian Earth
Le vieil tribung au point de la trehemide

unfertilised escapees underlies eras peace pact define
Sera preſſee captif ne deſliurer

Eve nonevil illume militant lamp Palmera limited imitant idle unveil
Le veuil non veuil le mal parlant timide

Rigel time misruly Seas mislay purer Grael amities
Par legitime a ſes amys liurer
The old tribune on the point of trembling,
He will be pressed not to deliver the captive
The will, non-will, speaking the timid evil,
To deliver to his friends lawfully.
Le vieil tribung au point de la trehemide
Sera preſſee captif ne deſliurer
Le veuil non veuil le mal parlant timide
Par legitime a ſes amys liurer
L1: <he interpolated medievil tiriel(mercury)><utopian led earth><evil gun rebuilt><planetoid three><deputational gun>tribe later pointed tetradiplon(4 folds) delve ethereal thermae arthemide delta tiriel thera levi ubangi(river africa) dalet altered aether

L2: <pact defines><rapes escapees unfertilised> seed peace underlies surlier fiend enif fit suriel escapes infested isil

L3: <oven intimated><ample ill><unveil limited male>militant illume planar delve demitint pamela medieveil iumelle(wife anne) involue lamp

L4: <as my sea time><mislay purer> misruly amities large amyls siamese surlier rigel yames suriel may
1: unfertilised, intimated, misruly, limited, mislay, escapees,
2: interpolated, medieveil (2x), militant, involue, Pamella, amities, escapes, Tiriel, amyls, escape,
3: legitime, Thermae, defines, Siamese, delve (2x),
4: Utopian, pointed, illume, unveil, dilent, peace,
5: planetoid, underlies, timid,
6: nonevil, surlier (2x),
7: Pamela, Yames,
8: define, cease,
9: deuils,
10: legit,
11: peeress, Mays,
12: planar, there / three,
13: altered / related,
14: fiend,
15: Rigel,
16: -
17: purer,
18: earth / heart / Thera,
19: lamp / palm,
20: -
21: feint,
22: -
23: here.

intimated, medieveil, militant, misruly, planetoid, limited, unfertilised, escapees, mislay, legitime, interpolated, underlies, Utopian, amities, Thermae, nonevil, Siamese, illume, timid, unveil, surlier, devils, related, Rigel, purer, lamp, defines, earth, peace.


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