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Nostradamus C10 Q33: 21st C Islamic regime conducts autopsies on people killed by radiation.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

See  C.5 Q.39, C.10 Q.33,C.4 Q.67 for verses on Bourbon blood line

There is a peculiar tone in the text of this verse that becomes more explicable through the anagrams which have many images suited to forensic examination of bodies that have been fatally affected by radiation. It is apparent Nostradamus is describing the advent of mass forensic autopsies conducted under orders of an invading regime and in both text and anagrams it can be seen that the affects of this invasion are spread across Italy into France and upwards to the North Pole.

Anagrammatic keys for this verse include:

Occitan calefaction rule Boreal genu belong califate
La faction cruelle a robbe longue

search cadaverin[e] radiance soaring souls supposition purgations vaporising poles units
Viendra cacher ſouz les pointus poignars

as Iris  Ferriol [s]cene elude[s] ductile elite devil  upholding dolphin usage
Saiſir Florence le duc et lieu diphlongue

as codes wrote Peter reimpart Sumer left archdeaconries address
Sa deſcouuerte par immeurs et flangnards.
#calefaction: heat generated by internal mechanisms such as chemical decay.
#cadaverine: a thick toxic colorless liquid with an extremely unpleasant smell, produced when flesh rots.
The cruel faction in the long robe
Will come to hide under the sharp daggers:
The Duke to seize Florence and the diphthong place
Its discovery by immature ones and sycophants.
La faction cruelle a robbe longue
Viendra cacher ſouz les pointus poignars
Saiſir Florence le duc et lieu diphlongue
Sa deſcouuerte par immeurs et flangnards.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text

  1. <rob real rule belong occitan (Southern France)><caLifate (Islamic state) gun nuclear-role><caLefaction (heat up) boreal (Northern) / wind rule belong><narcotic Leaf><aLfa ruction>
  2. <Suzo Vaporising units reach poles><Search spouting cadaVerins (corpse gases)><Vars (Sthn Frnce river) gunpoints radiance><Search zoul><supposition raVings end><inVaders purgations><archdeaconries raVings> 
  3. <Ferriol uSage iS dolphin (dauphin)>< upholding irIs Flor-a elite uSe><philo dilute gun>
  4. <summer pirate left> <an addreSS><aS codeS uuere-part imm (1999) reuse><repeat flat rim resume>


  1. calefaction, belong, nuclear-role, gunpoints, supposition, purgations, vaporising, spouting, cadaverins, archdeaconries, dolphin, upholding
  2. ravings, posing,
  3. Pontious, falters, inputs, summer
  4. narcotic ( 'narcotic leaf' only here), radiance, refutes, meter-pair,
  5. Occitan, ruction, address,ebb
  6. nuclear, califate, Philo
  7. varies, dilute, lunge,
  8. boreal, ductile, points, epurate,
  9. Priam, fact, puts,
  10. soulz, genus,
  11. action, spout, zoul (soul), units, resume, flat, Iris, mime,
  12. Florence, Girona,
  13. alfa, pious, faction, resume,
  14. -
  15. -
  16. coutures, chores,
  17. -
  18. -
  19. noble, repute, felt / left,
  20. -
  21. educt, hip,
  22. -
  23. couture.

 Occitan, Ferriol, Poles, nuclear, radiance ,cadaverins gases, calefaction, purgation, vaporisation, belong, narcotic, ruction, califate, ravings, gunpoints, address, archdeaconries ,supposition, upholding, dolphin, soul, Philo, points, ductile, address, summer, faction, Florence, refutes, coutures, varies, Priam, chores.

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